Spy Games

I received this book free in exchange for my honest opinion.


We first meet Angela as she is unloading her laundry baskets to go into a laundromat to do her and her sons laundry. She hated going there but had no choice in the matter. She only went when she absolutely had too. (I’m like her in this way as I wait until almost the last of my clothes are dirty before I do them. I HATE laundry.)

Steve is first seen at the laundromat sitting in the spot where Angela normally does, in between two washers. The seats in front are normally taken by a mother and her children while the seats in the back vary on who is there. Steve goes to vacate the chair for Angela but she declines. His load of very few things finishes up in the dryer. They have some smalltalk where Angela lies and says she is at the laundromat every Saturday.

When she shows up on Saturday, guess who is there and waiting? Yep, you guessed it. Steve. Angela notices that he’s washing the exact same things as the previous visit and comments on it. He admits to not having enough dirty clothes to do and that he grabbed the clothes he hadn’t put away yet. They start talking and he eventually asks where she works. He already knows the answer but wants to see how honest or how dishonest she will be. She isn’t TOTALLY dishonest when she tells him in a government building.

He pushes to know where exactly and she doesn’t feel comfortable giving him that information.


There’s a lot of action and adventure in this book. It’s fast paced and a great read. The ONLY negative thing I have to say for the pdf version I received is that it doesn’t seem to be edited properly. This is one of my pet peeves and I almost quit reading a few pages into it but I am GLAD that I pushed myself to ignore the formatting and editing and to read it. Once I got past that issue, I had no other issues with this awesome read.


$2.99 on Kindle

175 pages


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