Chrissie’s Run by S.A. Mahan

Chrissie's Run

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Wow. This book was a great read. I was entranced from the first page until the last.

“Chrissie’s Run” is about a sixteen year old girl who is pregnant. Her boyfriend, Jason,  is the father. In their society, everyone who is pregnant has to go to a place called the Parlor. The Parlor tells them the gender of the baby, any deformities and takes care of abortions and sterilizations as well. In this world, if a baby is deformed, it is mandatory to have an abortion. They tell you the happy things first before announcing the heartbreaking news and then schedule for an abortion and sterilization. Each parent, mother and father, that is involved in the pregnancy ends up being sterilized.

Chrissie’s baby is missing a foot, half of a hand and is probably going to have other deformities and mental issues as well. When her stepmother takes her to the Parlor, they find out that she is having a boy and then learns of the issues with him. The day before her abortion, Chrissie decides she’s going to run. Running is an offense that is punishable by jail time or even death. She makes it to the store and ends up going to the underground. Things go horribly wrong when she is in the underground.

Her picture is displayed on the wire and there’s a hefty fee for her return. People recognize her and start chasing. She looses them but a closer finds her. A man ends up saving her from the closer and takes her to a safe spot where she can rest until the light of day.


This book is just amazing. I am really liking the writing style of S.A. Mahan. I haven’t heard of this book or author before and decided to give it a chance. I am so glad that I did! In the future, I could see things from this book being a reality. I really can with the way things are heading now.


$3.99 on Kindle

288 pages

A Curse Upon the Saints by J. Rutger Madison

A Curse Upon the Saints


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Nurik is a commander in an army and had been fighting in a war that was religious based. His “king” wanted the mines in which Silverwic owned. Silverwic happens to be in the middle of the kingdom of Garmundland. The city isn’t all that protected and Nurik knows that his men can take out the wall and make it to the town.

All of a sudden, there are blasts from the center of the town that he knows his men didn’t cause. A hole is made in the wall that his men were going to take down. Townspeople start fleeing. Nurik runs closer for a better look. Inside the gates of the castle is pure pandemonium. Guards are fighting goat-men. The goat-men are waiting on Nurik and his battalion to enter the castle. When his troops are ready, one comes running up and says that someone is ready for a parlay.

Shaqar, one of the goat-men, requests to speak with Nurik. They end up making each other mad which isn’t a good idea. Shaqar wants to hold the town of Silverwic but also wants to continue on to the next town. Nurik is adamant that he has no orders beyond taking Silverwic, which Shaqar already did. Shaqar has spies everywhere and knows that Nurik is supposed to march on but Nurik does NOT want to be associated with Shaqar. If he could have sent someone else to the meeting, he would have.


This book is a great book. All the action, adventure and different “creatures” make it a worthwhile and amazing read. All this works well together. This books flows nicely. I haven’t heard of the author before this book but guaranteed I keep an eye out!


398 pages

$0.99 on Kindle

Codename: Zosha: A Woman Fighter Against the Nazis (World War 2 Memories) by Yehudit Kafri

Codename Zosha


I received this book at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Amazon Description:

Her daring activity in the Red Orchestra and the heroic struggle in a Gestapo prison.

Zosha Poznanska was recruited into the Soviet spy network known as the Red Orchestra, which operated in Western Europe. It was on the eve of World Rar II and Zosha was part of the inner core of the network, a third of whose members were Jews. Apparently unaware of the Jews’ participation in the Red Orchestra, Hitler declared, “The Bolsheviks surpass us in one area alone: espionage!” and he commanded his counterspies to eradicate this network at all costs.

This book tells the story of Zosha through all the chapters of her short life: childhood, the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement in Poland, Eretz Israel and the PKP in the 1920s, Europe in the 1930s and the Red Orchestra. It tells her loves, her relationships with family and friends, her daring activity in the Red Orchestra and her heroic struggle in a Gestapo prison. The State of Israel posthumously awarded Zosha a medal of honor for fighting the Nazis.

Zosha Poznanska is an unsung Jewish heroine of World War II. Born in Kalisz Poland, she immigrated to Israel as a pioneer and for a brief time belonged to the group that founded Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emek. Afterwards, she joined the Palestine Communist Party (Palestiner Kumunistishe Partie in Yiddish, abbreviated PKP), and from 1930 until her death she lived in France and Belgium.

˃˃˃ A prize for top literary achievement

The book is written as a biographical novel and relies on exhaustive research; all fictional passages are derived from and based on extensive documentation. It was awarded the 2004 prize for top literary achievement, by the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel (ACUM).


This was an eye opening book to read. We start out by vaguely hearing of Zosha and the author piecing together who she is and finally coming up with her name.

The author visits where Zosha’s family lived and is taking a “tour” with one of the family friends. They learn of Zosha’s family and how she grew up. Zosha’s mother wasn’t around. She was admitted to a clinic for postpartum depression and never recovered from it. In those times, affection was not openly shown. No hugs. No kisses. Nothing.

We learn of Zosha being an excellent student. Two years before she is to complete school, the first world war breaks out. On the same day, August 1st in 1914, the Germans entered Kalisz and ravaged the town within a month. Thirty-three jews were killed in that time. The town is pretty much barren and people leave for three years before returning. At first, they didn’t know what happened to the Posnanski family but when the schools open three years later, the entire family is back.

All this is just some background information leading up to the interesting parts of the book. This book is enlightening and heartbreaking at the same time. Definitely worth a read for those readers of World War books.


439 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

The Demeter Code (Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series #3) by Russell Brooks

The Demeter Code


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Here is the third book in the Ridley Fox and Nita Parris series by author Russell Brooks. We get more of a look at Nita as she is the main person in the first chapter of this book.

One of the people they are protecting decides to drop off the radar. He doesn’t meet them at the appointed time or place. This sends Nita into a flurry of activity trying to find him but he reaches out to her. She goes to retrieve him from his hotel room when he decides to NOT listen and leaves it before the floor is cleared. Nita takes out an assassin dressed as a maid before Weyland, her charge, takes off running in the opposite direction, towards the stairs. Nita is able to take out another assassin with Weyland’s help this time. They make it to the extraction team and get out of there.

The second chapter has us following a guy named Aubrey. We glimpse that he’s having money problems but not anymore. Turns out he sold company secrets for a large chunk of money. He paid off all his debts and still had a sizable portion left. He hopes the company never finds out but that delusion comes to an end when he gets home from work one night and it looks like a blackout. But it’s not. The neighbors all have power. His house is the only one that doesn’t. His wife isn’t answering her phone. He immediately knows something wrong. His suspicion is confirmed when  when he finds his wife tied to a chair.


All this happens in only the first two chapters. This book was the best book I have read by Russell Brooks. This book is packed full of action and adventure. It doesn’t seem like the different characters mesh at first but as the story goes, it becomes clear. Definitely a great series to read.


423 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

Chill Run by Russell Brooks

Chill Run

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. 🙂


I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Another Russell Brooks?”. The answer is yes, another Russell Brooks. This book is not part of the Ridley Fox series. I do have the next book in that series which is coming up next. 😉 hehe


We start off following Eddie in the prologue. He’s been shot in the shoulder. What was supposed to be a harmless stunt turned into anything but harmless. Three people were dead and he was shot along with his best friend. He is loaded into an ambulance and taken away.

The first chapter takes us back in time to four days before Eddie was shot. So we get to know what led up to him being shot and the harmless stunt that was supposed to take place. Turns out Eddie is in a heck of a spot. His girlfriend left him and he lost his job in the same day. His roommate was several weeks behind on the rent and whenever Eddie would say something to Corey, he’d just say that he’d get it. Eddie goes to the bar where Corey’s girlfriend, Jordyn, works and finds him slumped over. Jordyn’s replacement comes and the three of them leave and head to their favorite Jamaican restaurant.

Corey gives two opened envelopes to Eddie which he had been expecting. They are letters from a publisher and a an agency. You see, Eddie’s a writer and has submitted his book to agencies and publishers. These were the last two letters he was waiting on and both were denials. This upsets Eddie. This is when Corey and Jordyn begin plotting in order for Eddie to do something scandalous and then all the agencies and publishers would want him.

But what do they end up planning? And why does it go so horribly wrong with several dead and a couple wounded in the end?


I loved this book. This book felt like it was a different style than the Ridley Fox series. This book flows nicely and it’s a fun read. One you won’t want to put down until finished with. I was interrupted a few times but other than that, read it straight through. Recommend this book to thriller lovers.


247 pages

$1.99 on Kindle

Unsavory Delicacies (Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series #2) by Russell Brooks

Unsavory Delicacies

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Okay. I knew that by reading the first book in this series that it was going to be a great series. How right I was.

The first chapter shows Ridley Fox acting as a computer geek who is meeting a covert operative. She “fakes” a wire transfer and then leaves the restaurant thinking he was going to die. Turns out, he doesn’t die. He makes it back to her apartment and is waiting on her when she gets back. He reveals who he really is. He’s already found where her hidden gun is and removed it, poisoning the alcohol while doing so. While she’s reaching for her gun, she takes a drink of the poisoned alcohol and dies a few minutes later when she feels the burning begin!

The second chapter has us following a few seemingly random character. Oliver, Stella and Kirby. They are all tied together but it isn’t revealed until the end of the chapter. Can you guess how they are all tied together and how they inadvertently know each other?


This book is seriously short. Only 30 pages short. In those 30 pages, several people are eliminated though. They don’t seem to be connected on a normal level but once you realize they are connected, you understand what that connection. I liked this book but wish it was longer!

The only thing I’m disappointed about in this book is it being so short. I really wish it had been longer but hey, at least it was good for those 30 pages.


30 pages

99 cents on Kindle

Pandora’s Succession (Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series #1) by Russell Brooks

Pandora's Succession

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Book Description: The deadliest weapon against mankind has been unleashed!

CIA operative, Ridley Fox, never stopped hunting his fiancée’s killers–a weapons consortium called The Arms Of Ares. When Fox follows a lead to one of their top-secret bioweapons facilities in Chechnya, he barely escapes alive. However, he’s learned that Ares has weaponized a hyper-deadly microbe called Pandora. The trail leads Fox to Tokyo, where he teams up with an old flame and fellow operative, Nita Parris. Aside from Ares, they must contend with rogue agents who’ll stop at nothing to get Pandora. This throws Fox and Parris into a deadly game of spy vs spy, as they must rely on each other to locate Pandora. For if it’s unleashed, it could mean the end of humanity.


The book starts on a darkish note. Ridley Fox is a captive and he knows that his captors are the ones that killed his fiancee, Jessica. Two years beforehand, he has proposed to her and a mere couple hours later, she was killed. He is/was an agent for Joint Task Force Two which is Canada’s equal to the USA’s SEALS. After her death, he began a downward spiral and ended up in prison and that’s where he began his CIA career when he met his new CIA supervisor. From the supervisor, he learned of the men who had killed his wife, The Arms of Ares.

When he’s left alone in a concrete room, a female sneaks into the room and cautiously locks the door. She ends up shooting Ridley with adrenaline and then undoes him. He questions her before he asks what their code was since she tells him that she’s been contacting him under her late husbands name. Turns out, she is a microbiologist and is working with a new weapon for the Arms of Ares. She never wanted anything to do with it but they offered a large sum of money and her husband was easily corrupted, which got him killed in an accident with the bioagent they are working with.

Sveta, the woman, decides to rescue Ridley from where they are. She freezes in horror when he takes out two guards, even after she knows it must be done. Ridley learns there is no cure for the bioagent called Pandora and that there is supposed to be a demonstration of it within twelve hours. This pushes him to the point of no return and wanting to save innocent lives. While he’s trying to set up an explosive in the chamber that Pandora’s in, Sveta gets caught. Ridley ends up giving himself up in order to save her since she had saved his life once already.


All that happened in the first few pages of the first chapter! There is so much going on in this book. This is a great mystery/thriller/suspense with a spy twist to it. I started reading it after I put my daughter to bed and I just couldn’t quit reading it. It was that good. I’ve read Russell Brooks before and thought he was okay but this book changed my mind from okay to awesome. I will definitely be keeping Pandora’s Succession in my library and reading it often! Now to read more Russell Brooks books!


283 pages

$1.99 on Kindle

Russell’s Website

The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson

Comfort of Black

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


The cover of this book perplexed me when I first saw it. Why was the cover black with a lighter on it? I found the answer to that in the prologue of this book and then I realized that the lighter was a great fit for the book just from what’s contained in the prologue alone.

The book starts when Hannah is fifteen years old and her sister, Justine, is twelve years old. Their father, Billy, is a raging alcoholic and has nightly rages. Hannah has finally had enough and has decided to set him on fire. She has long ago quit calling him dad and only refers to him as Billy, unlike her sister. When his rage finally subsides and he passes out, she quietly walks through the house and out to the garage and grabs the gas can. She is able to pour gas around him and on his legs. While gathering up the courage to actually set him on fire, his eyes pop open. He threatens her and then beats her like never before.

Her father was arrested and thrown in jail. For three years after that, their mother drank. She eventually drank herself to death. Hannah and Justine moved to Seattle and remain there which is where most of the story takes place.

In the first chapter, we learn that Hannah is thirty-five now so we’ve skipped a few years ahead. We get a little bit of backstory which is where we learn about the father being arrested and the mother drinking herself to death. Hannah is now married to Dallin, a millionaire. They met when Hannah was working at a hotel and he checked in there. He gave her a story of why he was there which wasn’t uncommon for guests checking into the hotel. A few weeks later, he returns and takes her out.

Dallin scares Hannah one night. They had sex and then he falls asleep after saying he’s sorry. He ends up talking and acting in his sleep. What he says really scares her and she distances herself from him. He notices and asks her what is wrong. They end up getting into it when she answers. Later on that week, Hannah finds something she wished she never would have found.


This is a captivating read. From the first page to the last I was entranced in the pages. I could just vision everything happening as I was reading. It’s those type of books that I absolutely love. A book that paints a picture so clear you can see it happening while you’re reading, placing you in another domain and reality for a while. (I sound crazy, don’t I? Lol.) This book was a fun read and I was sad to see it end. I wished it would have been longer. Although this book was 280 pages, it felt like it was really short. Definitely a book worth reading.


280 pages

Oceanview Publishing: $26.95 Hardback

Amazon Kindle: $9.99

Amazon Hardback: $20.31

Reaper Mine by Christie Palmer

Reaper Mine

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


This was a great action packed book that I just couldn’t put down.

In the beginning, the Tribunal is sitting around their table and are talking. Dante is taking things too far and has no accountability for anything he does. All of the Tribunal, except one, thinks it’s time to do something about that. Felix, the Master Fae who doesn’t agree with their plan, ends up going to Dante and asking for the two statues of people he has. He explains how he knows them and Dante wants information. Felix gives it to him and then leaves the mortal plane for good.

Elle is a cursed demi-goddess. Her sister, Helena, calls in the middle of the night and uses the safe word. Elle is up immediately and is on the road fifteen minutes later to an agreed upon safe-house. While still on the mountain roads around her house, lights appear in her rearview mirrow when no one should be up near her cabin. She knows this isn’t a good sign. It’s a Freak going after her. The Freak works for a master and the master wants her for himself. Only he won’t tell who the master is.

Elle gets herself protected on hallowed ground but knows she won’t live much longer if she doesn’t get help. The Freak had bit her on the ankle and she was bleeding pretty badly, going to end up bleeding to death before help gets to her. She uses the emergency “number” her sister Helena gave her a long time ago. This “number” is a summons for a Reaper, a race of Dante’s sons. Dante summons Victor, the reaper over violence. Victor shows up and eventually dispatches the Freak trying to get to Elle. He enters the hallowed ground and ends up taking her to a safe place, learning along the way that she is a cursed demi-goddess.

Victor acts like he doesn’t care about Elle as time goes on. But in reality, he would love to protect Elle from the threat of the Tribunal. He only has to figure out who is pulling all the strings.


Like I said before, this was an awesome read. Everything I described above is only from the first chapter or two! If all that is only in the first chapter, you can imagine everything else that comes into play! I HIGHLY recommend this book.


$3.99 on Kindle

322 pages

Lands of Ash by H.L. Burke

Lands of Ash


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Ketyl is out on a scouting mission. Fire portals are popping up all over the forest. Ketyl ends up figuring out where all the portals are heading since they are in a straight line. They are heading towards a place called Fork Vale Fortress. What Ketyl can’t figure out is how they know about the fortress. A charred, a minion for the fire elementals, ends up showing up near Ketyl and he kills it.

He heads back towards his camp where his brother Karvir is. He hopes to be able to warn the fortress of the impending attack so they can prepare. Everyone at the fortress has known loss in one way, shape or form. They are all willing to fight until the end. Karvir and Ketyl lead a small army to try and stop the elementals from reaching the fortress.

The characters in this book are ones that you are immediately inclined to like or dislike. There really is no in-between with these characters. It’s either love or hate. You are rooting for the characters through everything and hoping they will win or at least get out alive.


This post-apocalyptic book is an awesome read. I was drawn in from the first chapter until the last. The thing that really caught my eye was the cover. It captivated me and then reading the book made me entranced in the pages. I read this book in one sitting, forgoing sleep in order to finish it. This book is THAT good!


Free on Kindle

273 pages

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