Chasers by H. W. Vivian


I found this book while browsing on Amazon and the cover captured my attention. After reading the description, I knew I just had to read this book. And a great choice it was.

Shelby, the main female protagonist, is a bully of sorts. But only to one person, May. May has the attention of the one guy that Shelby wishes would notice her, Gary. All three of them are connected in one major way. They are called “conditionals”. Each of them was born with a stone at the base of their spines. May and Gary were each born with emeralds while Shelby was born with a ruby. There is only one ruby born each generation and they have the biggest burden to bear.

Each “conditional” must go through an obstacle. They never know what it is or when it will hit. But they must go through it. You see, these “conditionals” can not walk on the Earth with their bare feet. A curse was set upon all descendants of a few family lines. As long as they hadn’t repaid their debts to the Spirit Man, then they would not be able to touch the Earth without being swallowed up and dying. Shelby, Gary and May had no idea what this debt was or why they were even targeted.

Towards the end of the book, Shelby’s father ends up telling her the tale of generations past and of how the children were born with stones in their spines. Shelby realizes what her obstacle is. She finds Gary and May and they start it together since that is what fate planned. They are eventually split up in the course of each of their obstacles. Who lives and who dies? What is the legend that surrounds how “conditionals” were created? And in what way is each of their debts repaid to the Spirit Man?


I enjoyed reading this book. I was entranced from the first page to the last. This is a unique story and I haven’t read anything similar to it before. There are many characters in this book and each of them plays a different role. My favorite would have to be Tyler who is only in bits and pieces of  the book for the males and the female would have to be May. Most, not all, of the characters in the book are likeable and you root for them through the entire book. I was saddened by a few of the deaths in the book but I see how it was necessary and added an extra element to the book.


302 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

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