Reaper Mine by Christie Palmer

Reaper Mine

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


This was a great action packed book that I just couldn’t put down.

In the beginning, the Tribunal is sitting around their table and are talking. Dante is taking things too far and has no accountability for anything he does. All of the Tribunal, except one, thinks it’s time to do something about that. Felix, the Master Fae who doesn’t agree with their plan, ends up going to Dante and asking for the two statues of people he has. He explains how he knows them and Dante wants information. Felix gives it to him and then leaves the mortal plane for good.

Elle is a cursed demi-goddess. Her sister, Helena, calls in the middle of the night and uses the safe word. Elle is up immediately and is on the road fifteen minutes later to an agreed upon safe-house. While still on the mountain roads around her house, lights appear in her rearview mirrow when no one should be up near her cabin. She knows this isn’t a good sign. It’s a Freak going after her. The Freak works for a master and the master wants her for himself. Only he won’t tell who the master is.

Elle gets herself protected on hallowed ground but knows she won’t live much longer if she doesn’t get help. The Freak had bit her on the ankle and she was bleeding pretty badly, going to end up bleeding to death before help gets to her. She uses the emergency “number” her sister Helena gave her a long time ago. This “number” is a summons for a Reaper, a race of Dante’s sons. Dante summons Victor, the reaper over violence. Victor shows up and eventually dispatches the Freak trying to get to Elle. He enters the hallowed ground and ends up taking her to a safe place, learning along the way that she is a cursed demi-goddess.

Victor acts like he doesn’t care about Elle as time goes on. But in reality, he would love to protect Elle from the threat of the Tribunal. He only has to figure out who is pulling all the strings.


Like I said before, this was an awesome read. Everything I described above is only from the first chapter or two! If all that is only in the first chapter, you can imagine everything else that comes into play! I HIGHLY recommend this book.


$3.99 on Kindle

322 pages


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