The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson

Comfort of Black

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


The cover of this book perplexed me when I first saw it. Why was the cover black with a lighter on it? I found the answer to that in the prologue of this book and then I realized that the lighter was a great fit for the book just from what’s contained in the prologue alone.

The book starts when Hannah is fifteen years old and her sister, Justine, is twelve years old. Their father, Billy, is a raging alcoholic and has nightly rages. Hannah has finally had enough and has decided to set him on fire. She has long ago quit calling him dad and only refers to him as Billy, unlike her sister. When his rage finally subsides and he passes out, she quietly walks through the house and out to the garage and grabs the gas can. She is able to pour gas around him and on his legs. While gathering up the courage to actually set him on fire, his eyes pop open. He threatens her and then beats her like never before.

Her father was arrested and thrown in jail. For three years after that, their mother drank. She eventually drank herself to death. Hannah and Justine moved to Seattle and remain there which is where most of the story takes place.

In the first chapter, we learn that Hannah is thirty-five now so we’ve skipped a few years ahead. We get a little bit of backstory which is where we learn about the father being arrested and the mother drinking herself to death. Hannah is now married to Dallin, a millionaire. They met when Hannah was working at a hotel and he checked in there. He gave her a story of why he was there which wasn’t uncommon for guests checking into the hotel. A few weeks later, he returns and takes her out.

Dallin scares Hannah one night. They had sex and then he falls asleep after saying he’s sorry. He ends up talking and acting in his sleep. What he says really scares her and she distances herself from him. He notices and asks her what is wrong. They end up getting into it when she answers. Later on that week, Hannah finds something she wished she never would have found.


This is a captivating read. From the first page to the last I was entranced in the pages. I could just vision everything happening as I was reading. It’s those type of books that I absolutely love. A book that paints a picture so clear you can see it happening while you’re reading, placing you in another domain and reality for a while. (I sound crazy, don’t I? Lol.) This book was a fun read and I was sad to see it end. I wished it would have been longer. Although this book was 280 pages, it felt like it was really short. Definitely a book worth reading.


280 pages

Oceanview Publishing: $26.95 Hardback

Amazon Kindle: $9.99

Amazon Hardback: $20.31

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