Kelsey’s Song (Wilder #1) by Lanie Kincaid

Kelseys Song

I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review.


The book starts out with Kelsey at the store with her son and daughter. There is a screaming child standing in the middle of the aisle just wailing her lungs out. The father is beside himself and doesn’t know how to handle the situation. The girl refuses to try on new clothes or anything. Kelsey decides to try and help and she’s able to get the little girl to stop wailing and to even try on some clothes. The man in grateful as they part ways. When they leave the store, Kelsey notices a vehicle following her home. Turns out that it’s JD and he lives a few doors down from her. He thanks her for her help and then disappears inside.

Later, JD is yelling at Andy. She had taken off running. Kelsey goes outside and lets him know to calm down that she’s safe in the neighbors yard and that nothing bad will come of it except maybe a sugar high. Kelsey’s kids return with the babysitter and Kelsey propositions Angie to stay longer to watch her two plus Andy, the little girl. Angie agrees. Kelsey and JD go out so that JD can fill Kelsey in on the whole situation and try to get her feedback and help.

He truly is lost and is ready to crack under the pressure.  Andy is barely five years old. He hadn’t been with the mother in almost seven so there was no way that he could be the father. But his name was on the birth certificate. JD gives Kelsey some information and then lets her know that he’s thinking about calling CPS to have them take her back. This upsets Kelsey greatly and she is able to talk a little bit of sense into him.


This is all in the FIRST chapter. Lanie Kincaid is a new to me author. I’ve heard great things about her works and wanted to read it for myself. The world she’s able to build and the believability of the characters is just amazing. JD, Kelsey and the other slew of characters could be people she plucked out at random and fashioned characters after. They are likeable but hateable at the same time, well developed and believable. I will be getting the next book in this series before long to read, I like it that much!


Kelsey’s Song is available for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle or for $14.95 in Paperback and is 314 pages.



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