Dangerous Secrets (Callaghan Brothers #1) by Abbie Zanders

Dangerous Secrets

The story opens with Kiara Fitzpatrick cuffed to a bed. She is burning up with fever and infection. The man she’s been kidnapped with visits her often. He is quick to anger so she doesn’t talk, only making small moans and shifting slightly. This night he comes in and realizes that she’s sick and wishes she would have told him so he could have gotten her some help. The man does care about her but after her trying to run away several times, he turns to cuffing her to the bed to keep her from running. He leaves to go get her antibiotics and she estimates she has about an hour before he returns. She manages to escape the cuffs after a while and dislocating her hand but she manages it.

Fastforward ten years into the future.  Kiara is dead and Taryn is now alive. Kiara went into hiding and doesn’t stay in one place too long before moving on. Except when it came to Charlie. He found her that night and took her to his pub and brought her back to health. They took care of each other until he passed away a year before. She worked in his pub after she turned eighteen and enjoyed the work. With Charlie dead she decides to move on.

Her car breaks down and she’s stuck in a small town. She asks Charlie for a sign as she’s walking around. She comes upon a pub and feels a tingle and she knows it’s Charlie telling her that’s where she needs to be. She goes in and has an instant connection with Jake and Ian, the two men behind the bar. It’s unusually crowded but she learns it’s Homecoming weekend and will be packed the next couple nights. They’re short a bartender and she ends up making a deal with Jake: she bartends in exchange for a room.


I loved this book. I didn’t realize that Kiara/Taryn were the same person until part way through the book and then all the quirks she has all made sense. There is so much going on in this book. When I found out who the man was that killed her family and kidnapped her, I couldn’t believe it. I also couldn’t believe that some of the boys from Jake’s bar knew her from a long time ago but couldn’t place her. These boys in this series are awesome and I wish they were real. 🙂


356 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

$11.99 Paperback

(I got this book free on promo in 2014)

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