Dreams of Beautiful Whisper (The Elves of Eytherfel Book 1) by Tanya Jones

Dreams of Beautiful Whisper

Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is the first book in the Elves of Eytherfel series by Author Tanya Jones.

This book is about a teenager, Amanda, who is taken to the realm of Elves, Eytherfel. Her parents wish her to experience what is called the Awakening. While there, two men are vying for her affections, one of whom is human and from her past. The Awakening will tell her who she is meant to be.

Amanda, or Amanae, much choose who she is supposed to be. Amanda the human or Amanae the elf. While on her journey of Awakening, she gains powers which she really didn’t want. She learns things about herself and is in a tumultuous ride with ups and downs with herself and others.


I liked reading this fantasy book. The author creates a world where you wish you could just be a part of it. As you’re reading, the world is so clear, you can picture everything happening. The characters are strong and well thought out. Definitely will be looking for the second book in the series!


Please note that I received a PDF version free in exchange for an honest review.


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