Jace (Bodyguards for Hire) by T. A. Grey


Mara is a sex toy operator meaning she gets to test out prototypes of sex toys. Jace is a security specialist/bodyguard. Mara has been getting calls for a while now where no one ever responds when she answers but she knows that someone is listening. One day, while driving, she ignores the law and answers the phone and snaps. At the last minute she sees the huge black truck in front of her and she slams into it, damaging her little VW bug more than his truck.

Jace is pissed. Actually, he’s more than pissed. They get into it and end up flirting. Jace ends up having her vehicle towed to a trusted garage and takes her home. They exchange cards and numbers. Neither can get the other out of their heads. As Jace leaves, Mara gets another call. This time it’s “tick tock Mara tick tock”. She recognizes the voice and is instantly on high alert. She drops her phone and goes inside, not even bothering to pick it up. Everything looked normal and then she goes to bed.

She wakes up the next morning and the thermostat is set to 93 degrees. Definitely not where she left it the night before and seeming no significance to us until she gets to the office that Jace works at. He takes her case, pro bono. But things get worse. Worse than what he had predicted and quicker than what Jace had expected.


This book was a good read. I don’t like how Mara flipped back and forth between liking Jace and then hating his guts. The pace is steady and the characters are mostly likable. I could see a situation happening like in this book. I’m not new to the author’s work as I’ve read and reviewed the first three books in the Bellum Sister series with one book left to go in it.

This book was published in 2013. I wish there would be more books in this series following other characters but it doesn’t look like that will be happening. I can hope though, right?


189 pages

$2.26 on Kindle

$9.99 Paperback

(I purchased this book for free while on promo 3/2015)

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