Love in the Vineyards by Nathasha Perets

Love in the Vineyards

This book starts off on a tragic note. James and Susan have known each other for fifteen years. Susan was a beauty who kept getting approached by scouts to become a model or actress but she always show them down. She didn’t want any of that. She knew what she wanted and that was James and a family. James and Susan moved into a small house with their twelve year old daughter, Diana. On this special and tragic day, Susan informs James that she’s pregnant. They’d been trying for several years but had been unsuccessful since Diana until now. They were both elated and wanted to break the news to Diana gently since she was used to being an only child at this point. So they decide to go to her favorite restaurant and tell her after eating. Only they never make it to the restaurant. Their car is struck by an oncoming truck driver. Susan dies while James and Diana live. Diana never does find out what the news was that they wanted to share with her.

Diana starts to take care of her dad. She ends up working three jobs to support his debts which lead to him drinking and gambling all the time. Only his gambling gets him into a TON of trouble with the wrong people. Wanting assurance that he will find a way to repay his debts, they decide they want Diana in exchange for the assurance. This way they know he’ll keep good on his debts to reclaim his daughter.


This is a beautiful story. It’s about love, revenge and hatred. I loved reading this book. It takes the reader through so many emotions while reading. You’ll be happy, sad, elated, angry. All the emotions the characters feel, you will feel as well. The author evokes these emotions from you from the very first pages. The world that is built is believable while the characters are multi-leveled and well developed. I could definitely see a series being made.

Nathasha Perets is an author that is new to me. I came across her book and the cover drew my attention. I felt that this was going to end up being a romance from it and when I read the description of the book I knew it was one that I would like. The story didn’t disappoint one bit. The only thing I was disappointed with was the length. This could have easily become a three hundred plus page book and still held my attention from beginning to end.


$3.99 on Kindle

Free on Kindle Unlimited

152 pages

***Purchased 9/16/15 for 99 cents on promo***

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