The Midnight Ceremony (Lure Academy #1) by Cara Wylde

Lure Academy

The Midnight Ceremony is the first book in the Lure Academy series by author Cara Wylde. If the name seems familiar, it should. I’ve reviewed all six books in her Sold to the Alpha series which can all be found by searching her name on my page. This series is about incubi, succubi and cambions, the children of the incubi and succubi.

Sophie is a new student at the age of twenty-three going into Lure Academy. It’s been a whirlwind of a few days ever since Hebe showed up at her parents house. Sophie leaves with Hebe and begins the long ride to the Academy via plane and then car. She meets Lilith, the headmistress first and then Hebe drops her off outside her room and leaves her alone.

Lamia, Sophie’s roommate, helps her out and shows her around for a while before Sophie is prepared to go to the Midnight Ceremony. The ceremony is held once a month or once every two months depending on how many new students there are. The ceremony allows senior students to choose if they want to mentor and who they want to mentor.

This particular ceremony ends up unprecendented on two different things that happen. It’s never been known to have happened in the Academy’s history.


This was a good start to the series. Sophie is a character that I like as well as Alexi. I’m on the fence about Kain, not sure if I need to like him or hate him yet. I can see this being a huge series with many, many books in it. I did notice a few wording errors but nothing that confuses you.


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59 pages

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Corpse Thieves (Shifter Squad #5) by J.C. Diem


This book was ah-mazing! Let’s face it, I’m addicted to J.C. Diem’s Shifter Squad series. I’ll hopefully have books six and seven in the next day or two to be able to read and review them as well! And then it’ll be time for her Mortis Vampire series. Haha. I’m liking this series the more I read it and I honestly hope it never ends. 😀 While I’m liking Lexi, Flynn and Kala more each book I’m really starting to not like Reece and I’m not sure on Mark after reading this book. I will say that I’m not sure I’m liking the way that Lexi and Reece’s personalities are changing in this book. They went from strong and likable characters to Lexi being needy and Reece being an ass. Not sure I’m liking the changes but we’ll see where they go.


The TAK Squad manages to capture the rogue shifter, which turns out to be Reece’s younger brother, Gareth. Turns out that Reece’s real name is Garrett. Mark didn’t want to completely strip him of his old life and left his real name as his last name. This makes Reece resent Mark for taking him from his family as new information comes to light. After dealing with and meeting his mother and pack, the TAK Squad leaves there to get a break and let Reece think about his looming decisions.

This book sees the TAK Squad heading for New Orleans at first to find Lexi’s mom to destroy her and stop the taint in her and Reece’s blood that’s slowly killing them. On the way there, they are re-routed to Oklahoma. Corpses are going missing from morgues and then children start going missing.  Finding Lexi’s mom is put on a back burner as the kidnappings are more pressing. Turns out that they are dealing with ghouls and are in a town that has werelions and other werecats inhibiting it.

When Lexi and Kala are checking out one of the cemeteries, some werelions show up and the Rex, aka alpha, orders Kala to go with him and she obliges, not really knowing what she’s doing. Lexi is swallowed up into the earth by ghouls pulling her down. She barely makes it out of there alive but not without realizing that she’s more abnormal than she was before. Reece and her renew their bond when he gets to the cemetery. Their bond magic heals Lexi as she was only minutes away from dying from blood loss.


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222 pages

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The Magical Zoo #3: Finding Katty by Dan Jackson

Finding Katty

This is a cute book for children. I will say that the pictures are the same as some of the ones found in book two only they replace the animal. In book three, Finding Katty, we are looking for Katty the Zebra. Sally ends up finding Katty first but Katty gets away from her. She’s really frightened and she tries to hide but gets scared again.

It’s a short book being only 22 pages. It’s a good length for kids though.  The colors are vibrant and draw the eyes all over the pages. Each page’s wording is enough to keep the kids interested for that page before getting bored with the story.

While this is a cute book, I’m not sure I’d pay $2.99 for it when my daughter would only read it a few times before getting bored with it. If your kids would read it many, many times, I see it as being a good deal.

This can be purchased:

Amazon Kindle for $2.99


Kindle Unlimited for free

***I received this book in PDF format in exchange for an honest review***

Rogue Wolf (Shifter Squad #4) by J.C. Diem

Shifter Squad

This is the fourth book in the Shifter Squad series by Author J.C. Diem.

Lexi, Reece and the others return in the fourth installment. They are still staying at the inn from book three as they realize they’re going to be in the area longer. It’s Thanksgiving day. Everyone, except Kala, goes to where the body mentioned at the end of book three was found. They realize that it’s a succubus they’re dealing with. Not only do they have the succubus to worry about, they also have the rogue wolf to contend with. Lexi and Reece are sent to scout the camp area in Kentucky while the others stay in West Virginia at the base there, having left the inn after Kala’s disastrous Thanksgiving dinner.

Lexi and Reece split up during the search of the woods. Lexi gets visited by a park ranger who turns out to be a werebear but neither realizes it before he tries to kill her. In all fairness, she did pull her gun on him first. Lol. They start combing the woods while Mark is at the compound with Kala and Flynn trying to find the rogue wolf’s clan and where they’re hiding. Turns out the rogue wolf also has them under surveillance and he gets way too close for Lexi’s liking.


I think I’ve liked this book the best so far. You get more of a glimpse into Reece’s life as well as Lexi’s. You learn more about Kala, Flynn and Mark as well. I’m liking them all more and more as the series goes on. Definitely going to be looking forward to the fifth book in the series.


316 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

$11.99 in Paperback

Triad (The Hidden Alpha #2) by Cara Wylde

The Hidden Alpha

Triad is book two of The Hidden Alpha series by Cara Wylde. It is best to read the Sold to the Alpha series before reading this series as this series references things that happened and are explained in detail in the first series.

The Hidden Alpha follows Amelia from Alma Venus. The first book we know that Amelia is bought for Blake of Clan Sylfur. In this book, we learn more about Blake, Roman and their fight to keep the reins of the fox clan. Amelia and Seth are in a secret relationship with Blake’s blessing. They have to be careful not to spend too much time together and to not be caught. They do a good job of it.

Seth learns about Amelia’s parents being killed and promised to help track down their killers. Some MAJOR things are revealed about this and I have an idea where it’s going. If it’s the direction I think, I’m not sure about how I feel about that! Lol. Things that we do know, I do like.

At the end of the book, a HUGE announcement is made that takes Roman and Blake by surprise. I was shocked by the announcement as I honestly didn’t see it coming!


This is a great book to read. I love Cara’s works and when I saw this book was out, I knew I had to get it! I got it and started reading right away, hooked from the first page. The characters are enjoyable…..well, most of them are anyways. (Still not sure about Blake’s uncles/Roman’s brothers) I could see this series being more books than the three that Cara has planned and I secretly hope she goes for more books. 😉 (What can I say? I’m addicted! lol)

76 pages

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Tombs of Lust by Dorit Silverman

Tombs of Lust

Tombs of Lust is a book that is in pre-order status right now on Amazon. It will be released on 11/30 for $5.99 Kindle/free on Kindle Unlimited and $9.99 for Paperback.


Amazon Description:

A passionate and forbidden love story between an Israeli woman and a Bedouin man in the heart of the Sinai Desert, are at the center of this dramatic erotic thriller.

It tells the story a of a young woman in search of her own identity, and the journey that will transform her from “Leah” into “Layla,” in which she will discover that beneath the desert’s calm surface deep desires, fascinating fairytales and secret myths prevail.

Her tantalizing encounter with the people of the desert will make her trail between joy and danger, desire and tragedy and onto an unpredictable ending.


I liked this book overall. It’s got forbidden romance, erotica and love all rolled into one. Leah loves the desert people. One day while on the beach she sees a Bedouin man and instantly likes him. She brings him over to sit with her and tries talking to him. She’s not sure if he understands her or not but she keeps talking anyways. We get flashes of Leah’s life when she was younger, of when she lived in New York, things she used to do and so on and so forth throughout the book.

This book did take a while for me to read. I just couldn’t get into it myself. It felt like it was really slow and I just couldn’t read for more than five to ten minutes a sitting before my mind started wandering to other things and I’d get sidetracked. :/

***I received this book in PDF format in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Ten Seconds of Crazy by Randileigh Kennedy

Ten Seconds of Crazy

All it takes is ten seconds to change your life. Ten seconds of crazy for yourself. In this case, we’re following Reid and Cassidy. Cassidy is a waitress at a diner, working from 5:30 am until it closes at 3 and then has another job afterwards. On this particular day, Jerry the drunk is still acting live the perv he is. A new man, Reid, is in the diner and asks Cassidy to run away with him. She blows him off and they end up talking after he’s finished his breakfast. When she goes back inside, her fellow waitress and roommate, wants to know why there was a blank check made out to her attached to the bill and what it meant by the note saying freedom. She played dumb.

That night she and her roommate go to the festival and end up running into Reid. The roommate ditches her and she spends a few hours with Reid before heading home. The next morning, after opening the diner, Jerry is back to his stuff again. Cassidy has had enough and tells him to knock it off and her boss, Carl, is actually on Jerry’s side. Cassidy had decided enough is enough and she walks out. Reid is pulling into the diner. She jumps into his red convertible and he takes off. They go river rafting and learn more about each other and the trip that Reid is on.


This book was a fun read. Ten seconds of crazy can change your life in an immeasurable way if you only take those ten seconds up on their offer. Cassidy and Reid are characters that I liked very much. I was rooting for the two of them the entire book. From the moment you meet them, you like them. They could pass as ordinary people you pass out on the street on a daily basis.

Author Randileigh Kennedy was an author that is new to me. I really like her style of writing and how her story progressed. She is definitely an author that I will look out for now. I didn’t notice any misspellings, incorrect grammar or any editing errors in her book. That’s one thing I really liked!


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$12.20 on Paperback

***I received this book free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

Ravel by Shari J Ryan


What can I say? I love Shari’s work and couldn’t resist cracking open this book. Okay, okay. More like firing up the reading app and reading it than cracking it open. I still have a couple of her books left to read and they’ll be coming up soon in my list of books to read. You’ll always find that by TBR list is extremely long but if I REALLY like an author, their works get bumped to the top of the list.

Daphne is twenty three years old. She lives with her boyfriend whom she wishes she could get away from but she’s scared of him. He is abusive mentally, physically and verbally. Daphne is gone as much as she can be between her ice skating and working at the bar. She often goes to the bar early even when they don’t open for hours. Trent is a grade A asshole who I disliked the entire book. Daphne keeps a journal and writes in it often. (With permission from the author I am adding in a couple journal entries!)

  1. Dear Journal, I’m going to become stronger.   I just hope it’s soon. I’m losing my grip and I’m fearful of what might happen when I let go completely.      -Daphne
  2. Dear Journal, It’s been three years of this.   I’ve stayed with Trent because I wanted to fix him. I’ve stayed with him because he said he wants me and no one else will.   I stay with him because every time I’ve tried to leave, he’s hurt me.    I’m scared. I’ve been scared for too long.      -Daphne

Those are just a couple of the journal entries in Daphne’s journal. They give us a glimpse of what’s going on in her head and where she’s at. It lets us see into her and gauge where she wants to go and what she wants to happen, even if it scares her to death to even think about.

Kemper is a Marine that is back from Afghanistan. The bar that Daphne works at is always busy for an entire week after the men get back from a deployment. Only something seems off about this Marine. He’s just sitting at the bar by himself and not joining the others. Daphne quickly piques his interest and wonders what’s wrong. That’s when he tells her that his brother, Rex, just died over in Afghanistan. He was having a hard time dealing with it since they had shared an apartment together. The bar is BUSY and Daphne is the only one working and is starting to drown under all the order. Kemper used to be a bartender so he goes behind the counter and starts helping, with Daphne being uncomfortable for a few minutes and then accepting the help.

Kemper and Daphne become friends, although neither wants to be just friends. They struggle with their friendship through part of the book before Kemper decides to be “selfless” and tell Daphne that he really can’t be with her because he’ll only hurt her. Only, he’s not the one who has physically hurt her. A couple Marines knock the hell out of Trent when he comes into the bar and realizes that she lied to him about who was there. He ends up hitting her and causing a hell of a bruise and mark on her face. Kemper gets pissed beyond measure and wants to go kill the man who did it to her but he doesn’t know who it was until later when she says the name. (We find out later, towards the end of the book, how Kemper knows Trent and how they used to be connected to each other.)


This book is awesome. It had me all up in my feelings: laughing, giggling, crying, hating, loving. I just couldn’t get enough of this book. I read it in one sitting, refusing to give in to sleep last night until I had finished it! Daphne, Kemper, Trent and some others are just like everyday people. Shari brings to light some of the realities that people go through but don’t want others to get involved in or help with: drinking, being abused and being the abuser, loss of friends family and loved ones, the wars that have been going on.

I think that this book should be read by EVERY woman out there and even the men as well. This book will give people hope that there are good people out there that only want the best for someone, even if they’ve only been friends a few days. It shows you that no matter how old or new of a friend you have, there is always someone there to help you in your time of need. Always remember there are people out there that will help you get out of an abusive relationship and somewhere safe.

Just like it’s stated in the book if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please either talk to someone or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. They are available 24/7 and will always talk to you and listen.


$3.99 on Kindle

Free on Kindle Unlimited

$15.95 in Paperback (Trust me. If I had $16, I would be buying this book in paperback in a heartbeat. I loved this book that much!)

**I received an advanced copy in exchange for a fair and honest opinion**

Product Review: Santamedical Fingertip Pulseoximeter


My mom has low oxygen levels. She has to keep track of her numbers on a daily basis to watch how they differ. She purchased a pulseoximeter from Walgreens and was okay with it. It would take forever to pick up her numbers. So I started looking for one that wouldn’t take as long as it did and I came across this one by Santa Medical.

This pulseoximeter reads her pulse in just a few seconds compared to minutes on the other one.  Unlike the other one, this one does not work on her right hand no matter what finger she uses. It works on her left hand no problem. Even though only being able to use one hand with it, she loves this one. She keeps this one in her purse and takes it with us when we run errands or just happen to be going out for a while. It comes with a nice lanyard and a great little carrying case with it.

This can be purchased on Amazon for $20.95.

***I received this product at a deep discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.***

Tender by Shai Amit


Tender is a coming of age novel by author Shai Amit. This book follows the night life of New York, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. It doesn’t clean it up or make it seem more spectacular than what it is. It’s down and dirty and right to the point, describing everything the way it is supposed to be perceived.

The book starts with Eitan taking Arik to a bar. He takes him inside, behind the counter and leaves him there. Arik has no idea what he’s supposed to do and then realizes that he’s supposed to work there. From that moment on, Arik hates Eitan and vows never to talk to him again.

Arik is a bartender. There’s one patron that keeps coming that he is drawn too and can’t explain it. She comes in one night with her friend and he, along with Roy the other bartender, decide they are each taking one of the girls home that night. Without a spoken word, they know who is getting which girl and know that the girls had already decided on who they were going home with as well.


This book is original. Definitely a book to read if you want to learn about the night life in different cities. There are ups and downs all through this book and it will have you questioning your own life by the time you’re done. These characters are everyday people just like you and I. Definitely a book worth reading in my opinion. In this book we learn of the spirit and how one can destroy it themselves and also how to understand our spirits.


372 pages

$3.99 Kindle

I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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