Lorelei’s Lyric (Southern Elemental Guardian #1) by D.B. Sieders

Loreleis Lyric

This is an overall good paranormal romance. While there are editing issues that need fixed, it’s still easy to know what was meant and intended to be said. I like the authors style of writing and the world building that is created throughout the book.


Lorelei is a mermaid who loves to sing. She goes on a trip through rivers in the United States with her sister. They stop is well known musical cities/towns and listen to the music. When the stop in Nashville, things don’t go according to plan. When they listen to one band, Lorelei is captivated. She loves the lead singers voice and thinks that he’s hot. She wants nothing more than to start singing with Vance and his band but she knows that if she sings around mortals for too long, then they suffer the consequences, which is usually death.

Vance is the lead singer of his band. He suffers from depression and addiction since his girlfriend overdosed. He likes to drown his sorrows with alcohol and makes up any reason to sneak off and take a sip. Lorelei and Vance end up leaning on each other to help the other cure their problems and possibly find a chance at love.


$2.99 on Kindle

$9.95 Paperback

Author’s Website

***I received a copy of this book in PDF format in exchange for an honest and unbiased review***


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  1. D.B. Sieders
    Nov 19, 2015 @ 20:03:53

    Thank you for the wonderful review! I’m glad you enjoyed the book 🙂



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