Product Review: Selfie Stick by TechSavvyCo


This is by far the easiest selfie stick I have used. I’ve use another bluetooth one and then one that was wired. The wired one I couldn’t get to work with my phone at all. The other bluetooth one kept disconnecting itself from my phone. This one stays connected and I have had NO problems with it. I haven’t had to download any extra apps, send any emails for support or to replace this one. I simply charged it, paired it up via bluetooth with my phone and started snapping pics. This selfie stick by TechSavvyCo has a little bit of weight behind it and feels comfortable in the hand. Storing at 7 inches makes it easy to put in a small spot. It extends to about 32 inches or so.

Included in package: 1 selfie stick, 2 wrist straps, 1 charging cord and 1 carabiner clip. Easily keep hold of your selfie stick and not risk breaking it. Use the clip and clip it to your belt loop, a backpack or a purse easily and have it within reaching distance in case you’re out somewhere and want to snap the perfect picture.

A great quality product at a decent price. One that I don’t see breaking anytime soon. It does come with a lifetime unlimited warranty (I don’t see myself or anyone really having to use it).

This selfie stick can be found on Amazon for $17.99. It is available in three colors: blue (which I have), green and pink. Definitely worth the $18 to have a product that is quality made and will last a long time.

**I received this product free in exchange for an honest review**


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