Product Review: Tens Unit by Santa Medical


I’ve had problems with my knee since I tore the tendons and ligaments when I was in my teenage years. It almost always hurts and there are days that I just can’t stand to do anything because it hurts too bad to move it in any way, shape or form. A tens unit was recommended to me so I started looking for one. This unit is very affordable at $30 on Amazon. It comes with the unit, two lead cords, 4 pads, batteries and the instruction manual.

A couple warnings: 1) always make sure you have both pads on. It won’t work otherwise; 2) when you turn it on, turn it to the lowest setting and SLOWLY turn it up to where you can handle it. (I made the mistake of spinning the wheel a little fast and zapped the heck out of my arm when I did it! Didn’t feel very good.)

This unit fits easily into a purse or bag and can be taken anywhere and used anytime. I love the knead feature on there and it feels like you’re getting a massage! Definitely a cheaper way to get a massage! lol. I will definitely be keeping this unit handy when going somewhere and always have it with me! A highly recommended tens unit.

***I received this product at a deep discount in exchange for my review**


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