The Magical Zoo #3: Finding Katty by Dan Jackson

Finding Katty

This is a cute book for children. I will say that the pictures are the same as some of the ones found in book two only they replace the animal. In book three, Finding Katty, we are looking for Katty the Zebra. Sally ends up finding Katty first but Katty gets away from her. She’s really frightened and she tries to hide but gets scared again.

It’s a short book being only 22 pages. It’s a good length for kids though.  The colors are vibrant and draw the eyes all over the pages. Each page’s wording is enough to keep the kids interested for that page before getting bored with the story.

While this is a cute book, I’m not sure I’d pay $2.99 for it when my daughter would only read it a few times before getting bored with it. If your kids would read it many, many times, I see it as being a good deal.

This can be purchased:

Amazon Kindle for $2.99


Kindle Unlimited for free

***I received this book in PDF format in exchange for an honest review***

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