#Selfie (Hashtag #4) by Cambria Hebert

#Selfei#Selfie is the fourth book in the Hashtag series by Cambria Hebert. I really wasn’t sure I was going to like this series….let alone make it to book four!! We’re finished with Romeo and Rimmel’s story and have now moved on to Braeden. Honestly, I went into this book thinking it would be him and Missy. Or someone else entirely that we hadn’t been introduced to yet. Nope. Completely wrong and utterly shocked. But I guess if I would have thought about it from clues in other books, I could have guessed it would have been Ivy.

Braeden, Ivy, Trent, Missy, Rimmel and Romeo are in Florida on Spring Break. If you’ve read book three you know that Rimmel, Romeo and Braeden were in Florida dealing with Rimmel’s father and the fallout of his gambling. They’re there before Spring Break actually starts. Trent, Ivy and Missy come down after Alpha U lets out and join then at the beach house that Romeo has rented. The plan was for Trent and Missy to get together. But it didn’t end up happening.

On the last night of their break, Ivy and Braeden end up sleeping together, thanks to an angry crab that bit Ivy’s toe and sends her into a flurry. Braeden thinks she’s being attacked by someone and not something. He laughs when he finds out it’s a crab but Ivy won’t let him put her down on the sand thinking that the crab is going to get her again. He carries her back to the rental house and things are sexually charged between them. Before either of them really realizes it, they’re in bed together. Braeden takes a selfie after they’ve finished having sex, not planning on using it for anything except his own memories.

Trent likes Ivy. Which is where Rimmel and Romeo’s plan backfired on them. He ends up asking her out and she agrees. Things get really bad once schools back in session. The BuzzBoss releases a picture of Ivy in bed with Zach…..the psycho that had hurt Rimmel and Romeo and used Ivy to get to them. Later, the BuzzBoss releases the picture of Braeden and Ivy. Braeden is shocked because his phone was destroyed when he threw it on the ground after busting a car window and seeing the picture of Ivy and Zach. The picture should have been lost with the phone being destroyed but somehow the BuzzBoss got the picture.

Braeden ends up figuring out whom the BuzzBoss is. Up until he figured it out, the BuzzBoss had been anonymous. No one, not even the university staff, had known who the BuzzBoss was. He ends up hacking the BuzzBoss’ computer after lying his way into the perpitrator’s room. He confronts the Boss with Ivy by his side. Does the BuzzBoss go all out afterwards and destroy them or does he/she back off and leave them a lone after that? What ends up transpiring between all the drama I’ve commented on here? You’ll just have to read the first three books and then this one!


Okay. Okay. I’m really, REALLY glad that I started reading this series. I have officially read all the books I have in this series so I am going to be working on getting the next books in the series. Sigh. I loved reading about Rimmel and Romeo but I really liked Braeden’s story as well. I am anxious to see if Trent has a story and see where it goes as well as Missy. I know that Zach’s back in the next book and I can only imagine what he’s going to be up too!! Nothing good in a million years!!

330 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

$16.99 Paperback
***I purchased this book for $3.99 using promo credits***

#Player (Hashtag #3) by Cambria Hebert

#PlayerI just finished reading book three. It was better than the rest in my opinion. Longer too. We see Rimmel and Romeo come together more. Zach is more of a whacko than I had thought for. Romeo’s football days seem to be limited after a skirmish with literally saving Rimmel’s life and pounding Zach unconscious and breaking his arm. The two NFL offers that were on the table are both rescinded. So it looks like his NFL days are going to be non-existant. Enter Ron Gamble later in the story and a contract is signed.

Valerie and Rimmel have a falling out bt Rimmel later realizes that Valerie was telling the truth. Rimmel’s mother’s death wasn’t an accident or a drowning like she had always been led to believe. She finally gets answers from her grandma and her father after reading the case file that Valerie’s PI put together, including the police report from her mother’s death.

Rimmel and Romeo are threatened because of her father’s gambling and debts. Romeo ends up making several calls but will his scheme he’s putting together save him and Rimmel or will they end up dead in the end?


I have laughed, chuckled, cried and been pissed while reading this book. It’s not often that books can have me in a wide range of emotions while reading them. I honestly didn’t expect a few of the things to happen that did. I honestly wanted this book to be LONGER than it was. I just couldn’t get enough of Rimmel, Romeo, Braeden, Ivy and Missy. I hope in the fourth book, which is Braeden’s story, we find out more about the Spring Break that Romeo put together and find out what happens to everyone else during it! I would HIGHLY recommend this book series by Cambria Hebert.

580 pages

$3.99 Kindle

$16.99 Paperback

***I purchased this book for $3.99 using promo credits.***

#Hater (Hashtag #2) by Cambria Hebert


#Hater is the second book in the Hashtag series by author Cambria Hebert. After reading the first, and loving it, I had to get this one. (I ended up purchasing through book four of the Hashtag series. 🙂 ) I am so glad I didn’t wait to purchase it or start reading it.


Rimmel and Romeo return in book two along with Braeden, Ivy, Zach and more. Things heat up in the hatred between Zach that’s meant for Romeo but being taken out on Rimmel. I mean, seriously, heating up. Zach confronts, and bruises, Rimmel outside of one of her classrooms. Michael, one of Romeo’s teammates, ends up stepping up and Zach runs scared.

Later on, on the same day as the big game, Zach turns up in the girls dorm. Actually, the plot is much deeper than that. He didn’t turn up that day but was there overnight! Rimmel goes to the bathroom to take a shower. She feels off when she gets done. She’s attacked by Zach, who takes a picture of her in her towel only. She ends up smashing his phone making the picture obsolete. But, his plan backfires. She doesn’t go running to Romeo right away. Instead, she calls Braeden to do damage control until the game is over with and then she’ll tell Romeo what happened. But definitely not before.

Later that night, during the “exclusive” party at Romeo’s place, Rimmel ends up in the pool after Zach showed up and went to hit Romeo with a chair. Both Romeo and Braeden jump in to get her after she freezes up. (But if you’ve read the first book, you understand why she froze up and didn’t try and save herself.)


This book was just as good as, if not better than the first book. Rimmel is still my favorite character while Romeo is climbing the ranks. I don’t know who the BuzzBoss is but they’re quickly becoming a favorite. I love the “messages” that are sent out. I hope the BuzzBoss is revealed in one of the upcoming books. Zach is a complete dick and I can’t wait to find out what happens to him in the next book! After reading these two books, Cambria Hebert is quickly ranking herself with my favorite authors including Shari Ryan, Dahlia Donovan and J.C. Diem.

492 pages

$3.99 Kindle

$14.99 Paperback

#Nerd (Hashtag #1) by Cambria Hebert


I’ve been on the fence about this book since I first saw it advertised on Facebook. I love the cover and the description of the book but I wasn’t sure I really wanted to pay $4 for a book I wasn’t sure I would actually end up liking. I eventually decided, three days ago, to purchase the book. I read the first four chapters on the Amazon preview of the book and liked it so I purchased the book, hoping I would like the rest of it. And I really did. I liked Rimmel from the beginning. While I liked Romeo, it took me a while to really like him.

This is the first book I’ve read by Cambria Hebert. I’ve heard great things about her books. I wasn’t disappointed and was glad that I decided to purchase this book. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


Rimmel is on a scholarship to become a vet. Each day, and weekends even, she goes to the local shelter and helps out. There’s a cat there, Murphy, that came in shortly after she started volunteering there. She and the cat get along perfectly. They’re both outcasts and overlooked by everyone.

Romeo is the school celebrity. He’s the leading and star player on the football team. He can get any girl he wants. And he’s being rushed by Alpha Omega. Everything seems good, right? Wrong. It’s a month into the school year and he’s already starting to fail at three different subjects.

If Rimmel wants to keep her scholarship for a free ride to become a vet and if Romeo wants to continue being on the football team, they have to come together. Rimmel has to tutor Romeo three days a week. The first meeting is disastrous. Romeo shows up at the library late and he ends up leaving Rimmel to go among the shelves with another girl.

Things go from bad to worse for Romeo when the Alpha Omega’s “kidnap” him. They’re each given a name of a girl they have to sleep with and get proof of in the form of a picture. Romeo’s assignment comes after all the others get theirs. Surprise, surprise. His is Rimmel. And he gets it after they’ve gotten into an argument. How is Romeo going to pull this off? Get close enough to her to make him like and him to be able to pull off sleeping with her and getting the picture to prove to Zach, the president of Alpha Omega.


#Nerd is available for $3.99 on Amazon Kindle.

Hardcover is available for $29.99.

Paperback is available for $13.54.

472 pages

***I purchased this book for $3.99 using promotional credits***

Product Review: Christmas Lights by Impress Life

PicMonkey CollageThese lights are gorgeous. I thought they were cute on their respective Amazon pages but they are so much better in person! I received a set of owls, reindeers and angels.

IMG_20151223_011957305_HDR IMG_20151223_011948959(1)

I’m really impressed with how well these work. The timer goes from 2-8 hours. I haven’t noticed the battery box getting hot or over-heated at all while using these. My daughter absolutely loves the reindeers (below) while I love the owls (above).IMG_20151223_011723109 IMG_20151223_011708568

Each set of lights comes on a 10 foot wire. Each set is powered by batteries rather than a normal electric plug. Along with each set, there is a remote. You control the lights entirely from the remote. Turning them on and off, setting the time limit (2-8 hours), if you want them to stay lit or flicker like a candle and it includes a dimmer. You can either dim the lights or make them brighter depending on your setting.IMG_20151223_011235885IMG_20151223_011250087

The angels are my mom’s favorites!

On each 10 foot set of lights there are about 50 different characters, some less depending on character size. If you want some cute and adorable Christmas lights for next year, these lights by Impress Life are the ones to go with.

Each set can be found on Amazon at the following links:

Owls $16.99

Reindeer $16.99

Angels $16.99

***I received a set of each free in exchange for my opinion***

A Shade of Vampire (Shade of Vampire #1) by Bella Forrest

A Shade of Vampire

A Shade of Vampire is the first book in the Shade of Vampire series by author Bella Forrest. I’ve heard good things about this series and after this first book, I’m liking it so far.


Sofia Claremont has just turned seventeen years old. Her best friend, Ben, has forgotten it. When she said something to him, he apologized and she ended up walking out on him and going for a walk on the beach. She senses when someone walks up behind her and she hopes it’s Ben only it wasn’t. It was a gorgeous man who ended up putting a needle in her neck and knocking her out.

She wakes up chained to a wall in a dungeon. She is later taken, cleaned up and presented to the ruler of the vampires who has just happened to wake up a short time earlier that day/night. Derek Novak is the ruler of the vampire coven in The Shade. The Shade was his dream over 500 years ago when he first became a vampire to help protect his family and those that had protected them as well.

He takes an immediate liking to Sofia and refuses for her to be treated like the other slaves. Lucas, the one who captured Sofia, is Derek’s brother as well as Vivienne’s twin brother. Lucas hates that Derek has claimed Sofia as his as he wants her. He claims she is his because he found her and brought her to The Shade. To his brother and sister’s dismay, he decides to train Sofia and the other girls in his “harem” how to fight and defend themselves. Especially after Lucas kills Gwen.


I like this book. Right from the start I like both Sofia and Derek. Lucas and Claudia I don’t like at all. Ben and Vivienne I’m not so sure on. We’ll see how opinions change over the course of reading the next several books in the series. (I have the first seven books.) Definitely a book to read. I can see this series being as good as if not better than Twilight!


99 cents on Kindle

$10.79 Paperback

285 pages according to Amazon.

***I paid full price for this book***

Product Review: Peppermint Essential Oil by Simply Earth


Peppermint, like so many other scents, can be very overpowering to the senses. However, compared to my mom’s peppermint oil she uses, this is very mild, which I really like. (I’m not a HUGE peppermint fan at all.) This scent doesn’t overpower my nose and it doesn’t give me a headache like some others do.

It comes in a 15ml amber bottle. The amber bottle helps protect the oil inside and keeps it from degrading due to light. There is a dropper included in the bottle.

Peppermint is famous for helping with digestion issues including an upset stomach and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also aide with oral problems including bad breath. It’s a versatile oil and one that is worthy of keeping on hand if you like using oils!

7.5% of each purchase through the Simply Earth website goes to a charity that changes each month. A 15ml bottle can be purchased for $6 on their website.

***I received a bottle in exchange for my opinion***

Product Review: Lemon Essential Oil by Simply Earth


I love using essential oils. I have several. This is the first lemon I’ve actually used myself. Sometimes lemon can have such a strong scent that it quits being nice and refreshing and becomes overpowering to the senses. This oil by Simply Earth doesn’t have that issue. It’s a very mild citrus and lemon scent.

There are many benefits to using a lemon essential oil including oral health, stopping nausea and making your skin feel great. Along with those it can help calm a cough as well.

This oil is 100% all-natural and doesn’t include any fillers. What I like is that 7.5% of each purchase is donated to a charity each month.

I will definitely be sticking with this lemon oil. It can be purchased on Simply Earth’s website for $6 per 15ml bottle which is a good price point.

***I received a bottle in exchange for my honest opinion***

Product Review: Jungle Room Wall Decor 5 Pieces


These pictures really do the wall decor no justice. They are so much cuter in person. Each piece of wall decor comes with a 3D element and with glitter on it. These pieces are great sizes. The lion is roughly 9×11.IMG_20151202_223642650

The two butterflies, one mainly pink and the other mainly purple, are 11×9. The colors on each piece are really vibrant and stand out well. The colors mix together and don’t clash like some children’s wall decor I’ve seen before.IMG_20151202_223615070

The zebra, which I think is the cutest piece, is 10×10. IMG_20151202_223553430

The money is roughly 9.5×10.5. He’s my second favorite and my daughter’s third favorite after the two butterflies.IMG_20151202_223521193

This 5 piece wall decor set is perfect for a boy or girls room. Each piece has several adhesive spots on them to adhere it to the wall. They are re-positional and reusable.

This set can be purchased for $19.96 on Amazon.

***I received this product free in exchange for my opinion on them.***

Sin (No Way Out #1) by Shari Ryan


Sin is the first book in the No Way Out series by author Shari Ryan. This book was done in a different fashion than I’ve seen books done before. Each chapter was posted on the authors blog one chapter each week. She asked for opinions on what people wanted to happen and then would consider things for the next chapter. She did it this way until it was finished. Book two, Abandoned, is set to release on 12/9/15. It is available for pre-order right now. (I do not believe the author did it the same was as the first book. I believe she wrote the second book on her own.)


Reece has been locked in a shed for three years. There’s only a small hole for her to reach through to get her food bags. There’s a small hole where light gets in. She likes the light because she’s afraid of the dark. She’s been in the dark for too long and longs for the light. One day, she thinks she’s finally lost it when a boy appears in her shed. He wishes her a happy birthday and then gives her something and leaves. Several days later, he appears when his father is in the shed with her. He ends up getting into a fight with his father. Since there’s about to be a storm with tornadoes, Sin takes Reece and they go into a basement and ride the storm and night out.

The next day, Reece is treated to a bunch of new sights and sounds. And she’s scared to death by a few of them. Which she should be since she’s been locked up for three years with not knowing what was going on in the world outside her shed.


I liked reading this book. But then again, I like Shari’s books. They can evoke emotions from the reader, whether intentional or unintentional is another story. 😀 Her books will have you laughing, crying and sometimes wondering what is going on in her head to make her think up the things she does. 😀 (Please don’t shoot me. I love your works.)

86 pages

99 cents on Kindle

Free Kindle Unlimited

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