Karen’s First Day (The Infected #2) by Joseph Zuko

Karen's First Day

This is the second book in the Infected series by author Joseph Zuko. In this book we follow Karen, Jim’s wife.  Karen is at home with the girls when she gets freaked out. She ends up leaving the apartment after a hellish day with her brother, Troy. They end up at a police station with one officer and one convict inside. They end up releasing the convict, Leon, in exchange for his help.

He’s more of a help than they had planned on. He ends up getting them a car and helping with the girls. Then when Troy is taken out of commission, he helps to save him, Karen and the girls. He’s really starting to fall for Karen which could be an issue if her husband ends up being alive but he’ll worry about that later. They make it to her mothers house to find her mother dead in the back yard. A salesman had killed her.


This was a good sequel to go along with the first book. I like that this book follows Karen and now we’re on even footing with knowing how Jim and Karen’s first days went. This book was easy to read and had me enthralled while reading it.


$3.99 Kindle

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$9.99 Paperback

210 pages

***Purchased using promotional credits***


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