Snake Charmer (Shifter Squad #6) by J.C. Diem

Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer is the sixth book in the Shifter Squad series by author J.C. Diem. We know that in the last book that Lexi had transformed into her wolf self and took off out of the compound. She was unable to deal with the pain of Garrett/Reece rejecting her for his true, full=blooded wolfshifter mate. She ends up in the wild in her wolf form for close to a month before Zeus shows up in the cave she’s been staying in after killing the bear who had been inhibiting it.

Hunters in the area end up shooting Zeus in the leg and him needing her help is what draws Lexi back to her human form. While still in wolf form though, she knocks the two hunters unconscious. She steals one of their clothes and I had to laugh at what she does to them. Since it’s winter, she was nice and built a fire so they wouldn’t freeze to death but she puts them in a spooning position and just imagining it made me laugh. (My daughter looked at me like I was nuts, btw.)

She steals their truck and ends up getting Zeus to a vet. While there, she ends up being detained by a couple deputies and is held until the sherriff gets there. He doesn’t like her story so she ends up behind bars. The sheriff refuses to let her make a call but it’s not necessary once Mark walks into the police station. He takes over “custody” of Lexi, even though she had given a fake name. They stop and pick Zeus up and then head back to the compound in Colorado.

That’s when they learn of a new case involving snakes biting people in the neck after these world’s deadliest snakes had gone missing from a snake park in Texas. They head to Texas and it’s not long before Flynn goes missing when they’re checking out a farm!


I’m going to leave the review right there. I think that should be enough to pull you into reading this series and this book. 🙂 I will say that this is the most interesting book of the series so far in my opinion. I’ve liked all the other books but I absolutely LOVED this book. We get to meet new people, new threats and friendships are tested more than ever before. I will admit I have laughed and cried while reading this book. The crying comes after what all I mentioned above so I won’t give it away here on what made me cry. Lexi is still my favorite character even though she’s a devious little thing! lol


$3.99 Kindle

$9.59 Paperback

318 pages

***I purchased this book for $3.99 using promotional credits***


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