#Nerd (Hashtag #1) by Cambria Hebert


I’ve been on the fence about this book since I first saw it advertised on Facebook. I love the cover and the description of the book but I wasn’t sure I really wanted to pay $4 for a book I wasn’t sure I would actually end up liking. I eventually decided, three days ago, to purchase the book. I read the first four chapters on the Amazon preview of the book and liked it so I purchased the book, hoping I would like the rest of it. And I really did. I liked Rimmel from the beginning. While I liked Romeo, it took me a while to really like him.

This is the first book I’ve read by Cambria Hebert. I’ve heard great things about her books. I wasn’t disappointed and was glad that I decided to purchase this book. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


Rimmel is on a scholarship to become a vet. Each day, and weekends even, she goes to the local shelter and helps out. There’s a cat there, Murphy, that came in shortly after she started volunteering there. She and the cat get along perfectly. They’re both outcasts and overlooked by everyone.

Romeo is the school celebrity. He’s the leading and star player on the football team. He can get any girl he wants. And he’s being rushed by Alpha Omega. Everything seems good, right? Wrong. It’s a month into the school year and he’s already starting to fail at three different subjects.

If Rimmel wants to keep her scholarship for a free ride to become a vet and if Romeo wants to continue being on the football team, they have to come together. Rimmel has to tutor Romeo three days a week. The first meeting is disastrous. Romeo shows up at the library late and he ends up leaving Rimmel to go among the shelves with another girl.

Things go from bad to worse for Romeo when the Alpha Omega’s “kidnap” him. They’re each given a name of a girl they have to sleep with and get proof of in the form of a picture. Romeo’s assignment comes after all the others get theirs. Surprise, surprise. His is Rimmel. And he gets it after they’ve gotten into an argument. How is Romeo going to pull this off? Get close enough to her to make him like and him to be able to pull off sleeping with her and getting the picture to prove to Zach, the president of Alpha Omega.


#Nerd is available for $3.99 on Amazon Kindle.

Hardcover is available for $29.99.

Paperback is available for $13.54.

472 pages

***I purchased this book for $3.99 using promotional credits***

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