The Club (The Club #1) by Lauren Rowe

The Club

The Club is the first book in The Club Trilogy series by author Lauren Rowe. Lauren Rowe is a new to me author so I really didn’t have any expectations for her writing style or the flow of the book. I am really pleased that I found this book and read it! I really like the two main characters, both of which are pretty screwed up but in their own ways and they actually work well together.


Jonas Faraday is a cocky asshole. And he admits it himself. He’ll tell ya til he’s blue in the face that he is. His brother, Josh, made a comment about The Club a few months ago and now he’s going ahead with the intake application and hoping to get approved. That means all the girls he can handle, anywhere in the world, anytime he wants it.

Sarah is the intake agent for his application. This is her first application where she’s doing everything on her own and not with a supervisor. His application has her body turned on despite her brain knowing she’ll never orgasm. She’s one of the 10% of women that just can’t seem to make it to that stage. But it gets her close. Against her better judgement, and after three glasses of two buck chuck, she creates an email account and sends him an email.

From the moment he sees the email address, he wants her. He doesn’t know what she looks like, what her name is or anything. He calls his brother and immediately has him searching for the name behind the email account and where it’s based from. His brother eventually finds the first name and where it’s from which is the same city as Jonas. He sets his brothers hacker on breaking into the University’s files and finding all the girls named Sarah who are law students because the way she talks, she’s a law student. And he’s correct.

Jonas makes it his personal mission to find Sarah and make her orgasm because he believes she just isn’t letting go enough to reach that peak. He ends up getting her to go out with him, against her better judgement. That date leads to more than either of them really bargained for, including a surprise trip to Belize that he plans out for them. She has no idea where they’re going until they reach the airport and the jig is up on keeping it a secret when they check in.

Things are good while away but instantly turn bad when they get back to her apartment after their mini vacation. He hauls her from her apartment and tries to keep her safe. What happens on their vacation? What is wrong with her apartment and why does Jonas want to keep her safe? Can Jonas be more than a cocky asshole and have actual feelings? Or is Sarah setting herself up for heartbreak once again?


This book was a good read. If you’re against sexual conduct and adult language, I HIGHLY suggest skipping this book. It will most definitely not be for you. The characters are good for each other but they’re self saboteurs. Neither really wants to let the other in but yet they want this arrangement to work. And Sarah goes against her better judgement multiple times during this book. There were a few times I was surprised by what happened as I wasn’t expecting it.


Free on Kindle

$11.24 Paperback

291 pages

****I purchased this book for free while on promotion****

Assassin’s Touch (Iron Portal #1) by Laurie London

Assassin's Touch

Assassin’s Touch is the first book in the Iron Portal series by author Laurie London. It seems like a lot of books I’ve gotten lately, have only been filled with multiple stories with no claim to be more than what was advertised. So I was sure this book was going to be like that. It’s not. This entire book is this story with no others in it!

Laurie London is a new to me author. I really liked this book. The characters are well-built and not just flat.

Neyla is a Talent soldier on the Pacifican side of the portal. There are two sides: the Pacifican and the Cascadian although the Cascadian is referred to as the Barrowlands or Barbarians. (Really, it should be the other way around.) Since Neyla is a protection talent, she is automatically moved up the ranks in the Army and skips most of the grueling tests the others have to go through so they hate her immediately.

Her talent was discovered a year ago when she was riding on a train and bombs blew it off the rails. Everyone in her car lived and there was no explanation other than a latent protection talent was in there. Everyone was tested and it came back that Neyla was the Talent! This mission was to find a portal and stop any of the enemy who came through. Only that’s not quite how it worked out.

Smythe, another soldier, really hates Neyla and ends up pushing her over the cliff where she falls and lands on a ledge, unconscious. Unknown to her or the other soldiers, the portal is very close to that ledge and Rickert is hiding on the ledge in the shadows. He in instantly pissed that a soldier would do that to one of their own but to a woman no less. When Smythe gets down to the ledge, he doesn’t make it much longer as Rickert kills him and sends him over the ledge and down to the rocks below.

Rickert ends up taking Neyla through the portal. Instead of handing her over to Louis at the jail, he takes her to the castle and gives her his old room and he takes the one next to it. Things are tense between them before things come to light at the market one day. Rickert is a talent too and more than just a fire talent like they had always thought. But it takes Neyla to bring his other power out.


This was a good book to read. It held by attention the entire time and I was longing for more! This story is different from other books I’ve read based on it’s type and the way it flows. There are “normal” people like us, ones perceived as “barbarians”, fata (magic) talents and so many more things that set this book apart from any others. I consider it a short book at only 175 pages but it’s a DAMN good 175 pages! I honestly have no complaints other than the length but hey, we all know I like really long books. 😀


175 pages

Free on Kindle

$7.99 Paperback

***I purchased this book for free while on promo***

Outlaw’s Obsession (Grizzlies MC Outlaw Love #2) by Nicole Snow

Outlaw's Obsession

Outlaw’s Obsession is the second book in the Grizzlies MC Outlaw Love Romance series by author Nicole Snow. We met most of the players in the first book, Outlaw’s Kiss. Rabid, Blackjack, Brass, Missy, Christa and more are in this book.

There’s still fallout from Fang being murdered. Christa’s scars have healed on her face but mentally she will always be scarred by that. But not as much as one might think. Her father was in a club when he was able to ride before he began suffering from Alzheimer’s. Rabid has a serious case of puppy love for Christa, or so one would think. He checks on her weekly to make sure she isn’t going to go to the police but he thinks about her every day and damn if he don’t want her.

Instead of her, he has Red, the woman he’d been screwing before Christa came along. Only this time, there’s no pleasure for him. He doesn’t want Red and he pretty much makes that known. He ends up oversleeping the next morning and one of the guys, either Brass or Roman, goes in and scares the ever living daylights out of him to get his ass moving and into church before Blackjack ends up beating him himself.

Things get real bad between the Klamuth chapter and the Redding chapter before things start to get better. Eventually, the club realizes that the Klamuth chapter had been more of a problem than they figured for when Rabid ends up murdering their VP, Ed. But, in all honesty, Ed had it coming and I couldn’t have been more happy when I read that part!


I really enjoyed reading the second book in the series. After having actually read the third book before the first two, everything makes a whole lot more sense now and I am caught up to where I need to be. I know the author states that these books are standalones, but again from the first review, there are things mentioned from previous books that will having you wondering what the hell happened for things to get to where they were. It makes it a lot easier to read these in order and I would recommend reading them in order but that’s just my opinion on that.

The characters, besides Ed and the Klamuth chapter characters, are like normal people in their attitudes. Christa is my kind of take no bull-shit kinda girl and I really like her. Rabid grew on me more and more through the book but Christa is still my favorite for this book.  If you don’t like extreme violence or intense sex scenes, don’t read this book or this series.


$2.99 Kindle

$11.99 Paperback

$24.99 Audio CD

308 pages

***I purchased this book for 99 cents using promo credits while it was a Kindle Countdown deal***

Outlaw’s Kiss (Grizzlie’s MC Outlaw Love #1) by Nicole Snow

Outlaw's Kiss

This is the first book in the Grizzlies MC Romance series by author Nicole Snow. I’ve kind of read the books out of order. I first read and reviewed Outlaw’s Bride which is actually the third book in the series. Now I realize why I had no damn idea what was really go on in that book! These are NOT standalone books which I have figured out now. The Amazon descriptions state that the books are standalones but I don’t feel they are because there are things mentioned and stuff still happening from the first two books in the third. I recommend reading these in order but that’s up to you.


Missy and Jackie are recently left alone in the world. Their mother was long dead and their father just passed from cancer. But not before letting Missy in on a huge secret to look at the roofing tiles pallet in the garage. One night, she goes and finds a huge bundle of money. She counts one of the rolls and it’s exactly $2,500. With all the rolls there, there has to be over a million dollars. She puts it in a duffel bag and shoves it under her bed. Later that night, she is woken up by Jackie screaming before it’s cut off immediately.

She reaches for her phone but it’s not there. Then a gun is placed to her back. The man makes her go where he wants her, which is in the basement. She’s shoved over by her sister. There are several big men in there. Immediately, Brass, the one who got Missy is liking her. He puts his neck on the line after she tells them where the money is after they threaten Jackie’s life. One of the men goes and gets the money and it’s all there. They take the money and the girls back to the clubhouse before they get locked in Brass’ room there. He’s there at nights and sleeps on the floor while the girls take his bed.

A few days after their kidnapping, Brass takes them to an apartment. Missy and Brass/Jordan decide that they need to make the best out of the situation so that they all walk away alive after it’s the end. Afterall, their relationship is a sham….mostly. They both eventually give in to their lust for the other and they have amazing, mind blowing sex. Jackie almost catches them. It’s like things turn around for them after that point. Balls start falling into place until Brass votes against Fang, the Grizzlies MC Prez on a vote to have him kicked out as President. Things get worse after that point.

Brass is pretty much called a traitor and a rat to his face and he doesn’t let it phase him. Blackjack and a few others are loyal to the MC but not to Fang because he’s taken it so far off the path it was meant to be on. He’s turned into being the same as the cartel members they were trying to fight against and were losing too. Brass ends up leaving with both Missy and Jackie and camping out at a hotel. The manager kidnaps Jackie from her room and forces her downstairs where Brass walks in before anything can happen. He makes a tape saying that the “hit” he just performed was authorized by Fang and was an official hit.


This book was good. I honestly didn’t expect a few of the turns it took in there. The characters are realistic and you can see normal people making the decision that the characters do. The details were good and I could envision this in my head as I was reading. Definitely not a book to read if you’re against kidnapping, sex and foul language.


319 pages

$2.99 Kindle

Free Kindle Unlimited

$11.99 Paperback

$24.99 Audio CD

***I purchased this book while it was on special promo for 99 cents***

Twist Me (Twist Me #1) by Anna Zaires

Twist Me

Nora is almost eighteen years old. She goes out with a friend clubbing and gets in using a fake ID. There, she comes in contact with a guy named Julian. The spark between them and the heaviness freaks her out and she makes Leah leave right then and there. Not wanting to be there anymore she fakes a headache.

A couple weeks later, she graduates. While walking across the stage, she sees him in the crowd. Later, after the ceremony is finished, the girls go to a party at Jake’s house. Nora has a HUGE crush on Jake. She ends up talking to him a while and he knows her name. He ends up asking her out and she agrees.

After dinner and a movie, they are walking through the park. When Jake gives her a kiss, all hell breaks loose. Jake ends up being knocked out. Nora only sees a large figure standing over him before she feels a prick in her neck and is unconscious. When she wakes up, she’s naked in a bed and has no idea where she is. Eventually, Julian returns and has his way with her. He enjoys breaking her only to build her back up again. Beth, his friend and caretaker, lives in the house as well.

Nora has a bright idea of trying to knock Beth out and escaping. Only to find out that they’re on an island and her attempt was futile. She spends the night out in the wilderness. Going back to the house, she decides to try and force Beth to help her. Sneaking into Beth’s room, she gets a rude awakening when Julian is back from his business trip a few days early. And boy is he PISSED!!


I’m no stranger to Anna Zaires works. I’ve read her Krinar Chronicles series. This book, I don’t know why, but I somehow was thinking it was vampires. Imagine my surprise when it’s just humans and arms dealers! Lol. Nora is a character I liked. Beth, I liked her too and was sad at her murder. Julian, I’m not so sure about. Definitely a book to read. If you’re a prude and don’t like sex scenes, then definitely don’t read this book.

I’ve read the Fifty Shades series and was on the fence with it. In this book, there is no agreement drawn up between them and a test period. This one is full on rape. Nora ends up falling for Julian in the end but is almost always reluctant to do anything with him, even if her body wants it. I’m just not complete sure on how I feel about this book yet.


312 pages

Free Kindle

$13.99 Paperback

***I purchased this book while free on promo***

Stepbrother Charming by Nicole Snow

Stepbrother Charming

This book is HOT! Like scorching hot. Do NOT read this in a room with others. You’ll be gasping, turning red and getting hot and bothered by the contents of this book that’ll have others asking what’s up with you. (Definitely have a cold shower handy. 😉 )


Claire Frost is Amanda Frost’s daughter. She’s twenty-two and just finished college. She already has her first paid post-college job lined up. Claire and her best friend Dana go out to celebrate Claire’s last night in the town. They end up at a club owned by Tyler Sterner. Claire is instantly attracted to him and keeps watching him all night. He ends up on the dance floor with her and invites her up to his room to be part of his first foursome. She ends up cracking him across the face. Dana tows her drunk butt to her place around closing time after another runin with Ty.

Amanda calls the next day to make sure they’re still on for lunch. She meets Amanda at the restaurant and ends up realizing her mom isn’t alone. Her mom went and got married!! The man is billionaire Gary Sterner. Claire doesn’t connect the last name with Ty until she gets to Gary’s house a short while later and Ty is standing in the kitchen. Things get REALLY heated between them. And I mean on the verge of killing each other heated.

After a while, they reach an understanding. On the night that things hit the high point for them, after one of Ty’s charity fights, he gets into it with his father once the housekeeper Joan lets Gary know that they came in with Ty carrying Claire. Gary ends up threatening Ty. Several hours later, Claire hears her mom trying to talk Gary out of the things he told Ty but he won’t budge. Claire confronts Ty and then end up leaving on Gary’s yacht. They are gone a while before having to return.

By then a scandal has been wrought on both families. And Ty knows who caused it. A year after they return and both of them are tasered, Ty sends a letter to Claire. He’s tried to get her out of his system and NOTHING works. But he’s not sure that Claire will accept his letter and meet for one final discussion before he lets her go.


This book has multiple, HOT sex scenes in it. If you’re against reading those scenes, I suggest not reading this book. I liked reading this book. The characters don’t seem like “real” people to me but they aren’t so farfetched that it couldn’t be real in another town/state/place than from where I am. I can say that this book will leave you wanting more!!

There are a few editing mistakes but they don’t take away from the story.


348 pages

$2.99 Kindle

$12.99 Paperback

***I purchased this book for 99 cents while on special promo***

#Heart (<3) (Hashtag #6) by Cambria Hebert


This is the sixth and final book in the #Hashtag series by author Cambria Hebert. Let’s be honest. I wish this book could have been longer. This was an AMAZING series to read and I just didn’t want it to end. But I AM glad it ended the way it did!!!


Okay. We know that Rimmel and Romeo are getting married. We know their engagement party is coming up. We know Zach is dead and his dad is going crazy with grief and guilt. (We learn more on that in this book, btw.) Braeden at least feels partly guilty for letting Zach die that night but he’s NOT sorry he let it happen the way it did. (Let’s face it. I’m not sorry either. #SomethingsJustNeedToBDone)

Braeden tries to run interference when Robert, Zach’s dad, shows up at their house. Instead, Ivy gets into the mix and Robert leaves after he’s almost tossed out of there courtesy of Romeo. Tony, Romeo’s dad, decides that’s he’s Braeden’s lawyer too. Both if something would happen with Robert and for the NFL draft since Braeden gets accepted into the draft.

Things get super crazy for a while. Romeo’s had his first season with the Knights. The former quarterback doesn’t like him at all since he got knocked off his pedestal. At the engagement party, Braeden goads him and he ends up going to slam Braeden. Instead, Ivy being Ivy and in her own way, steps in between the two. The quarterback can’t stop in time and ends up body checking her. Romeo ends up pummeling the hell outta the quarterback while Braeden takes Ivy to the hospital since she makes the statement she’s pregnant.

Before long, Braeden is making more of a play for Ivy’s heart and wanting her to marry him. He goes about it the wrong way before Rimmel gives him some wise advice. He tries to do things the right way and she eventually says yes once he does do it the right way. So guess what? Double wedding!! Romeo and Rimmel. Braeden and Ivy. (It’s honestly perfect the way it happened and I hoped it would end up being a double wedding once Braeden started talking about getting married.)

But there are other forces at work through this entire book. Even though Zach’s dead, he’s still causing havoc in everyone’s life.


I really wish this series never had to end. *Sigh* It quickly rated up there with my other favorites and Cambria Hebert is now one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait for the GearShark series to come out so that I can find out more about Drew and Trent. I seriously have my suspicions but can only confirm once I read that series. 😀

$4.99 on Kindle

$19.99 Paperback

425 pages

***I purchased this book for $4.99 using promo credits***

Product Review: Life & Food Omega 3 Supreme Fish Oil Supplement (180 soft gels)

Screenshot (1)

Each serving of 2 soft gels contains the following:

1400 mg of Pure Fish Oil Concentrate

1050 mg of Total Omega 3 which is distributed as following:

644 mg of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)

336 mg of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

70 mg of Other Omega 3’s


This bottle contains 180 softgels which is a 90 day supply. A decent supply’s worth for $27 on Amazon. I like that these are gmo, gluten, additive, filler, binder, artificial ingredient, stearate, sulfate, dioxide and laurate free. Among those, these soft gels also contain no egg, soy, milk, peanut or shellfish. The gels are enteric coated which means none of those fish burps that tend to happen while taking omega 3’s.

These pills are small which is a good thing for those who tend to get pills stuck in their throat. I have noticed no fish smell and no fishy aftertaste to these. Instead of taking two pills at one meal I take one pill each at breakfast and dinner. Since taking I’ve noticed fewer migraines but the ones I do get are worse than before. Not sure if that’s because of my body rebelling against me taking this or if it’s something in the pill. Either way, I’m fine still taking this supplement.


Some Omega 3 Information:

Omega 3’s help with heart, brain and joint support and just making you feel better as well. Omega 3 fatty acids are a vital part to everyone’s functioning. They can help with depression, asthma, triglyceride levels to help prevent heart attacks, ADHD, alzheimers and dementia. It’s always best to get as much omega 3’s from foods rather than taking supplements. (If you’re anything like me, you HATE the smell and taste of fish so honestly the supplements are the best way to go!)

Common sources high in omega 3’s are salmon (wild rather than farmed), tuna, mackerel, sardines, lake trout, bluefish, anchovies, herring and sturgeon.

A bottle of 180 gels can be bought on Amazon for $27.

***Please note that I received a free bottle in exchange for my honest opinion***

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#Poser (Hashtag #5) by Cambria Hebert


#Poser is the fifth book in the Hashtag series by author Cambria Hebert. This book continues with Braeden and Ivy’s story. Only this time, a few chapters are dedicated to Zach. That guy is more twisted than I had originally thought!!

Braeden and Ivy were separated a few weeks at during summer. Ivy went home to visit her parents. When she returned, Braeden had left to go to training camp. While he was gone, she got a job at one of the college boutiques on campus. She really liked working there because of all the clothes. She got first pick on anything. The boutique owner also let Rimmel have all the clothes that Ivy styled her in. Romeo was now part of the Maryland Knights and was getting a lot of press so attention was being brought to Rimmel as well. The boutique had picked up in business since press was starting to cover where Rimmel purchased her clothes so the owner was more than happy to let Rimmel have the clothes. But Rimmel never wanted to keep the clothes. She always brought them back so the owner could do what she wanted with them. Until Ivy makes her keep the purple leather jacket that works well with the Maryland Knights theme colors.

Ivy has a few bad reactions. One to when Braeden approaches her while she’s in the shower and again while at Screamerz and some drunk guy comes up behind her to dance. Her brother, Drew, punches the daylights out of the guy which is the wrong thing since he falls and takes her down with him. The guy lands on top of her and she instantly freaks out and has a flashback to the night with Zach. She still hadn’t figured out yet that she had been raped. Missy runs into Ivy a few times on accident and a couple on purpose trying to corner her and get her to talk to her. She lets on that not everyone is being honest with her, implying Braeden.

Zach ends up smhoozing his way out of the facility for the holidays. This doesn’t go very well. She starts pretty much stalking Ivy. He messes with her at the boutique, corners her in the Cypress Hall stairwell after she makes a delivery for the boutique, delivers her lucky underwear back to her, stands outside in the driveway and then eventually results to kidnapping her. On the night of the kidnapping, Braeden figures it out with the help of Missy when he goes to confront her.  He takes off, his truck quits running and then he runs back to the house. Drew and Trent were in the driveway. He orders them to watch Rimmel and not let her out of their site for even a second, gets in Romeo’s Hellcat and takes off like a bat out of hell.

He reaches the boutique’s alley entrance to see Zach leaving. Zach thinks it’s Romeo instead of Braeden and is pissed when he realizes that it’s Braeden and not the true objection of his hate and disgust.


This book was a great read. I loved delving into Braeden and Ivy’s relationship more, learning about and meeting her brother and everything that had happened in the rest of the book. We get a glimpse of Trent and Drew together which I liked because Drew/Trent are featured together in their own series (GearShark series set to release later this month) so it was nice to see them together before that book. The characters are all more developed and we learn more about them through the book. Definitely going to hate reading #<3 because it’s the last book in the series and I’m going to hate to see it end!


$4.99 on Kindle

$19.99 Paperback

393 pages

****I purchased this book for $4.99 using promo credits.***

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