#Poser (Hashtag #5) by Cambria Hebert


#Poser is the fifth book in the Hashtag series by author Cambria Hebert. This book continues with Braeden and Ivy’s story. Only this time, a few chapters are dedicated to Zach. That guy is more twisted than I had originally thought!!

Braeden and Ivy were separated a few weeks at during summer. Ivy went home to visit her parents. When she returned, Braeden had left to go to training camp. While he was gone, she got a job at one of the college boutiques on campus. She really liked working there because of all the clothes. She got first pick on anything. The boutique owner also let Rimmel have all the clothes that Ivy styled her in. Romeo was now part of the Maryland Knights and was getting a lot of press so attention was being brought to Rimmel as well. The boutique had picked up in business since press was starting to cover where Rimmel purchased her clothes so the owner was more than happy to let Rimmel have the clothes. But Rimmel never wanted to keep the clothes. She always brought them back so the owner could do what she wanted with them. Until Ivy makes her keep the purple leather jacket that works well with the Maryland Knights theme colors.

Ivy has a few bad reactions. One to when Braeden approaches her while she’s in the shower and again while at Screamerz and some drunk guy comes up behind her to dance. Her brother, Drew, punches the daylights out of the guy which is the wrong thing since he falls and takes her down with him. The guy lands on top of her and she instantly freaks out and has a flashback to the night with Zach. She still hadn’t figured out yet that she had been raped. Missy runs into Ivy a few times on accident and a couple on purpose trying to corner her and get her to talk to her. She lets on that not everyone is being honest with her, implying Braeden.

Zach ends up smhoozing his way out of the facility for the holidays. This doesn’t go very well. She starts pretty much stalking Ivy. He messes with her at the boutique, corners her in the Cypress Hall stairwell after she makes a delivery for the boutique, delivers her lucky underwear back to her, stands outside in the driveway and then eventually results to kidnapping her. On the night of the kidnapping, Braeden figures it out with the help of Missy when he goes to confront her.  He takes off, his truck quits running and then he runs back to the house. Drew and Trent were in the driveway. He orders them to watch Rimmel and not let her out of their site for even a second, gets in Romeo’s Hellcat and takes off like a bat out of hell.

He reaches the boutique’s alley entrance to see Zach leaving. Zach thinks it’s Romeo instead of Braeden and is pissed when he realizes that it’s Braeden and not the true objection of his hate and disgust.


This book was a great read. I loved delving into Braeden and Ivy’s relationship more, learning about and meeting her brother and everything that had happened in the rest of the book. We get a glimpse of Trent and Drew together which I liked because Drew/Trent are featured together in their own series (GearShark series set to release later this month) so it was nice to see them together before that book. The characters are all more developed and we learn more about them through the book. Definitely going to hate reading #<3 because it’s the last book in the series and I’m going to hate to see it end!


$4.99 on Kindle

$19.99 Paperback

393 pages

****I purchased this book for $4.99 using promo credits.***


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