#Heart (<3) (Hashtag #6) by Cambria Hebert


This is the sixth and final book in the #Hashtag series by author Cambria Hebert. Let’s be honest. I wish this book could have been longer. This was an AMAZING series to read and I just didn’t want it to end. But I AM glad it ended the way it did!!!


Okay. We know that Rimmel and Romeo are getting married. We know their engagement party is coming up. We know Zach is dead and his dad is going crazy with grief and guilt. (We learn more on that in this book, btw.) Braeden at least feels partly guilty for letting Zach die that night but he’s NOT sorry he let it happen the way it did. (Let’s face it. I’m not sorry either. #SomethingsJustNeedToBDone)

Braeden tries to run interference when Robert, Zach’s dad, shows up at their house. Instead, Ivy gets into the mix and Robert leaves after he’s almost tossed out of there courtesy of Romeo. Tony, Romeo’s dad, decides that’s he’s Braeden’s lawyer too. Both if something would happen with Robert and for the NFL draft since Braeden gets accepted into the draft.

Things get super crazy for a while. Romeo’s had his first season with the Knights. The former quarterback doesn’t like him at all since he got knocked off his pedestal. At the engagement party, Braeden goads him and he ends up going to slam Braeden. Instead, Ivy being Ivy and in her own way, steps in between the two. The quarterback can’t stop in time and ends up body checking her. Romeo ends up pummeling the hell outta the quarterback while Braeden takes Ivy to the hospital since she makes the statement she’s pregnant.

Before long, Braeden is making more of a play for Ivy’s heart and wanting her to marry him. He goes about it the wrong way before Rimmel gives him some wise advice. He tries to do things the right way and she eventually says yes once he does do it the right way. So guess what? Double wedding!! Romeo and Rimmel. Braeden and Ivy. (It’s honestly perfect the way it happened and I hoped it would end up being a double wedding once Braeden started talking about getting married.)

But there are other forces at work through this entire book. Even though Zach’s dead, he’s still causing havoc in everyone’s life.


I really wish this series never had to end. *Sigh* It quickly rated up there with my other favorites and Cambria Hebert is now one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait for the GearShark series to come out so that I can find out more about Drew and Trent. I seriously have my suspicions but can only confirm once I read that series. 😀

$4.99 on Kindle

$19.99 Paperback

425 pages

***I purchased this book for $4.99 using promo credits***


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