Stepbrother Charming by Nicole Snow

Stepbrother Charming

This book is HOT! Like scorching hot. Do NOT read this in a room with others. You’ll be gasping, turning red and getting hot and bothered by the contents of this book that’ll have others asking what’s up with you. (Definitely have a cold shower handy. 😉 )


Claire Frost is Amanda Frost’s daughter. She’s twenty-two and just finished college. She already has her first paid post-college job lined up. Claire and her best friend Dana go out to celebrate Claire’s last night in the town. They end up at a club owned by Tyler Sterner. Claire is instantly attracted to him and keeps watching him all night. He ends up on the dance floor with her and invites her up to his room to be part of his first foursome. She ends up cracking him across the face. Dana tows her drunk butt to her place around closing time after another runin with Ty.

Amanda calls the next day to make sure they’re still on for lunch. She meets Amanda at the restaurant and ends up realizing her mom isn’t alone. Her mom went and got married!! The man is billionaire Gary Sterner. Claire doesn’t connect the last name with Ty until she gets to Gary’s house a short while later and Ty is standing in the kitchen. Things get REALLY heated between them. And I mean on the verge of killing each other heated.

After a while, they reach an understanding. On the night that things hit the high point for them, after one of Ty’s charity fights, he gets into it with his father once the housekeeper Joan lets Gary know that they came in with Ty carrying Claire. Gary ends up threatening Ty. Several hours later, Claire hears her mom trying to talk Gary out of the things he told Ty but he won’t budge. Claire confronts Ty and then end up leaving on Gary’s yacht. They are gone a while before having to return.

By then a scandal has been wrought on both families. And Ty knows who caused it. A year after they return and both of them are tasered, Ty sends a letter to Claire. He’s tried to get her out of his system and NOTHING works. But he’s not sure that Claire will accept his letter and meet for one final discussion before he lets her go.


This book has multiple, HOT sex scenes in it. If you’re against reading those scenes, I suggest not reading this book. I liked reading this book. The characters don’t seem like “real” people to me but they aren’t so farfetched that it couldn’t be real in another town/state/place than from where I am. I can say that this book will leave you wanting more!!

There are a few editing mistakes but they don’t take away from the story.


348 pages

$2.99 Kindle

$12.99 Paperback

***I purchased this book for 99 cents while on special promo***

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