Twist Me (Twist Me #1) by Anna Zaires

Twist Me

Nora is almost eighteen years old. She goes out with a friend clubbing and gets in using a fake ID. There, she comes in contact with a guy named Julian. The spark between them and the heaviness freaks her out and she makes Leah leave right then and there. Not wanting to be there anymore she fakes a headache.

A couple weeks later, she graduates. While walking across the stage, she sees him in the crowd. Later, after the ceremony is finished, the girls go to a party at Jake’s house. Nora has a HUGE crush on Jake. She ends up talking to him a while and he knows her name. He ends up asking her out and she agrees.

After dinner and a movie, they are walking through the park. When Jake gives her a kiss, all hell breaks loose. Jake ends up being knocked out. Nora only sees a large figure standing over him before she feels a prick in her neck and is unconscious. When she wakes up, she’s naked in a bed and has no idea where she is. Eventually, Julian returns and has his way with her. He enjoys breaking her only to build her back up again. Beth, his friend and caretaker, lives in the house as well.

Nora has a bright idea of trying to knock Beth out and escaping. Only to find out that they’re on an island and her attempt was futile. She spends the night out in the wilderness. Going back to the house, she decides to try and force Beth to help her. Sneaking into Beth’s room, she gets a rude awakening when Julian is back from his business trip a few days early. And boy is he PISSED!!


I’m no stranger to Anna Zaires works. I’ve read her Krinar Chronicles series. This book, I don’t know why, but I somehow was thinking it was vampires. Imagine my surprise when it’s just humans and arms dealers! Lol. Nora is a character I liked. Beth, I liked her too and was sad at her murder. Julian, I’m not so sure about. Definitely a book to read. If you’re a prude and don’t like sex scenes, then definitely don’t read this book.

I’ve read the Fifty Shades series and was on the fence with it. In this book, there is no agreement drawn up between them and a test period. This one is full on rape. Nora ends up falling for Julian in the end but is almost always reluctant to do anything with him, even if her body wants it. I’m just not complete sure on how I feel about this book yet.


312 pages

Free Kindle

$13.99 Paperback

***I purchased this book while free on promo***


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