Outlaw’s Kiss (Grizzlie’s MC Outlaw Love #1) by Nicole Snow

Outlaw's Kiss

This is the first book in the Grizzlies MC Romance series by author Nicole Snow. I’ve kind of read the books out of order. I first read and reviewed Outlaw’s Bride which is actually the third book in the series. Now I realize why I had no damn idea what was really go on in that book! These are NOT standalone books which I have figured out now. The Amazon descriptions state that the books are standalones but I don’t feel they are because there are things mentioned and stuff still happening from the first two books in the third. I recommend reading these in order but that’s up to you.


Missy and Jackie are recently left alone in the world. Their mother was long dead and their father just passed from cancer. But not before letting Missy in on a huge secret to look at the roofing tiles pallet in the garage. One night, she goes and finds a huge bundle of money. She counts one of the rolls and it’s exactly $2,500. With all the rolls there, there has to be over a million dollars. She puts it in a duffel bag and shoves it under her bed. Later that night, she is woken up by Jackie screaming before it’s cut off immediately.

She reaches for her phone but it’s not there. Then a gun is placed to her back. The man makes her go where he wants her, which is in the basement. She’s shoved over by her sister. There are several big men in there. Immediately, Brass, the one who got Missy is liking her. He puts his neck on the line after she tells them where the money is after they threaten Jackie’s life. One of the men goes and gets the money and it’s all there. They take the money and the girls back to the clubhouse before they get locked in Brass’ room there. He’s there at nights and sleeps on the floor while the girls take his bed.

A few days after their kidnapping, Brass takes them to an apartment. Missy and Brass/Jordan decide that they need to make the best out of the situation so that they all walk away alive after it’s the end. Afterall, their relationship is a sham….mostly. They both eventually give in to their lust for the other and they have amazing, mind blowing sex. Jackie almost catches them. It’s like things turn around for them after that point. Balls start falling into place until Brass votes against Fang, the Grizzlies MC Prez on a vote to have him kicked out as President. Things get worse after that point.

Brass is pretty much called a traitor and a rat to his face and he doesn’t let it phase him. Blackjack and a few others are loyal to the MC but not to Fang because he’s taken it so far off the path it was meant to be on. He’s turned into being the same as the cartel members they were trying to fight against and were losing too. Brass ends up leaving with both Missy and Jackie and camping out at a hotel. The manager kidnaps Jackie from her room and forces her downstairs where Brass walks in before anything can happen. He makes a tape saying that the “hit” he just performed was authorized by Fang and was an official hit.


This book was good. I honestly didn’t expect a few of the turns it took in there. The characters are realistic and you can see normal people making the decision that the characters do. The details were good and I could envision this in my head as I was reading. Definitely not a book to read if you’re against kidnapping, sex and foul language.


319 pages

$2.99 Kindle

Free Kindle Unlimited

$11.99 Paperback

$24.99 Audio CD

***I purchased this book while it was on special promo for 99 cents***

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