Outlaw’s Obsession (Grizzlies MC Outlaw Love #2) by Nicole Snow

Outlaw's Obsession

Outlaw’s Obsession is the second book in the Grizzlies MC Outlaw Love Romance series by author Nicole Snow. We met most of the players in the first book, Outlaw’s Kiss. Rabid, Blackjack, Brass, Missy, Christa and more are in this book.

There’s still fallout from Fang being murdered. Christa’s scars have healed on her face but mentally she will always be scarred by that. But not as much as one might think. Her father was in a club when he was able to ride before he began suffering from Alzheimer’s. Rabid has a serious case of puppy love for Christa, or so one would think. He checks on her weekly to make sure she isn’t going to go to the police but he thinks about her every day and damn if he don’t want her.

Instead of her, he has Red, the woman he’d been screwing before Christa came along. Only this time, there’s no pleasure for him. He doesn’t want Red and he pretty much makes that known. He ends up oversleeping the next morning and one of the guys, either Brass or Roman, goes in and scares the ever living daylights out of him to get his ass moving and into church before Blackjack ends up beating him himself.

Things get real bad between the Klamuth chapter and the Redding chapter before things start to get better. Eventually, the club realizes that the Klamuth chapter had been more of a problem than they figured for when Rabid ends up murdering their VP, Ed. But, in all honesty, Ed had it coming and I couldn’t have been more happy when I read that part!


I really enjoyed reading the second book in the series. After having actually read the third book before the first two, everything makes a whole lot more sense now and I am caught up to where I need to be. I know the author states that these books are standalones, but again from the first review, there are things mentioned from previous books that will having you wondering what the hell happened for things to get to where they were. It makes it a lot easier to read these in order and I would recommend reading them in order but that’s just my opinion on that.

The characters, besides Ed and the Klamuth chapter characters, are like normal people in their attitudes. Christa is my kind of take no bull-shit kinda girl and I really like her. Rabid grew on me more and more through the book but Christa is still my favorite for this book.  If you don’t like extreme violence or intense sex scenes, don’t read this book or this series.


$2.99 Kindle

$11.99 Paperback

$24.99 Audio CD

308 pages

***I purchased this book for 99 cents using promo credits while it was a Kindle Countdown deal***


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