The Club (The Club #1) by Lauren Rowe

The Club

The Club is the first book in The Club Trilogy series by author Lauren Rowe. Lauren Rowe is a new to me author so I really didn’t have any expectations for her writing style or the flow of the book. I am really pleased that I found this book and read it! I really like the two main characters, both of which are pretty screwed up but in their own ways and they actually work well together.


Jonas Faraday is a cocky asshole. And he admits it himself. He’ll tell ya til he’s blue in the face that he is. His brother, Josh, made a comment about The Club a few months ago and now he’s going ahead with the intake application and hoping to get approved. That means all the girls he can handle, anywhere in the world, anytime he wants it.

Sarah is the intake agent for his application. This is her first application where she’s doing everything on her own and not with a supervisor. His application has her body turned on despite her brain knowing she’ll never orgasm. She’s one of the 10% of women that just can’t seem to make it to that stage. But it gets her close. Against her better judgement, and after three glasses of two buck chuck, she creates an email account and sends him an email.

From the moment he sees the email address, he wants her. He doesn’t know what she looks like, what her name is or anything. He calls his brother and immediately has him searching for the name behind the email account and where it’s based from. His brother eventually finds the first name and where it’s from which is the same city as Jonas. He sets his brothers hacker on breaking into the University’s files and finding all the girls named Sarah who are law students because the way she talks, she’s a law student. And he’s correct.

Jonas makes it his personal mission to find Sarah and make her orgasm because he believes she just isn’t letting go enough to reach that peak. He ends up getting her to go out with him, against her better judgement. That date leads to more than either of them really bargained for, including a surprise trip to Belize that he plans out for them. She has no idea where they’re going until they reach the airport and the jig is up on keeping it a secret when they check in.

Things are good while away but instantly turn bad when they get back to her apartment after their mini vacation. He hauls her from her apartment and tries to keep her safe. What happens on their vacation? What is wrong with her apartment and why does Jonas want to keep her safe? Can Jonas be more than a cocky asshole and have actual feelings? Or is Sarah setting herself up for heartbreak once again?


This book was a good read. If you’re against sexual conduct and adult language, I HIGHLY suggest skipping this book. It will most definitely not be for you. The characters are good for each other but they’re self saboteurs. Neither really wants to let the other in but yet they want this arrangement to work. And Sarah goes against her better judgement multiple times during this book. There were a few times I was surprised by what happened as I wasn’t expecting it.


Free on Kindle

$11.24 Paperback

291 pages

****I purchased this book for free while on promotion****


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