Product Review: Rongtai Office Fine Line Markers Pack of 24 Assorted Colors



These markers come in a set of different colors. Every color of the rainbow and more are included in this set of 24 markers. There are black, grey, browns, reds, pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, greens and blues. I will warn that some of the colors on the lids to not match what shows on the paper. One of the yellows comes out more orange. It happens to be that same yellow, that is broken. It is the only one in the pack of 24 that I have problems with. The base of the pen tip and where the lid ends, is tore about 1/2 of the pen base around. It’s still usable but is VERY sensitive to use and moves out of place easily.IMG_20160222_215850034

The pens are easy to hold as they are each six sided pens. I like these more as pens than markers. The tip, which is 0.4 mm is very small. While they can get into the smallest spaces, it does take longer to color bigger spaces on pictures. I am overall happy with this set of pens/markers and the variety of colors. The only thing I would change would be the “case” they come in. It’s one of those flimsy plastic cases. Mine had a hole in the bottom of it so a few pens fell out as soon as I picked it up out of the box. Unless using tape to hold it shut, the pens/markers will move around and if you’re OCD about the order of your colors, it will drive you nuts. I did throw the case away and put these in my own case.

I saw that a lot of people were complaining about the pens/markers being dried up when they received them. None of mine were dried up and usable straight out of the package. Also a lot of people are complaining about the case which is an easy to solve fix by using your own. I understand that not all cases are going to be usable and usually have one or two on hand for situations like this.IMG_20160222_215818305

These markers are available for $19.99 on Amazon. They are sold by Comix. I would definitely purchase another set!

***I received a set of these markers free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions stated are my own.***

Sacred Waters (McCullough Montain #1) by Lydia Michaels

Sacred Waters

Sacred Waters is the first book in the McCullough Mountain series by author Lydia Michaels. Each book of the McCullough Mountain series follows a different member and their quest/search for love or what they want in life. This book, we start out with Braydon and Samantha and then end up following Colin and Samantha.

Braydon asked Samantha to go to his parents house for three weeks after college lets out. Not realizing that Braydon thought they were more than friends, Samantha agrees. It isn’t until they are almost there that she realizes what his thoughts are. She knows their relationship won’t last once she finishes up her last few credits and goes to work while he’s still in college taking classes to get his degree so she doesn’t say anything to him.

She walks into the bathroom the next morning that is between Braydon’s room and his brother Colin’s. Braydon had slept in Kelly’s room (brother) because Samantha would not have his parents thinking they were sleeping together and because it was rude. Colin apologizes for forgetting to lock the door. That simple interaction spins things out of control for them. Samantha tries to avoid him as best as she can. They end up on the same team when the McCulloughs get together to play baseball. He cheers her on and afterwards both teams go to a bar. He sits and talks to her while Braydon is off with his ex hanging all over him.

Colin and Samantha get closer during the time she is there. Colin keeps going back and forth between hot and cold. He has been studying to be a priest for a while and is set to be ordained on August 1st. Samantha knows that there won’t be anything more with him than what they share those couple of weeks. Kelly ends up figuring out what’s going on after Braydon figures it out….more like walks in on Colin and Samantha sleeping (actually sleeping) together.


I LOVED this book. I couldn’t put it down once I started it. I think my favorite person would have to be Kelly. He is a smartass but yet he’s brilliant at the same time. He always seems to know what to say and is the tension diffuser in the room. The others talk to him because they know there is no judgement and no chance he’ll tell anyone else their secrets. My least favorite…..hmmmm, I would have to say that is Colin. He puts Samantha through her paces and he can be a dick.

Lydia Michaels is a new to me author. I can’t wait to get the next book in the McCullough Mountain series and read it. I am in love with her writing and want to find out about the rest of the McCullough clan! The cover drew my attention and then reading the Amazon description had me clicking the “Buy Now” button and started reading immediately!


245 pages

Free for a limited time on Kindle

Free with Kindle Unlimited

****I purchased this book free while on special promo****

Bear Unbound (Shift Your Fate #1) by Cara Wylde

Bear Unbound

Amazon Description: Beautiful, curvy Amber is ready to reclaim her freedom. She’s had enough of her husband’s lies and she’s done with his family’s weird rules. She’s getting a divorce, and she’s taking her 8-year-old daughter with her. Oh, and she’s determined to stay away from men. For now at least. But her best friend, Rebecca, has other things in mind. She takes her to the one place where Amber can find what she’s truly looking for: Shift Your Fate. Instead of advising her to leave her past behind, the empath Kassandra reminds her there was someone else before her ex-husband, someone who could have made her happy, if only she had given him a chance.

Tyler Atwood lost contact with Amber ten years ago, when she married Stephan Castell. He had a choice to make then: tell her the truth about her husband, or step aside and leave them be. He chose the latter. Amber wouldn’t have believed him anyway. Bear-shifters? An Assassins’ Guild hunting supernatural people? On second thought, it was better if she never knew. Now, Amber is back into his life. Being with her puts both of them in danger, but how could he resist? She’s always been the only woman who could tame his bear.

Bear Unbound is the first book in the Shift Your Fate series of standalone novels. What you should expect: hot, steamy scenes, growly Alpha males, beautiful, curvy heroines, and well-deserved happily ever afters. Intended for readers 18+.


Amber is married to Stephan Castell and they have an 8 year old daughter together, Ava. Amber is tired of Stephan’s cheating and lying and the lack of treatment from him and his family. She leaves with Ava and goes to her best friends place in New York. Ava thinks they are on a mini-vacation shortly before school starts. Becca and Amber go out to lunch with Ava one day. Becca takes Ava home and suggests that Amber step into the office across the street and talk to Kassandra. Talking to Kassandra brings up Tyler, one of Amber’s old friends that she used to talk to and then they just quit.

Amber messages Tyler and it sets them off on a whirlwind of adventure and romance. But Stephan isn’t going to let Amber go without a fight. Amber wants nothing more than to be rid of Stephan but after she learns what Tyler says, how will she feel about Tyler as well? Or any of the others for that matter when other stuff comes to light?


Cara Wylde is no new author to me. I’ve read plenty of her books and always liked them. This one is no exception. Although, I do think that parts of this were rushed. I think there could have been more backstory on each of the characters as well. Overall, it’s still a good story. I can’t wait for the next book in the Shift Your Fate series to find out how this whole thing plays out.

I do like that on the Amazon page, it CLEARLY states that there are other books in the set and what they are. Too often authors don’t include there are other books in there and you are disappointed when you realize the story is short but there’s over 300+ pages. This story itself, in PDF format is 175 pages. It’s available for 99 cents on Kindle and free with Kindle Unlimited.

***I received an advanced copy in PDF format in exchange for my honest opinion.***

Anna and the Bear (Shifting Impulse #1) by Aurora Woodlove

Anna and the Bear

Anna and the Bear is the first book in the Shifting Impulse series by author Aurora Woodlove. This is her first book written as well. I was excited to read this since Aurora is a friend of one of my favorite authors and friends. I’m going to give my honest opinion here so please don’t kill me.

I think the book was lacking and rushed. It’s missing back-story of both characters and I felt we really needed backstory. Anna is definitely a damaged character but we don’t know why she is the way she is. She wants Adam and then pushes him away and then wants him and then pushes him away. Even though Adam doesn’t take no for an answer, he gives her a taste of her own medicine after they sleep together one night and she wants him to leave.

Adam wants nothing more than to take her back to his place and mate with her, making her his. Adam hides things from Anna but she forgives him. Like when she goes out to meet a client and ends up meeting Ryan, Adam’s twin brother. The way Ryan and Adam acted, I kinda thought it was going to turn out differently when it came to this part.

It’s pretty much sex from the beginning and Anna resisting Adam. The story is rushed which I felt could have had so much potential had it not been so short at only 72 pages. Overall, it’s an okay book. I would be interested in reading the second book in the series in the future and seeing how her writing progresses.


72 pages

99 cents on Kindle

Free with Kindle Unlimited

(I purchased this book free while on special promo.)

Product Review: YJH Crystal 10mm Healing Stone Handmade Adjustable Round Reiki Bead Beaded Bracelet


This is an Amethyst Reiki beaded adjustable bracelet. It is adjustable to a certain extent. There are 17 beads on the bracelet plus the two at the ends of the ties. For me personally, it would fit better if it had one or two less beads on it but like states, that’s just me. Even pulling it as tight as possible, it’s still a little loose. I have noticed that unless I tie the ends, the bracelet does loosen. ( I almost lost it at the store one day!)

Each bead is very smooth and unique in its own way. This particular shade of Amethyst is closest to a grape color rather than the light purples you normally see with Amethyst. Overall a cute bracelet. If you’re thinking of this for a child, I would go for something else. It is definitely sized for an adult.

These bracelets are $12.99 with Amazon Prime. There are a variety of other bracelets available as well. I hope to one day eventually have all of them! With each bead being hand carved and smoothed, I would say that $12.99 is definitely a good price point. I have seen similar bracelets for sale before, both online and in stores, and they were WAY higher than what this company is selling them for. (And none of them mentioned anything about being hand carved and smoothed.)

Some information about Amethyst:

  • Amethyst is a calming stone bringing calm, balance, peace and patience to the wearer.
  • It is said that Amethyst is also a protection stone and protects one from thieves and while traveling.
  • Used in a crystal healing setting, it helps with grieving a loss and helping to move on.
  • Known from ancient times, it is well known as a sobriety stone. It helps to curb addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs and destructive behaviors.
  • If worn to where it is touching the skin, it helps with a myriad of health issues including but not limited too: headaches/migraines, pain, PMS symptoms, insomnia, fibromyalgia and immune disorders. (There are a lot more health issues it helps with. This is just what I listed.) (While I was wearing this, I did noticed a decrease in migraines and pain.)

***I received this bracelet free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions and statements contained within are my own.***

Throttle Me (Men of Inked #1) by Chelle Bliss

Throttle Me

Amazon Description: Suzy’s a control freak and has her life mapped out – work hard, find a man with a stable job, and live happily ever after. She’s content with the status quo, but her plan comes to a screeching halt when he enters her life and turns it upside down.

City gave up on love when his heart was crushed in college, preferring to be the typical bachelor. He spends his nights hopping from one bed to another and his days working at his family tattoo shop, Inked. A chance encounter on a dark road makes him question what he had sworn off forever – a relationship.

A night of passion and lust causes them to question everything. Is City the knight in shining armor to the damsel in distress? Can their relationship survive when a fantasy falls apart and a secret comes out that changes everything?


Chelle Bliss is a new to me author. I am so happy I came across this book on Amazon. The cover drew my attention and then after reading the Amazon description, I knew I was done for. I was hooked from the first page until the last and every page in between.

Like the description says, Suzy is a control freak. City comes to Suzy’s rescue after her car breaks down when she’s heading home after a night out with Sophia. City ends up having one of his buddies tow her car and fix it while he ends up taking her home, to his place. Thinking it’s a one time thing, they have fun. Only, it turns out to not be a one time thing. Neither of them can get the other out of their heads. Only, Suzy doesn’t think City fits into her plans so she tries to break things off with him.

She goes out with a co-worker, Derek, and he gets a little grabby after she has a few drinks and wants to go home. City had been in the bar and luckily saw them leaving, with her being a little unsteady. He pulls Derek off of her and pounds him before he takes her home and they have a heart to heart discussion….one of several they have.


Like I said above, I was hooked from beginning to end. There are a few grammatical errors with either extra words or missing words but they are far and few between and doesn’t detract from the story any. These characters are the most realistic I’ve read about in a long time. While some others were realistic, they were still pushing the boundaries of being unrealistic. Not Suzy, Sophia, City or any of the other characters in the story. Chelle Bliss really thought all the characters out and didn’t overdo them and gave each of them their own personalities. My favorite character is City. He’s just what Suzy needs and he doesn’t let her sabotage herself or them.

I can’t wait to get a hold of the rest of the books in this series and to see how the others turn out. I like series’ where there are multiple books and each book is based on a different character/family member.


284 pages

Free on Amazon Kindle

$13.99 Paperback

$2.99 Audible

$24.99 MP3 CD

***I purchased this book free on Kindle edition***

Alpha Breed: Werewolf Bikers by Amanda Close

Alpha Breed

2/5 🌟

Author Amanda Close is a new to me author. I came across this book being advertised as free in one of the many Facebook Book groups that I’m in. The title grabbed my attention and the cover drew me in so I purchased this book.

Brienne is a nineteen year old college student. She has a boyfriend back home in Macon, Georgia but decides she isn’t going to worry about him while at school. During summer break, she kept having these vivid dreams and would wake up horny as heck and would jump her boyfriends bones. After a month or so he got used to it. Then she went off to school and her dreams have settled down.

She’s at a frat party one night with her friends when a group of bikers pull up on their motorcycles. Brienne and two of her friends are searched out and go with them. They ride on the motorcycles for over an hour before pulling into a camping spot. Brienne and her friends are among two different motorcycle groups.

Roland and Arn fight each other until one can’t fight anymore for the right to claim Brienne. Roland wins that first fight but there are more to come down the road.


This story is only 47 pages long so it’s a rather short read. I felt like it was too rushed and the author couldn’t wait to get this story over with. I feel there was so much potential to this story but the author didn’t want to have any of the potential touched on. I didn’t really feel the characters were realistic.

Normal price for this book is $2.99 for Prime members and free with Kindle Unlimited. Honestly, had I paid $2.99 for this book, I would have returned it and gotten my money back. I am glad I got it while it was free as I wasn’t out any money, only some time.

Please note I trust you to make your own decisions about this book. The opinions specified in this review are mine and mine alone. If you’ve read this book, please feel free to comment your likes/dislikes.


47 pages

$2.99 Kindle

Free on KU

***I purchased this book free while on promotion***

Product Review: NIPOO Elastic Hair Ties (48 pcs)

5/5 🌟

These hair ties are like ones I used to use when I was a little girl. They are soft and stretchy. Unlike the Ouchless! hair ties, these don’t seem to pull your hair or break it. They also don’t slip out of my daughters hair and get lost forever. Since my daughter and I have both started using these, I haven’t noticed any hair breakage or hair wrapped around the hair ties when I take them out at night. My daughter is also not complaining about it pulling her hair.

Other than the black, brown and maroon, the colors are bright and vibrant. A great way to add a little POP of color to any outfit. Colors include: black, brown, maroon, red, purple, blue, light brown, lime green, pink, hot pink and yellow. There are 48 hair ties that come in this pack, a nice variety of colors. They are textured and not smooth which I believe helps hold them in place instead of slipping.

I would say that these are worth the $6.99 on Amazon.

***Please note that not all packs will be the same. Just because I got a good amount of each color, doesn’t mean that you won’t get more of some and less of others.

***I received this pack of 48 NIPOO brand Elastic Hair Ties free in exchange for my honest opinion. I trust you to make your own decisions about the hair ties and come up with your own opinions should you purchase your own set!

Breaking the Rules (Uniformly Hot!) by Tawny Weber

Breaking the RulesTitle: Breaking the Rules (Uniformly Hot!)

Author: Tawny Weber

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Pages: 216

Formats Available: $3.99 Kindle and Starting at $0.01 Mass Market Paperback


I read this book in paperback edition via my grandma. She reads books from the Harlequin Blaze section and then passes them on to me for me to read. I knew this book was going to be good since it had a soldier in it but I didn’t realize just how well I was going to like it!

Max is a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army. He’s the leader for his small but great EOD team. While on a mission in Afghanistan, his team is ambushed. Only one person was hurt, his friend Rico. Rico ends up getting a medal while in the hospital. Rico knows that Max is going home on R&R and that he’ll be in the area of his sister and her business. Since Rico is laid up in the hospital, he asks Max to check in on her and make sure she’s doing okay. Max agrees since he thinks it’s his fault he assessed the situation wrong and Rico was laid up with his leg injured.

Fast-forward to Max making it back to the states. Before going home, a place he really loathes, he stops into the gallery where Sophia works to check on her. He ends up chuckling right from the start. Sophia and her assistant are trying to get a huge four foot penis sculpture back into the case that the unloaders thought would be nice to unload. The girls can’t get it and Max manages to wrestle it back into the crate while the assistant calls the movers to come take it back where it came from since they had told the sender they didn’t want it many times before.

Max ends up taking Sophia to the restaurant across the street as her thank you to him for helping them get it packed away again. Max learns that Sophia is the owner of the art gallery and is trying to change the direction after her late husband had made everything go in a sexual direction. She wanted the former glory of the gallery back and was determined to get it back one way or another. But things start going wrong from the start.

Sophia and Max are both attracted to each other. Sophia doesn’t want anything more than a fling which is what Max wants. But things get complicated between them. Things start happening at some of the gallery shows and Max ends up bringing in a few of his Army buddies to run security at a big event. They are both shocked as to who the culprit is and it’s not whom either had suspected before or the reason why they were trying to shut the gallery down.


I enjoyed reading this book. While the characters played war with their emotions, you could really tell what they wanted though. Neither was willing to give up on what they wanted until their hands were forced. Max is definitely a guy I wouldn’t mind having around if he were real. πŸ˜‰ Sophia is a head-strong character that doesn’t like being bossed around. Max is very stubborn and loves bossing people around but that comes from his military training and his job.

Definitely worth reading if you like HEA (Happily Ever Afters) and romances.

4/5 🌟