Product Review: NIPOO Elastic Hair Ties (48 pcs)

5/5 🌟

These hair ties are like ones I used to use when I was a little girl. They are soft and stretchy. Unlike the Ouchless! hair ties, these don’t seem to pull your hair or break it. They also don’t slip out of my daughters hair and get lost forever. Since my daughter and I have both started using these, I haven’t noticed any hair breakage or hair wrapped around the hair ties when I take them out at night. My daughter is also not complaining about it pulling her hair.

Other than the black, brown and maroon, the colors are bright and vibrant. A great way to add a little POP of color to any outfit. Colors include: black, brown, maroon, red, purple, blue, light brown, lime green, pink, hot pink and yellow. There are 48 hair ties that come in this pack, a nice variety of colors. They are textured and not smooth which I believe helps hold them in place instead of slipping.

I would say that these are worth the $6.99 on Amazon.

***Please note that not all packs will be the same. Just because I got a good amount of each color, doesn’t mean that you won’t get more of some and less of others.

***I received this pack of 48 NIPOO brand Elastic Hair Ties free in exchange for my honest opinion. I trust you to make your own decisions about the hair ties and come up with your own opinions should you purchase your own set!


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