Product Review: YJH Crystal 10mm Healing Stone Handmade Adjustable Round Reiki Bead Beaded Bracelet


This is an Amethyst Reiki beaded adjustable bracelet. It is adjustable to a certain extent. There are 17 beads on the bracelet plus the two at the ends of the ties. For me personally, it would fit better if it had one or two less beads on it but like states, that’s just me. Even pulling it as tight as possible, it’s still a little loose. I have noticed that unless I tie the ends, the bracelet does loosen. ( I almost lost it at the store one day!)

Each bead is very smooth and unique in its own way. This particular shade of Amethyst is closest to a grape color rather than the light purples you normally see with Amethyst. Overall a cute bracelet. If you’re thinking of this for a child, I would go for something else. It is definitely sized for an adult.

These bracelets are $12.99 with Amazon Prime. There are a variety of other bracelets available as well. I hope to one day eventually have all of them! With each bead being hand carved and smoothed, I would say that $12.99 is definitely a good price point. I have seen similar bracelets for sale before, both online and in stores, and they were WAY higher than what this company is selling them for. (And none of them mentioned anything about being hand carved and smoothed.)

Some information about Amethyst:

  • Amethyst is a calming stone bringing calm, balance, peace and patience to the wearer.
  • It is said that Amethyst is also a protection stone and protects one from thieves and while traveling.
  • Used in a crystal healing setting, it helps with grieving a loss and helping to move on.
  • Known from ancient times, it is well known as a sobriety stone. It helps to curb addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs and destructive behaviors.
  • If worn to where it is touching the skin, it helps with a myriad of health issues including but not limited too: headaches/migraines, pain, PMS symptoms, insomnia, fibromyalgia and immune disorders. (There are a lot more health issues it helps with. This is just what I listed.) (While I was wearing this, I did noticed a decrease in migraines and pain.)

***I received this bracelet free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions and statements contained within are my own.***


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