Sacred Waters (McCullough Montain #1) by Lydia Michaels

Sacred Waters

Sacred Waters is the first book in the McCullough Mountain series by author Lydia Michaels. Each book of the McCullough Mountain series follows a different member and their quest/search for love or what they want in life. This book, we start out with Braydon and Samantha and then end up following Colin and Samantha.

Braydon asked Samantha to go to his parents house for three weeks after college lets out. Not realizing that Braydon thought they were more than friends, Samantha agrees. It isn’t until they are almost there that she realizes what his thoughts are. She knows their relationship won’t last once she finishes up her last few credits and goes to work while he’s still in college taking classes to get his degree so she doesn’t say anything to him.

She walks into the bathroom the next morning that is between Braydon’s room and his brother Colin’s. Braydon had slept in Kelly’s room (brother) because Samantha would not have his parents thinking they were sleeping together and because it was rude. Colin apologizes for forgetting to lock the door. That simple interaction spins things out of control for them. Samantha tries to avoid him as best as she can. They end up on the same team when the McCulloughs get together to play baseball. He cheers her on and afterwards both teams go to a bar. He sits and talks to her while Braydon is off with his ex hanging all over him.

Colin and Samantha get closer during the time she is there. Colin keeps going back and forth between hot and cold. He has been studying to be a priest for a while and is set to be ordained on August 1st. Samantha knows that there won’t be anything more with him than what they share those couple of weeks. Kelly ends up figuring out what’s going on after Braydon figures it out….more like walks in on Colin and Samantha sleeping (actually sleeping) together.


I LOVED this book. I couldn’t put it down once I started it. I think my favorite person would have to be Kelly. He is a smartass but yet he’s brilliant at the same time. He always seems to know what to say and is the tension diffuser in the room. The others talk to him because they know there is no judgement and no chance he’ll tell anyone else their secrets. My least favorite…..hmmmm, I would have to say that is Colin. He puts Samantha through her paces and he can be a dick.

Lydia Michaels is a new to me author. I can’t wait to get the next book in the McCullough Mountain series and read it. I am in love with her writing and want to find out about the rest of the McCullough clan! The cover drew my attention and then reading the Amazon description had me clicking the “Buy Now” button and started reading immediately!


245 pages

Free for a limited time on Kindle

Free with Kindle Unlimited

****I purchased this book free while on special promo****


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