Product Review: 9 Pack Women’s Paper Flower Headbands


(Please excuse the evil look on my daughter’s face! Lol)

I came across these paper flower headbands and wanted them. They have beautiful colors and come in a 9 pack. I do have to admit that instead of receiving 9 headbands, I only received 8. I didn’t think it was a big deal because I love the 8 I did get! These headbands, even though they say women, will fit children. My daughter loves these headbands almost as much as I do. (She’s pretty much taken over the light pink one.) The flowers themselves don’t really feel like paper to me. The leaves on the headbands are extremely sensitive. One ripped off while putting the light blue on the first time. Again, not a big deal because you can’t tell where it came off from. I haven’t had a problem with the flowers falling off on any of the bands.

The cord the flowers are attached to are a hemp material. The black part is elastic. On their Amazon page, it says the strap is leather but it’s not. It’s regular elastic. These are so cute they can either dress up an outfit for a formal occasion (wedding/prom) or to add color to your normal everyday outfits.

Colors included a light pink, dark blue, light blue, orange, white, red, hot pink and purple. (Each color is shown in pictures below.)IMG_20160326_210519623IMG_20160326_210511146IMG_20160326_210502235IMG_20160326_210453361IMG_20160326_210444787IMG_20160326_210429831IMG_20160326_210422270IMG_20160326_210353876

(Please excuse the Minnie Mouse sticker on my computer. My daughter “customized” my laptop so I can tell the difference between the working and non-working laptop.)

These headbands are a great buy in my opinion. 9 headbands for $13.99 is a decent deal. I would purchase these again in the future should I ever need more! They can be found on Amazon.

***Please note that I received these at a great discount in exchange for my opinion.***

Celine and the Bear (Shifting Impulse #2) by Aurora Woodlove


Celine and the Bear is the second book in the Shifting Impulse series by author Aurora Woodlove. This book features Ryan and Celine. Remember, we met Ryan briefly in the fst book as he is Adam’s twin brother.

Celine is having a birthday party at Shifting Impulse, the club, with her friends. Ryan’s bear was very close to the surface and had been all day. It was because of the flower scent he kept smelling. He knew it was his mates scent. He was at the bar that night and he caught a whiff of her from across the bar and knew instantly who the scent belonged too.

He talked to her that night but didn’t get her number. His bear was extremely close to surfacing so he got out of there. He called Janet, one of his bartenders and one of Celine’s friends, to get her number. He ends up surprising the living daylights out of Celine the next morning.

Their relationship is rocky through part of the book and then get stronger as it goes on, after a wee break.


I liked reading this book. It didn’t seem like it flowed as smoothly as the first book in the series. There were a few spelling and editing errors but nothing major. A few simple adjustments and it’d be perfect. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series which is about Janet!


90 pages

99 cents on Kindle

***I purchased this book for 99 cents via promo credits***

Hell Spawn (Shifter Squad #9) by J.C. Diem

Hell Spawn


Hell Spawn is the ninth and final book in the Shifter Squad series by author J.C. Diem. This book is what all the others have been leading up too. This book is definitely more somber than the others but it needed to be.

Lexi, Reece, Kala, Flynn and the rest of the people they know, came into contact with, rescued and even all of humanity need to come together in order for their world to be saved. Kurt Jorgen makes it impossible for the humans to not know about the supernatural community after he starts his attacks. He wipes out several towns. Before long he’s taken out half a million people.

Lexi, Reece and the rest of their team try to stop Kurt and his minions. Lexi is actually able to surprise Kurt and wring his neck, effectively killing him. Only thing is, he doesn’t stay dead. None of them had a way of knowing that he was immortal just as she and her team were. Lexi retreats with the Oracles help and they come up with another plan. They call on ALL the resources they’ve come across. Cole, Bruce, Aiden, Leanne, the Oracle, and yes, even Nina’s pack. Shifters have a tendency to fight when they’re around rival packs.

Lexi has to take over their minds as the supreme alpha shifter and instill an order not to attack each other. Since she and Reece are the supreme alpha shifter couple, no one can resist them. Lexi leaves Reece, Flynn and Kala out of her orders. On one of their missions, her father, Philip Levine, is grabbed by the griffin golem and taken into the air. She does the only thing she can think of to save him. She makes him into an immortal just like Zeus is. He doesn’t seem to like it at first but gets used to it.


I didn’t think the author could outdo themselves compared to previous books. Man was I wrong. I absolutely loved this book. I’m sad it’s the end of the series…especially with how it ended. Hopefully the new series coming out in May is a spin off of this series and we get to read more, maybe from a different Champions POV, possibly?

This book had me crying at parts. There really were no happy moments in this book unless you count Kala killing a certain member they’d all wanted to kill a long time, and I’m not talking about Kurt Jorgen! 😀 This book will have you glued to the pages from beginning to end, not wanting to do anything else until you finish it. I couldn’t believe some of the things that were in here but it made an awesome read. Highly recommend this series!


239 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

**I purchased this book for $3.99 using promo credits**

Tackled: A Sports Romance by Sabrina Paige


Tackled is a football themed sports romance by author Sabrina Paige. I’m going to be hyper-critical of this book because it is so similar to another book I have read, #Nerd.

Cassie is the hot-librarian/nerd that is hired to tutor football star Colton King. Colton King is a cocky, arrogant SOB who thinks every female wants him. Cassie is a twenty-three year old virgin. They end up bantering back and forth and having a hot/cold relationship before they finally give in and let the cards fall where they may.

Here come the comparisons/hyper-criticalisms:

  1. Rimmel (#Nerd) and Cassie (Tackled) are both hot nerds that play down their looks, not caring what someone else thinks.
  2. Romeo (#Nerd) and Colton (Tackled) are both football stars that need help in the academic world.
  3. They are both assigned to the nerds and think they can bang them right away.
  4. Both girls refuse to give in to the boys right away.
  5. Both boys are cocky and arrogant.
  6. The roommates/best friends of the girls push them towards the said cocky, arrogant football stars.
  7. Roommates/best friends end up with said football stars friends/teammates.
  8. There is the one player that wants to ruin everything.
  9. The football stars mom’s meddle in their business. (One trying to break them apart and another pushing them together.)
  10. Girls are assaulted by said players who want to ruin everything.

There are a few more similarities but I think you get the jest. With this book being a lot like Cambria Hebert’s #Nerd (and parts from other books as well!), I just couldn’t get real excited about this book once I started reading it.

Please read both books for yourself before deciding for yourself.

3/5 stars


287 pages

99 cents on Kindle

Free with Kindle Unlimited

***I purchased this book for 99 cents using promotional credits***

Stories of Love and Weight by Adi Tsin Ben-Nun



This book deals with the topics of love and weight and acceptance. Some of the stories are sad while others tell of true acceptance. Each story is told to help others realize that you can love and accept yourself no matter your size.

I’m not a small person but I’m not really big either. Yes, I would like to be smaller but health issues help prevent that from being a goal. I’ve learned to accept that I’m a medium-ish sized person and that I’ll never be small. Doesn’t mean I like it but hey, it is what it is. Some of these stories hit close to home while I was reading them.

If you are struggling with accepting yourself or if you’ve struggled in the past, this is definitely a book I would recommend reading. It will help you come to terms with your size and to accept yourself for who you are and not your clothing size. In the end, our clothing size doesn’t matter. It’s not who we are. We can be a size 0 or a size 24 and still be an amazing person on the inside.

This book will have you all over the place and make you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. You will laugh, cry, chuckle and have tears in your eyes. You will be hurting for  these people while reading their stories and then embrace their acceptance at the end. Some stories are longer than others with some only being a page long. No matter how long the story is, it tells of someone’s acceptance of themselves. Self acceptance is much more important that if someone else accepts us or not in the end.


Available for pre-order for $3.99 on Amazon Kindle. Book to be released 3/8/16

****I received a PDF copy for review purposes. This in no way influenced my opinion of the book.****