Stories of Love and Weight by Adi Tsin Ben-Nun



This book deals with the topics of love and weight and acceptance. Some of the stories are sad while others tell of true acceptance. Each story is told to help others realize that you can love and accept yourself no matter your size.

I’m not a small person but I’m not really big either. Yes, I would like to be smaller but health issues help prevent that from being a goal. I’ve learned to accept that I’m a medium-ish sized person and that I’ll never be small. Doesn’t mean I like it but hey, it is what it is. Some of these stories hit close to home while I was reading them.

If you are struggling with accepting yourself or if you’ve struggled in the past, this is definitely a book I would recommend reading. It will help you come to terms with your size and to accept yourself for who you are and not your clothing size. In the end, our clothing size doesn’t matter. It’s not who we are. We can be a size 0 or a size 24 and still be an amazing person on the inside.

This book will have you all over the place and make you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. You will laugh, cry, chuckle and have tears in your eyes. You will be hurting for  these people while reading their stories and then embrace their acceptance at the end. Some stories are longer than others with some only being a page long. No matter how long the story is, it tells of someone’s acceptance of themselves. Self acceptance is much more important that if someone else accepts us or not in the end.


Available for pre-order for $3.99 on Amazon Kindle. Book to be released 3/8/16

****I received a PDF copy for review purposes. This in no way influenced my opinion of the book.****


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