Tackled: A Sports Romance by Sabrina Paige


Tackled is a football themed sports romance by author Sabrina Paige. I’m going to be hyper-critical of this book because it is so similar to another book I have read, #Nerd.

Cassie is the hot-librarian/nerd that is hired to tutor football star Colton King. Colton King is a cocky, arrogant SOB who thinks every female wants him. Cassie is a twenty-three year old virgin. They end up bantering back and forth and having a hot/cold relationship before they finally give in and let the cards fall where they may.

Here come the comparisons/hyper-criticalisms:

  1. Rimmel (#Nerd) and Cassie (Tackled) are both hot nerds that play down their looks, not caring what someone else thinks.
  2. Romeo (#Nerd) and Colton (Tackled) are both football stars that need help in the academic world.
  3. They are both assigned to the nerds and think they can bang them right away.
  4. Both girls refuse to give in to the boys right away.
  5. Both boys are cocky and arrogant.
  6. The roommates/best friends of the girls push them towards the said cocky, arrogant football stars.
  7. Roommates/best friends end up with said football stars friends/teammates.
  8. There is the one player that wants to ruin everything.
  9. The football stars mom’s meddle in their business. (One trying to break them apart and another pushing them together.)
  10. Girls are assaulted by said players who want to ruin everything.

There are a few more similarities but I think you get the jest. With this book being a lot like Cambria Hebert’s #Nerd (and parts from other books as well!), I just couldn’t get real excited about this book once I started reading it.

Please read both books for yourself before deciding for yourself.

3/5 stars


287 pages

99 cents on Kindle

Free with Kindle Unlimited

***I purchased this book for 99 cents using promotional credits***


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