Product Review: 9 Pack Women’s Paper Flower Headbands


(Please excuse the evil look on my daughter’s face! Lol)

I came across these paper flower headbands and wanted them. They have beautiful colors and come in a 9 pack. I do have to admit that instead of receiving 9 headbands, I only received 8. I didn’t think it was a big deal because I love the 8 I did get! These headbands, even though they say women, will fit children. My daughter loves these headbands almost as much as I do. (She’s pretty much taken over the light pink one.) The flowers themselves don’t really feel like paper to me. The leaves on the headbands are extremely sensitive. One ripped off while putting the light blue on the first time. Again, not a big deal because you can’t tell where it came off from. I haven’t had a problem with the flowers falling off on any of the bands.

The cord the flowers are attached to are a hemp material. The black part is elastic. On their Amazon page, it says the strap is leather but it’s not. It’s regular elastic. These are so cute they can either dress up an outfit for a formal occasion (wedding/prom) or to add color to your normal everyday outfits.

Colors included a light pink, dark blue, light blue, orange, white, red, hot pink and purple. (Each color is shown in pictures below.)IMG_20160326_210519623IMG_20160326_210511146IMG_20160326_210502235IMG_20160326_210453361IMG_20160326_210444787IMG_20160326_210429831IMG_20160326_210422270IMG_20160326_210353876

(Please excuse the Minnie Mouse sticker on my computer. My daughter “customized” my laptop so I can tell the difference between the working and non-working laptop.)

These headbands are a great buy in my opinion. 9 headbands for $13.99 is a decent deal. I would purchase these again in the future should I ever need more! They can be found on Amazon.

***Please note that I received these at a great discount in exchange for my opinion.***


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