Product Review: NIPOO Elastic No Crease Ponytail Holders


I love elastic hair ties. I think they are cuter and somewhat more durable than normal hair ties. Another bonus is that no matter how tight I get these in my hair, there are never any marks left when I pull them out unlike with my normal hair ties there’s always that dreaded indent where the hair tie was and it takes a while for it to disappear.

The first picture (solid color ties) was sold in a pack of 20. The colors are amazing. (The picture honestly does them no justice.) The colors are varied and will match any outfit you could dream up. Simply wear them to add a pop of color to an outfit. My daughter liked wearing some on her arms as arm bands. (Her arms are small enough it didn’t stretch them out at all!)

The second picture (print ties) was sold in a pack of 20. While this design pack isn’t available anymore, there is a 12 piece floral set. Both the solid and floral can be purchased on Amazon on the same page. Simply choose which set you want and you’re on your way to receiving your hair ties.

The only thing is, I wish they didn’t stretch out. Unfortunately, with my hair, I have to always wear hair ties tight to keep them in which stretches them out. I can’t fault the hair ties for this since no matter what kind they are, they always stretch. It’s nice having a bunch of colors and print options to choose from!design

The solids and floral print hair ties are available at this link. They are sold on Amazon for $6.99 a pack. (20 solid colors or 12 floral print)

***Please note that I received both sets of hair elastics at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion)

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