Product Review: Finishing Touch Naked Nails


Finishing Touch” is a brand that I trust. Their products are made to last a long time and are made of quality materials. I recently purchased their “Naked Nails” electronic nail polisher, buffer and filer all in one. It comes with the “Naked Nail” instrument, 2 buffering heads, 2 filer heads and 2 polishing/shining heads. They are each a different color so you can tell them apart. (Their size is noted in the next picture.)

It requires 2 “AA” batteries that are not included with the package. Once I put the batteries in, I turned it on and tried it out immediately, same day I got it! Buffering helps get out all the imperfections in the nail, filing helped me shape my nail and shining adds a little bit of shine to your nail. The shine is just enough to make it look good but not enough to make it appear like there’s a clear nail polish on it.

My daughter loves having her nails done and let me tell you, it could be a pain working with her at times. Since getting this, it’s so easy to do her nails and then to polish them. She doesn’t fight me and she sits still and forgets that I’m actually doing her nails now!

The “Finishing Touch Naked Nail” is available on Amazon for $13.30. Honestly, this is so much easier and faster than going to a nail salon and having someone else do this to your nails before polishing them or for a general manicure. For $13.30 you can have pretty much unlimited uses and after not having to go to a salon, you’re actually saving money in the long run.

While I received my Naked Nail ensemble for a discounted price, should anything happen to this one (ie: gets lost) I will purchase a new one at the $13.30 because it is well worth it and I know it works. I’ve read reviews of others having issues with the speed not working after a few uses. I’ve used mine a couple times a week since I got it at the beginning of the month and have had no issues with the low or high speed.

The file, buff and shine attachments are available to be purchased in a separate pack to replace the ones that it comes with once they are worn. A pack of 10 replacement heads is $7.45 on Amazon.20160526_224845

***I received my “Finishing Touch Naked Nails” free in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own. I trust you to make your own decisions***

Product Review: Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is great for many things: hair, stretch marks, acne and as a carrier oil. While I haven’t used this as a carrier oil, I have read other peoples experiences in that department. I can attest to it’s help with the three other things it helps with though.

My hair has been dry and brittle for a while, breaking off a lot whenever it’s messed with. When I started to use the jojoba oil in my hair, I noticed that it wasn’t as brittle and it started to look healthier. I used it in my hair by simply putting some in my hand and raking it through my hair making sure to get the roots. It did leave a wet look to my hair and sometimes a “greasy” look depending on how much I used.

For stretch marks, it helped me a lot. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I gained a lot of stretch marks across my stomach that were very vividly pink and some red. By using this and some lotion on my stomach, the stretch marks have lessened in appearance. They are all my skin tone now and can’t really be seen but they can still be felt when I’m scratching or rubbing my stomach.

As far as acne, I’ve always had a little here and there since I was a teenager. I would put some of this oil on a cotton ball and apply it all over my face. It not only helped to hydrate my skin and make it look healthier in that aspect, but it also helped clear up the acne I had. I have also noticed a lessening in the redness in my face that I have always had for as long as I can remember.

This stuff was always COLD! It didn’t matter how hot it was in my house, whenever I grabbed the bottle, it was always cold and the oil was colder. A 4 oz bottle goes a long way. One wouldn’t think with it being such a small amount that it wouldn’t last long. It lasted me two months while using it on my face and stretchmarks daily and my hair once a week.

If you’re looking for something that helps with acne, stretch marks, brittle/breaking hair and redness, I would definitely recommend this oil! A 4 oz bottle is $10.95 on Amazon. I received my bottle free in exchange for my opinion. I am definitely going to be purchasing another bottle once I have the amount in GC’s to purchase it with! This would make a great gift for teenagers who suffer from a lot of acne or for expecting mothers to use on stretchmarks or even mothers who have already had their child and have the marks.

****I received my 4 oz bottle of Jojoba Oil free in exchange for my honest opinion. I trust you to make your own opinions concerning the Jojoba Oil should you purchase your own bottle. Everyone’s results are not the same!****

Product Review: Gold Dipped Crystal Quartz Necklace

Screenshot (70)

This necklace is really gorgeous. No matter how many pictures I took, I couldn’t capture it the way I wanted too. This is a clear crystal quartz necklace. The top of the crystal has been dipped in gold and has a gold bale and chain to go with it.

The chain looks really dainty and like it will break with the slightest tug. It is way stronger than it looks. I have worn this every day, got it caught on things and have even tried to strangle myself with it while I was asleep. It has never broke. I did get it tangled once but it came out easily enough. The chain is a decent length at around 30″.

My daughter, who is 5, loves to take this necklace and wear it too. She calls it her “lipstick necklace” because of how the tip looks like new tubes of lipstick. She’s creative when it comes to her analogies.

I like the chain length but I could do without the little balls on the chain. A plain chain would look much better in my opinion but this is a great necklace. It is definitely prettier in person rather than pictures.

This necklace can be purchased at Amazon for $10.99. While I received this necklace at a discount in exchange for my opinion on it, I would totally buy another one for my daughter at the $10.99. It is a decent price in my opinion compared to some others I’ve come across.

***I received this clear crystal quartz necklace at a DEEP discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own and I trust you to make your own judgement towards this necklace.***

A Heart of Time by Shari J. Ryan

A heart of timeWe start out the book with Hunter and Ellie on the way to the hospital. Ellie is in labor. Once they get there and confirm she’s in labor, things begin to go wrong. First, the baby’s heartrate drops and then Ellie feels as if something is wrong. They take Ellie to the delivery room but have to do an emergency c-section on her so Hunter is kicked out of the room. Finally, a nurse comes out and takes him to the nursery where Olive is getting some extra oxygen since the umbilical cord had been wrapped around her neck.

Hunter barges into the operating room that Ellie was in, in time to hear the doctor call her time of death. This absolutely DEVASTATES him. He begs and pleads with Ellie’s body for her to come back and to no avail. He just had the best and worst day in his life. Flash forward five years.

Olive is five and it’s her first day of Kindergarten. Hunter keeps getting mysterious notes from the recipient of Ellie’s heart that she donated on that fateful day. Both he and Olive always look forward to them. The person is mysterious and always eludes them when they drop the letters off.

When he takes Olive to the bus stop, he ends up breaking down after she’s on the bus. Charlotte, a fellow parent and also neighbor, checks on him and they end up talking until he has to go to work with his brother AJ.

Things quickly get complicated when Ari is thrown into the picture. I just didn’t realize how complicated things would get!

I absolutely LOVED this book. This book will have you on an emotional roller coaster ride. I was crying, sobbing, laughing, mad and happy. I just wanted to reach through my Kindle screen and knock some sense into Charlotte, Hunter and Ari. They all needed it knocked into them. Lol.

The first part of the story where they are in the labor room hits home with me. I was in a similar situation with the cord being wrapped around my daughter’s neck. Had her heart rate not come up when it had, I would have been having an emergency c-section so that part hit real close to home.

I’ve spent some time thinking about this book since I finished it and I would LOVE for there to be a follow up book to follow Lana, Olive and Ashley.

This book is now available on Amazon for 99 cents. 

It is 250 pages.

***I received an ARC of this book***

Lowlife (Bottom Feeder #2) by Maria G. Cope


Lowlife is the second book in the Bottom Feeder series by author Maria G. Cope. The first book, Bottom Feeder, has also been reviewed on my blog.

Maddy, Dom, Jackson, Dixon and more return in the second and final installment of the Bottom Feeder series. Maddy has enlisted in the Army. After her basic training is finished, she’s shipped to Fort Bragg, which is where Dom, Jackson and others from the first book are stationed. Dom and Maddy have been together a year now and Jackson doesn’t like it. He’s realized that he loves Maddy and wants her but won’t encroach on a friend’s girl, even if he is the reason they met in the first place.

Cordell Carrington is missing. The FBI agent that Maddy is working with, wants to use her as bait. She will only agree if he can find the location of Kevin Underwood, her real father. He agrees to try and find him. Again, at this point I still didn’t trust Alexander Mace/Suit.

Her and Dom end up splitting up on the night of his twenty-first birthday because he got so smashed and was found with two other girls. Maddy had a surprise ready for him. She grabs her stuff from the room, while he’s in there with the two girls and leaves. Jackson hops in the car with her and goes with her to the hotel she had gotten. He ends up leaving when she requests him too. Noone says anything to her when she gets back to the rental beach house or on the way back to the barracks in Fort Bragg.

Before the end of the book, action ramps up ten fold. Cordell returns to the states and actually corners Jackson in his car. Before it’s all said and done: Dixon ends up kidnapped, Sean Morris ends up zip-tied to the bathroom sink and Jackson’s father returns as one of Cordell’s lackeys. There are so many things that happen that these don’t surprise me! The outcome of a few things DOES surprise me.

This book was better than the first in my opinion. I laughed and cried reading this book. Especially over some deaths that occurred that I didn’t see coming. I still don’t trust Alexander Mace even though he got what he wanted. While these two books make up the Bottom Feeder series and their stories are over, they will appear in another series once it is released. The new series was set to be released between Winter 2016 and Winter 2016 so we can still see the new series start before the end of the year.

I can’t wait for the new series to start. While it doesn’t directly follow the characters from this series, it does have to do with the gang that Maddy’s real father was a part of so we might learn more about him and his past in the upcoming series.

99 cents on Kindle

257 pages

***I purchased this book for 99 cents via promo credits***

Bottom Feeder by Maria G. Cope

bottom feeder

Bottom Feeder is a book written by author Maria G. Cope. The cover caught by attention but the story inside sucked me in. This book will put you through an emotional roller coaster: happy sad, pissed, ready to kill and content. Maria Cope is an author that is new to me and I am very happy that I picked up this book and gave it a chance!

Maddy Carrington is seventeen years old and a graduate of high school. Her best friend, Dixon, is around a lot. Her father is throwing a graduation party, not just for her but for all the graduates. In other words, he wants to show off which he does well. Jackson, Violet’s son, is back home from the war. Jackson accompanies Violet to the party where Cordell Carrington steals Jackson away for a few minutes to talk cars and hint about a deal. Maddy walks down to the dock where they’re talking and interrupts before anything can get too far into the conversation.

Jackson returns to the Carrington house the next morning to speak with Cordell and find out what kind of deal he has in mind for Jackson to obtain the Barracuda. On the surface, the deal seems legit but Cordell leaves underlying threats in the mix. All Jackson has to do is escort Maddy to New York and act like he’s interested in her during the week before she leaves. That’s it. Simple. Only Maddy isn’t Jackson’s type of girl. Maddy is thick and not the scrawny type he normally goes after.

Things are okay between them until they get to NC for a few days before continuing on to New York. Maddy stays in a hotel while Jackson is in his barracks. On a Friday, Jackson sends Dominick Beraz to go get Maddy’s luggage to have it there at the barracks in her car ready to go. Beraz promises to come back later and get her, which he does. They end up going out on a date since it’s her eighteenth birthday. He draws her a gorgeous picture that goes along with some of the things they talked about. Dom and Maddy end up becoming a couple.

Things get a whole hell of a lot worse before the end of the book. With the way it was left off, I expect the second book to be a whole lot worse than this book was!

I loved Maddy from the beginning. She’s a character that most can love. She will protect anyone she loves even if it means endangering herself and letting harm come to herself to keep them safe, which she proves multiple times in the book. Cordell Carrington, didn’t like him from the start or Larry Duvall either. Jackson, I’m still iffy on.

Like I said above, this book will have you on an emotional roller coaster ride. I cried, laughed, was happy and sad while reading this book. It will make you feel things you don’t want too. You can’t help but love some of the characters as you’re reading this book. I would highly recommend this book to other readers!

99 cents Kindle

315 pages

***I purchased this book free in January 2014***

Product Review: Portable Clothes Wardrobe by Songmics


This portable wardrobe closet is amazing. My daughter’s room is small and doesn’t have room for a dresser or this wardrobe in it. So it’s in my room and I don’t mind it being there. There are 12 different shelves and one hanging bar.

Having all twelve shelves is awesome. It allows for me to sort her clothes out by long sleeve shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans, leggings/sweat pants, pajamas, tshirts and then one for her socks/underwear. There are a few empty shelves but I’m still working on going through the clothes she had squirreled away so they won’t be empty for long. All I need to do now is get a few fabric bins to put on to use for her sock/s underwear and it’s all ready to go!1

The shelves are very durable. Our cat loves to lay on the shelves and just curl up and bask in the sun. She also likes hiding there because my daughter never checks the wardrobe when she can’t find her. What I really like is that this comes with a dust cover where you can either velcro the sides open of you can zip it shut down the middle. The dust cover is made of a thicker material than the shelves but feels like it could be the same fabric blend. We tend to leave the dust cover open rather than zipping it and un-zipping it when my daughter needs to get her clothes for school.

Assembly is easy as long as you follow the directions. I would have liked a few extra connector pieces to have been included. I had to super glue a couple together because they cracked and there weren’t extra pieces. What I really liked about putting it together, was the parts all slide into place. There are no special tools needed. Everything comes included in the box. By the time it’s put together, it measures 59 inches long, almost 18 inches wide and 69 inches tall. It’s a pretty decent size.

This portable wardrobe can be purchased on Amazon for $44. This is a decent price and a quality product. Like I stated above, the only thing I would change is adding a few extra parts so if something cracks like in my case.

***I received this product at a significant discount in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are my own. I trust you to make your own opinions should you purchase this item.***

High Stakes (Vittorio Crime Family #1) by Vanessa Waltz

High Stakes

High Stakes is the first book in the Vittorio Crime Family series by author Vanessa Waltz. I have a few of her books on Kindle but this is the first one I am reading from her. I must say, I wish I had cracked open her books sooner!

High stakes follows Adriana. She is a sophomore in college at an Ivy League school. Her roommate, Maria, is wealthy and doesn’t have to worry about anything while Adriana does. She takes care of her mother’s bills and it leaves her with very little to spend each month on herself. Jackie, Maria’s cousin, gets them into an illegal poker game. One of the dealers doesn’t show up so they are down a dealer. Adriana volunteers after Jackie speaks up. She ends up being on a trial run for this game.

She’s doing well until Vincent Cesare shows up. She knows that one of the players is counting cards so she alerts the man standing behind her with an innocent request for a glass of water which is their tipoff. He ends up being hauled out of there. Vincent returns and the night concludes. He gives her a great cut of what she made in tips to keep, taking a percentage for himself. He takes everyone out to eat that night. He ends up requesting Adriana to become one of his new dealers and she agrees.

She’s doing great at her job when she catches another counter. At one game, the capo of Cesare’s outfit is there. He doesn’t trust Adriana as she isn’t part of their outfit, nor is she related to a made man. Later, she learns that he wanted Vincent to kill her but he refused. Things get bad between the Rizzo family and Vittorio family with stakes rising at each encounter.

I love Vanessa’s style of writing. The words flowed across the page in a non-stop manner and the story was great. I like Adriana as the main character. I’m not too hip on Vincent and his dark to loving mood swings. The world that is created in this book is a violent filled one but proves that love can prevail in it. Relationships are tested to the max and a few are lost. One of them I was glad was broken. I can’t wait to get the next book in the Vittorio Crime Family series!

336 pages

$2.99 Kindle

***I purchased this book free in November 2014 while on special promo***

100 Days in Deadland (Deadland Saga #1) by Rachel Aukes

100 Days

100 Days in Deadland is the first book in the Deadland Saga series by Author Rachel Aukes. This book is fashioned to the likes of Dante’s Inferno where each “layer” had a different theme behind it.

The book starts out with Mia Ryan, aka Cash, on her way to a meeting at work. She bumps into a fellow coworker who is out of sorts. It only takes a few minutes before she is fighting for her life against the coworker. She kills said coworker after a good bout in the women’s restroom. She is heading up to her office when she runs into another coworker, Alan. They end up fleeing the office together and try to head to Mia’s place since it’s closer. Only, they get hit on the highway behind a traffic jam. A semi-driver, Clutch, stops and allows them on his rig, only to have Alan turn into a zombie.

Clutch agrees to take Cash, he coined the term based on how she was dressed, on for only a day. That turns into two more and eventually he quits telling her she has so many days left. On their first scouting mission to loot and check out the nearest town, they run into some of Clutch’s neighbors, the parents had both been bitten but the teenage son hadn’t been. He tells Jase that he can come to his farm when he’s ready and they continue on their way.

It doesn’t take long before they are out scouting again and end up threatened by the militia group that was working on securing the area. Since both Clutch and Cash refuse to join up, they start acting against them. They bring by truckloads of zombies and dump them over the farms gate. On the last trip, Tyler Masden from Camp Fox rolls up with his unit of men. They justify the killing of Doyle’s two men and don’t arrest Cash, Clutch or Jase. Clutch and Cash go with Tyler to Doyle’s base where Cash ends up shooting one of their men from a previous altercation. Tyler arrests Cash and takes her back to Camp Fox.

She’s released later and assumed dead in the ensuing chaos that happens while she’s locked in the brig.  After a full day of traveling, she eventually makes it back to the farm to find it in a blaze. Doyle’s men set it on fire. She hunkers down in the bomb shelter and Clutch ends up joining her. Shit hits the fan quicker than expected after this hit.

Rachel Aukes is a new to me author. The cover drew me in but the story kept me glued to the pages. I couldn’t get enough. I was reading this straight through from the moment I started reading it. I liked Clutch from the start as well as Cash and Jase. It took a while for Tyler to grow on me because I thought he was sketchy. He proved me wrong. I was completely wrong on who the traitor ended up being in Camp Fox and honestly didn’t expect it to be who it ended up being.

The story is a steady pace and makes sense with the progression. I like that the book is fashioned in a Dante’s Inferno style. I honestly can’t wait to get the second book in the Deadland Saga to find out what happens to all the survivors and what happens to Cash, Clutch and the others in the new group!

451 pages

$2.99 on Kindle