High Stakes (Vittorio Crime Family #1) by Vanessa Waltz

High Stakes

High Stakes is the first book in the Vittorio Crime Family series by author Vanessa Waltz. I have a few of her books on Kindle but this is the first one I am reading from her. I must say, I wish I had cracked open her books sooner!

High stakes follows Adriana. She is a sophomore in college at an Ivy League school. Her roommate, Maria, is wealthy and doesn’t have to worry about anything while Adriana does. She takes care of her mother’s bills and it leaves her with very little to spend each month on herself. Jackie, Maria’s cousin, gets them into an illegal poker game. One of the dealers doesn’t show up so they are down a dealer. Adriana volunteers after Jackie speaks up. She ends up being on a trial run for this game.

She’s doing well until Vincent Cesare shows up. She knows that one of the players is counting cards so she alerts the man standing behind her with an innocent request for a glass of water which is their tipoff. He ends up being hauled out of there. Vincent returns and the night concludes. He gives her a great cut of what she made in tips to keep, taking a percentage for himself. He takes everyone out to eat that night. He ends up requesting Adriana to become one of his new dealers and she agrees.

She’s doing great at her job when she catches another counter. At one game, the capo of Cesare’s outfit is there. He doesn’t trust Adriana as she isn’t part of their outfit, nor is she related to a made man. Later, she learns that he wanted Vincent to kill her but he refused. Things get bad between the Rizzo family and Vittorio family with stakes rising at each encounter.

I love Vanessa’s style of writing. The words flowed across the page in a non-stop manner and the story was great. I like Adriana as the main character. I’m not too hip on Vincent and his dark to loving mood swings. The world that is created in this book is a violent filled one but proves that love can prevail in it. Relationships are tested to the max and a few are lost. One of them I was glad was broken. I can’t wait to get the next book in the Vittorio Crime Family series!

336 pages

$2.99 Kindle

***I purchased this book free in November 2014 while on special promo***

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