Product Review: Gold Dipped Crystal Quartz Necklace

Screenshot (70)

This necklace is really gorgeous. No matter how many pictures I took, I couldn’t capture it the way I wanted too. This is a clear crystal quartz necklace. The top of the crystal has been dipped in gold and has a gold bale and chain to go with it.

The chain looks really dainty and like it will break with the slightest tug. It is way stronger than it looks. I have worn this every day, got it caught on things and have even tried to strangle myself with it while I was asleep. It has never broke. I did get it tangled once but it came out easily enough. The chain is a decent length at around 30″.

My daughter, who is 5, loves to take this necklace and wear it too. She calls it her “lipstick necklace” because of how the tip looks like new tubes of lipstick. She’s creative when it comes to her analogies.

I like the chain length but I could do without the little balls on the chain. A plain chain would look much better in my opinion but this is a great necklace. It is definitely prettier in person rather than pictures.

This necklace can be purchased at Amazon for $10.99. While I received this necklace at a discount in exchange for my opinion on it, I would totally buy another one for my daughter at the $10.99. It is a decent price in my opinion compared to some others I’ve come across.

***I received this clear crystal quartz necklace at a DEEP discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own and I trust you to make your own judgement towards this necklace.***


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