Product Review: Finishing Touch Naked Nails


Finishing Touch” is a brand that I trust. Their products are made to last a long time and are made of quality materials. I recently purchased their “Naked Nails” electronic nail polisher, buffer and filer all in one. It comes with the “Naked Nail” instrument, 2 buffering heads, 2 filer heads and 2 polishing/shining heads. They are each a different color so you can tell them apart. (Their size is noted in the next picture.)

It requires 2 “AA” batteries that are not included with the package. Once I put the batteries in, I turned it on and tried it out immediately, same day I got it! Buffering helps get out all the imperfections in the nail, filing helped me shape my nail and shining adds a little bit of shine to your nail. The shine is just enough to make it look good but not enough to make it appear like there’s a clear nail polish on it.

My daughter loves having her nails done and let me tell you, it could be a pain working with her at times. Since getting this, it’s so easy to do her nails and then to polish them. She doesn’t fight me and she sits still and forgets that I’m actually doing her nails now!

The “Finishing Touch Naked Nail” is available on Amazon for $13.30. Honestly, this is so much easier and faster than going to a nail salon and having someone else do this to your nails before polishing them or for a general manicure. For $13.30 you can have pretty much unlimited uses and after not having to go to a salon, you’re actually saving money in the long run.

While I received my Naked Nail ensemble for a discounted price, should anything happen to this one (ie: gets lost) I will purchase a new one at the $13.30 because it is well worth it and I know it works. I’ve read reviews of others having issues with the speed not working after a few uses. I’ve used mine a couple times a week since I got it at the beginning of the month and have had no issues with the low or high speed.

The file, buff and shine attachments are available to be purchased in a separate pack to replace the ones that it comes with once they are worn. A pack of 10 replacement heads is $7.45 on Amazon.20160526_224845

***I received my “Finishing Touch Naked Nails” free in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own. I trust you to make your own decisions***


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