Product Review: Chalko Gel Pens set of 48

20160627_182204These gel pens are amazing. The colors are crisp and clear. Usually with gel pens, I have issues with the ink flowing. Not with these. The ink didn’t skip on any pen and the flow was nice and smooth. I didn’t notice much smearing but there was a little bit which is to be expected with gel pens. There are metallic, normal, pastel, glitter and mixed ink pens in this pack of 48.

There is even a WHITE gel pen. Other sets I have, and are lined up for review as well, don’t have a white pen. This has several reds which is a rarity in the other sets as well. I LOVE that these gel pens don’t have problems with the ink or with the colors. There are a few shades in each color, except black and white.

I really have no complaints about these gel pens other than I want more! LOL.

These gel pens can be found on Amazon for $12.96 for a set of 48 pens.

***I received my set of 48 gel pens free in exchange for my honest opinion.***

Product Review: Golastartery Women’s Eagle Claw Ring


I really love this ring. When I ordered it, I wasnt really sure it was going to fit. I do have fat fingers and it didnt say it was adjustable but I really wanted this ring. When i got it and tried it on, it fit. The one claw can be pushed in to to make it fit as the opening was bigger than my finger.

There are a couple imperfections in the ring and i just couldnt get TN thw pictures to turn out. But somehow, these imperfections make the ring more likeable. On the underside of the one claw and going towards an the others there is a long scratch mark.

I will admit, i wasn’t real excited after wearing the ring a little bit. It turned me green. I’ve heard that putting clear nail polish on jewelry works to stop the green. I applied some clear nail polish to the inside of the ring and its worked so far. The only downside i can see to that is having to apply a fresh coat every so often with it being worn off.

Overall, I’m happy with this ring and love it. This is sold in a bronze color. Found on amazon for $5.99

***I did receive my ring for free in exchange for my review***

Product Review: Bells & Whistles Stay Dry Leggings


These stay dry leggings by Bells & Whistles are true to their word. They do keep you dry. My daughter dumped a glass of water on me and I didn’t feel it.  My camera isn’t very good at showing the band color. Its more of a neon yellow than the pale yellow it shows in the picture.

There are six colors available: blue, burnt orange, grannysmith green, heather grey, yellow and purpley purple. They come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. I ordered the heather grey in an extra large. They fit me the way i would expect them too.

A lot of people have said they run small but I havent experienced this. Mine fit so i have no complaints in that department. I do want to mention that according to the Amaxon page, the heather  grey leggings should have a black band. I received a about neon yellow rather than black. While i would have preferred the black, I’ll keep these and wear them too.

Another thing i would like to point out is that there are some threads that are fraying. They were like that when i opened the package. It hasn’t affected the wear or wash. I was kinda leery on putting them in the wash because of the fraying threads but nothing happened.

Overall,  if you don’t mind possibly getting a different band color than advertised,  these are some nice leggings.  Decently priced at $12.99 a pair.  I think this is a pretty average price for leggings.  Available on Amazon for $12.99

*** I received my pair of leggings for free in exchange for my honest review.  I would definitely purchase a pair at full price and am going to do so once i have more money. ***

Product Review: Best Wear Men’s Basketball Shorts


I like these basketball shorts by Best Wear. I am very picky on what kind of shorts I’ll wear. I hate anything short or clingy. These shorts are neither. They are long and go down past my knee and dont cling.

There are multiple color options. The ones pictured, and that i purchased, are black and royal blue. There are literally options to satisfy anyone and their wants and needs. They are available in multiple sizes as well.

They are decently priced at $11.99 a pair. While these aren’t a name brand pair thats popular, I could see them becoming a known brand.

While I received my pair for a discount, I would gladly pay the $11.99 for a pair in the future.

Available on Amazon

Product Review: SunGrow Cholla Wood Chew Sticks and Aquarium Wood

20160615_225527These Cholla wood chew sticks were purchased on Amazon. I have two guinea pigs, Penelope and Wreck-it Ralph. (Can you tell that was my daughter’s favorite movie when we got them?!) I got these for them to play with and to chew on. They absolutely love it. I put one in their cage to see if they would even go near it. They fight over it all the time but ultimately take turns. I don’t want to give them more than one at a time because this is plenty long. The Amazon page says they’re about 5 inches. I would say mine are actually closer to six or seven inches long, so a little longer than thought for.

They are sold in a three pack even though I was lucky and received four in my pack. (The fourth is the one in the cage already.) They arrived in a sealed brown envelope (what they’re laying on). There was no smell when I opened it and even just smelling the actual piece of wood to see if there is a scent doesn’t give any scent off.

Since the pieces are longer than the page states, I would definitely say this is a good deal. I paid 99 cents in exchange for my review. Normal price is $9.95 and is definitely worth it. My local pet store doesn’t have this in their store. They had other options but they weren’t a deal at all while this is deal in my opinion. I wouldn’t mind paying full price in the future after the guinea pigs finish these off.

There are multiple uses for these. Not only are they advertised as chew toys for small pets but also as aquarium decorations. I’m not sure I would submerge these in water but if it was an aquarium home for an iguana or bearded dragon or some kind of reptile, I would definitely use these. I would have loved to have had these years ago when I had my bearded dragons and my iguana as well. They would have all loved to lay out on these or use them as a pillow. (They used the weirdest things.)

These can be found on Amazon for $9.95.

***I received these cholla wood chews in exchange for my honest opinion***

Product Review: Pluqis Colored Pencils


These colored pencils by Pluqis are vibrant in color. There is a nice variety of colors and not too many of one shade and only one of another like with some brands. Coloring with these is better than with some name brands that most households know in my opinion. They don’t leave the color lines and are smooth. They can reach into tiny spots as well.


What I really like about the box these come in is that they are in a tray that you pull out. It slides right back in when you’re finished and keeps your pencils more protected. (Sorry the picture loaded upside down. That is NOT the way I took the picture.)


I prefer these colored pencils to ones that I have used in the past. They have great colors and they sharpen easily. I haven’t had any problems with these breaking while sharpening or while coloring. My daughter loves these pencils too. I bought her a set of the name brand pencils and she has left those alone since I received these. They are her favorites. I will definitely have to get her a set of her own.

A set of 24 Pluqis colored pencils sells for $10.39 on Amazon. While I received mine at a great discount, they are DEFINITELY worth the $10.39 for a great set of colored pencils that I LOVE more than other brands. I will be purchasing a set for her in the future when I have the money to do so!

***I received this product at a heavy discount in exchange for my honest opinion***

Product Review: Chic 3 pack Women’s Socks with Pandas

20160602_223424These socks are really cute. I love pandas so when I got the chance to review these, I jumped on it! They are really soft and stretchy so they are one size fits most. I can wear anywhere from a size 5 in shoes to a 7 1/2 depending on brand and style. These socks fit me great and I love the hint of snugness they have once on.

Each sock is two-toned in color. Technically 4 toned if you add the black and white to the main sock colors. >.< Bells & Whistles, which is the seller, has 8 different color combinations/styles available on this one listing on Amazon.20160602_223028

All three of the pairs of socks I received have random threads that are sticking out from random spots. It’s okay for me though. I just snip it off with a pair of scissors and back to normal. 20160602_222940

A 3 pack of socks is $7.99 on Amazon. While I received my pack of socks free, I would gladly pay the $7.99 for another set. They are a cotton/spandex blend and I feel they are softer and cuter than other socks I have bought in the store. The little lace at the top is a good addition to make it look a little “fancy” if you’re wearing shorts/capris with these socks and people can see them.

Honestly, if I didn’t hate the way socks look with sandals, I would wear these while wearing sandals. And I HATE wearing socks and shoes. Until I got these, I would rather just put my shoes on without socks and deal with the insole sticking to the bottom of my foot rather than wear socks. That’s how comfortable these are!!

The only difference I would make is to make sure each pack of socks has the different colors like it says since they’re supposed to be three different colors. Other than that I wouldn’t make any changes to these.

*****I received my pack of socks free in exchange for my honest opinion. I trust you to make your own opinions should you purchase these socks.*****