Product Review: Chic 3 pack Women’s Socks with Pandas

20160602_223424These socks are really cute. I love pandas so when I got the chance to review these, I jumped on it! They are really soft and stretchy so they are one size fits most. I can wear anywhere from a size 5 in shoes to a 7 1/2 depending on brand and style. These socks fit me great and I love the hint of snugness they have once on.

Each sock is two-toned in color. Technically 4 toned if you add the black and white to the main sock colors. >.< Bells & Whistles, which is the seller, has 8 different color combinations/styles available on this one listing on Amazon.20160602_223028

All three of the pairs of socks I received have random threads that are sticking out from random spots. It’s okay for me though. I just snip it off with a pair of scissors and back to normal. 20160602_222940

A 3 pack of socks is $7.99 on Amazon. While I received my pack of socks free, I would gladly pay the $7.99 for another set. They are a cotton/spandex blend and I feel they are softer and cuter than other socks I have bought in the store. The little lace at the top is a good addition to make it look a little “fancy” if you’re wearing shorts/capris with these socks and people can see them.

Honestly, if I didn’t hate the way socks look with sandals, I would wear these while wearing sandals. And I HATE wearing socks and shoes. Until I got these, I would rather just put my shoes on without socks and deal with the insole sticking to the bottom of my foot rather than wear socks. That’s how comfortable these are!!

The only difference I would make is to make sure each pack of socks has the different colors like it says since they’re supposed to be three different colors. Other than that I wouldn’t make any changes to these.

*****I received my pack of socks free in exchange for my honest opinion. I trust you to make your own opinions should you purchase these socks.*****

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