Product Review: Pluqis Colored Pencils


These colored pencils by Pluqis are vibrant in color. There is a nice variety of colors and not too many of one shade and only one of another like with some brands. Coloring with these is better than with some name brands that most households know in my opinion. They don’t leave the color lines and are smooth. They can reach into tiny spots as well.


What I really like about the box these come in is that they are in a tray that you pull out. It slides right back in when you’re finished and keeps your pencils more protected. (Sorry the picture loaded upside down. That is NOT the way I took the picture.)


I prefer these colored pencils to ones that I have used in the past. They have great colors and they sharpen easily. I haven’t had any problems with these breaking while sharpening or while coloring. My daughter loves these pencils too. I bought her a set of the name brand pencils and she has left those alone since I received these. They are her favorites. I will definitely have to get her a set of her own.

A set of 24 Pluqis colored pencils sells for $10.39 on Amazon. While I received mine at a great discount, they are DEFINITELY worth the $10.39 for a great set of colored pencils that I LOVE more than other brands. I will be purchasing a set for her in the future when I have the money to do so!

***I received this product at a heavy discount in exchange for my honest opinion***


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