Product Review: SunGrow Cholla Wood Chew Sticks and Aquarium Wood

20160615_225527These Cholla wood chew sticks were purchased on Amazon. I have two guinea pigs, Penelope and Wreck-it Ralph. (Can you tell that was my daughter’s favorite movie when we got them?!) I got these for them to play with and to chew on. They absolutely love it. I put one in their cage to see if they would even go near it. They fight over it all the time but ultimately take turns. I don’t want to give them more than one at a time because this is plenty long. The Amazon page says they’re about 5 inches. I would say mine are actually closer to six or seven inches long, so a little longer than thought for.

They are sold in a three pack even though I was lucky and received four in my pack. (The fourth is the one in the cage already.) They arrived in a sealed brown envelope (what they’re laying on). There was no smell when I opened it and even just smelling the actual piece of wood to see if there is a scent doesn’t give any scent off.

Since the pieces are longer than the page states, I would definitely say this is a good deal. I paid 99 cents in exchange for my review. Normal price is $9.95 and is definitely worth it. My local pet store doesn’t have this in their store. They had other options but they weren’t a deal at all while this is deal in my opinion. I wouldn’t mind paying full price in the future after the guinea pigs finish these off.

There are multiple uses for these. Not only are they advertised as chew toys for small pets but also as aquarium decorations. I’m not sure I would submerge these in water but if it was an aquarium home for an iguana or bearded dragon or some kind of reptile, I would definitely use these. I would have loved to have had these years ago when I had my bearded dragons and my iguana as well. They would have all loved to lay out on these or use them as a pillow. (They used the weirdest things.)

These can be found on Amazon for $9.95.

***I received these cholla wood chews in exchange for my honest opinion***

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