Product Review: Hottips Mini Portable Battery Chargers (set of 2)


This two pack of portable battery chargers comes in blue and purple. They are mini: 3.5 inches long by less than an inch wide. They work really well though for being so small.

I’m a Pokemon Go player (que the haters). The game does drain my battery even with the battery saver option turned on. So i started searching for something cheap that would work. I came across these and said why the heck not. They are cheap enough.


When the battery charger is being charged, it hasa red light that is on. When it is charging a device, the light is an blue. The initial time ebb to fully charge the pack is 8 hours.

I did have issues with the purple charger. There was no red light indicating it was charging. I’d had it on the required time and it wouldn’t charge anything. So I messaged the seller. He was very helpful. He suggested letting it charge overnight and try it in the morning. I did so and it worked fine. He stated that some of the chargers didnt have the red light. He also said that if it breaks in the future to contact him.

Other than that light, I’ve had no problems with these battery packs. I take them with me everywhere I go. There is one port labeled in to charge the pack itself. There is another port labeled out to charge devices. They both come with a charging cord. If you have an Apple product, you will need a different cord to charge your device. The included cables work with my LG phone, Samsung tablet and Kindle.

It charges quickly. And almost fully for my tablet and Kindle. My phone is another story but I’m usually using it while it’s charging.

These power banks canbe wen purchased for  $6.49 from Amazon. I purchased my twin set for full price. I would definitely recommend these.

Product Review: Madbite 13 in 1 Multi-tool

Pliers, wire cutter, saw-tooth blade, phillips screwdriver head, flat screwdriver head, knife, file, 2nd flat screwdriver head, can opener, bottle opener and a piece that I have no idea what it is is what accompanies this 13 in 1 multi-tool. (Apparently, I’m missing a couple functions but I have no idea what they are.)


I love the bright blue metallic color. As long as it’s not in the accompanying black case, you won’t loose it easily. The black case isn’t very sturdy but it does hold the multi-tool nicely. The ONLY thing I don’t like about it is the back. You have to slide it onto a belt. I honestly think it would be better if it had a type of clip to slip onto the belt or onto jeans/pants/pockets and such.


The multi-tool itself is all made of metal with a few hard plastic pieces. It has a nice bit of weight behind it with it being as small as it is. When I got it, I thought it was going to be bigger but I am happy with the size. It is definitely not bulky like what I was imagining when I ordered it. The Madbite name is on both sides of the tool. It folds up into an almost perfect triangle. It fits nicely in the hand and will work for many sizes of hands whether they be small or large. (That being said, I wouldn’t recommend children using/playing with this for obvious reasons!)


This can be used for many recreational reasons including hiking, camping and fishing being the most useful. It’s a great small tool to have on hand.

This Madbite multi-tool sells for $12.98 on Amazon which is a decent price in my opinion.

***I received my Madbite multi-tool at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I trust you to make your own opinions should you purchase this Madbite multi-tool.***

Product Review: Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones


Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones come in a sturdy box that can also be used as storage when you’re not using them. It’s a thicker cardboard and it hasn’t been damaged in my house yet which is a miracle. Lol


These are over the ear headphones rather than earbuds. I honestly like these better than earbuds. My ears don’t get irritated after just a few minutes wearing them. I like to listen to music while mowing the lawn and these almost completely drown out the lawnmower BEFORE the music even starts. When I have my music on, there’s just a faint humming I can hear from the mower.

They are HEAVY headphones and are well-built. I would have no qualms about letting my 5 year old use and wear these without supervision. I don’t think she could do anything to them to make them quick working short of throwing them in the pool or water! They ARE corded headphones and not wireless which I like. I don’t have to pay attention to the battery indicator and recharge these. They are ready to go at a moments notice. The nice thing is that the cord unplugs from the end of the headphones allowing for them to not only remain undamaged but to also fold smaller.


The design is nice. Black fabric with a white diamond pattern. On the inside of each ear piece is an L for left and R for right. I haven’t noticed a difference about wearing them backwards. It sounds fine either way you wear them. Just depends on which side you want the cord on honestly. The cord plugs into the bottom of the piece marked L.

These sell for $27.98 on Amazon. I have seen some pairs be cheaper but the ratings didn’t look well for them. I’ve also seen ones that are more expensive. I would honestly buy these instead of buds because you don’t have to charge them and don’t have a limited battery supply.

They do have a microphone in them so you can use them as an earpiece for gaming systems or even on your phone. No need to switch between multiple items! The only thing I would have liked would have been a volume changer right there on the headphones rather than having to do it from my phone or tablet. Other than that, no complaints.

***I received a pair of Sound Intone CX-05 headphones in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I trust you to make your own decision should you purchase a set of these headphones.***