Product Review: YSportLive Ankle Support


(Please excuse the mess in the background from my daughter’s birthday. Lol)

I’m going to be honest. When I opened the package, I didn’t think that  was going to offer much support. I have  and an inflamed Achilles tendon so I needed something that was going to support my ankle. This does. Once I got it on and done up properly, it works really well.

This is a one size fits most item. It barely fits around my calf but I make it work. The two straps that wrap around the foot are both adjustable to make it  comfortable and not too tight. I do like that I have control over that part.

While wearing this, I’m not able to wear my tennis shoes or boots. They don’t fit properly with this on. I don’t mind wearing flip flops at the moment. Will definitely have to rethink something in the winter.

Overall, I do like this ankle support. I think it would be better if the top strap had some elasticity to it to make it fit bigger people . I had problems with my ankle popping and it was painful. When I wear this, it doesn’t pop as  and when it does, there isn’t much  if any pain.

This ankle brace can be found  Amazon for $10.99.

**I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion. Receiving this item free had not made my opinion better or worse.**