Survive (Cascade #1) by Phil Maxey


Survive is the first book in the Cascade series by author Phil Maxey. This is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic book but like no other I have read before.

Amazon Description: Being locked in a military cell was Zach’s world, until the world ended.

A group of ex-military try to survive and make sense of a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by unimaginable creatures, while dealing with their own dark pasts.

We start out with each of our heroes being released from their cells. They are in the same maximum security prison in New Mexico but from different floors. They all think it’s a joke until they realize something is horribly wrong. Abbey is the first to be release and to face her monster. Cal, Michael, Zach, Fiona and Ray make it out of the prison and to a small town after being ambushed by a “Harmadillo” as they start calling it, a cross between a horse and an armadillo.

There they find transport and a cop that is injured. He gives them some information on what is being called the “Cascade,” their term for the end of the world. He ends up joining them after they stay the night in the hotel room he had holed up in. Jacob decides to go with them and they make it to another town before they are ambushed by werewolf looking things. There they take in a kid named Dee who had been hiding in his father’s office for over a month.

It’s been just a few months shy since the shit hit the fan and they are all surviving the best they know how. When Jacob, Zach and Dee go on a run to a hardware store and Dee’s house to search for his parents, they run across a conspiracy theorist who invites them back to his house. They make it back to the office building in order to help take out a bunch of the werewolf things that had made it inside and were attacking the others. They stay at the mans house a couple nights before accepting the terms that General Trow has offered from the survival camp in Austin.

They leave the house early in order to make it to their pick up point but walk into an ambush by amphibians. Shit hits the fan and gets worse for them, loosing one of their team in the process of the pick up.

I think it’s safe to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dystopian and post-apocalyptic books, regardless of zombies or not. While this might be a dystopian, post apocalyptic book, it does NOT have zombies. I am loving this take on an apocalyptic world. Zombies, plagues and viruses are something that are always the reasons behind most of these types of books.

This book features a different type of apocalypse: animals evolving at rapid rates. Humans are now on the bottom of the food chain rather than at the top. It’s a refreshing take on a very active genre! I can’t wait to read the second book in this series!

While it is a good storyline and the author is good at writing, it does NEED editing. There are misplaced words, slipped words, spelling errors and a few general mistakes that need to be edited. This book just released back in August and the reviews aren’t looking good for it because of the editing issues. I think once it gets edited, then the reviews would be better. Overall a good story despite these errors.

99 cents on Kindle

177 pages

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(I purchased this book for free while it was on a free promo.)

Testing Zero (Remnants of Zone Four Chronicles #1) by N. G. Simsion


Amazon Description: Fans of series like The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, and Divergent will love N.G. Simsion.

Zero prefers to keep his life simple. Although he is easily one of the largest and cleverest boys in his year, he runs from any sign of confrontation. His best friend—his only friend—is nothing like him. Obsessed with the world outside of the city walls, Lefty is always pushing the boundaries set by society’s Elite. It’s only a matter of time before they have gone too far and they’re forced to face the horrors of the “old world” on their own. Can they survive and learn to coexist with the dangerous Remnants of the old world? Are the Remnants of the old world even the worst of their problems, or do the Elite of their own society pose an even greater threat?


Testing Zero is the first book in the Remnants of Zone Four Chronicles by author N. G. Simsion. This is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic series. Only this doesn’t deal with zombies per se.

Zero and Lefty are best friends. Kids are normally called by a letter and number, such as R-111. When you earn a nickname, that’s what you are called. Lefty got his nickname when an alligator outside the fence ended up taking off 2.5 fingers on his right hand and he had to adapt to doing everything with his left hand. Zero got his nickname because he gets into zero conflict and fighting with others and can blend into the background so much that most people don’t know he’s there.

Flea is a bully. He’s the second smallest in their class with Lefty being the smallest. Flea never takes battles on by himself, always having several of his friends with him. Lefty decides that he wants to get even with Flea which he gets even by putting a baby alligator in Flea’s desk. It bites his foot when he opens his desk and it springs out and lands on the floor.

Lefty and Zero are both sent to put it back outside the fence and to close it up and to then report to the principals office. Their punishment is to miss the graduation party that will be happening and to help babysit the new children being brought in. The next day they head off to their testing to decide where they will be living and working. Lefty and Flea end up fighting during the written test which causes Zero to jump in and try to break it up.

All three of them are taken outside the fence and into an area where it isn’t safe. Remnants are infected people. They contracted a virus that essentially kills their brains and turns them into angry, murderous people. They fight off several Remnants before a truck stops on the road and takes the three of them back to the testing area since the Elite that brought them out didn’t have the authority. They are the first three drafted in the draft which shocks them as they didn’t do well on the physical portion of the test and were automatically given zeros on the written portion of the tests.

Zero gets to thinking and has some good questions that leave this book in a cliff hanger.

I thought this book was a good take on a post-apocalyptic and dystopian book. I like the take that the author had on the Remnants and not making them into complete mindless zombies. This book is only 115 pages. I wish it would have been longer as it had so much more potential. Overall an ok read.

115 pages


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Huck: The Montana Brothers (Mountain Men of Montana #1) by Alison Ryan

Huck is the first book in the Mountain Men of Montana series by author Alison Ryan. This is a good first book to the series and I can’t wait for more to come.

Belle Delford is on the run. From her old life. A mom she wanted to please after her father died. An abusive fiancee. And from being the bourbon princess to the Delford Distillery.

She lands in Whitmer, Montana. She at The Side Pocket which is a bar. She takes four shots of Maker’s Whiskey in less than thirty minutes. She’s handling it well until she gets up to leave. That’s when she ends up being carried to her room after she pukes on the bars floor by one of the owners, Huck. She had met him earlier when he bought her a shot of whiskey. She was mortified the next morning when she woke up and remembered what had happened.

Heading to The Waffle Hut she runs into Rick, the man who manages the bar and his nephew Hayes. Huck walks in shortly after Rick insists that Belle join them. She is very uncomfortable the whole time. From the time that Huck had bought her a shot, he had been really distant and kind of an asshole already. Belle decided she was going to pack up and keep going until she found another freeway rest stop town.

Only one problem. She had been cut off. Her mother turned off all her cards. She had a note waiting back at the hotel on her door. It wasn’t until they ran another card that she knew she’d been cut off. She was in deep water. No gas in her car. No money. No home. She ends up across the street at the bar and spilling her guts to Rick. He comes up with a suggestion. They’re looking for another bartender and he offers her the job.

Huck doesn’t think she’ll make it. He challenges her on the best and worst whiskey they have and she shows him up on her knowledge of it. (I kinda really loved this scene.) He decides to give her a chance seeing as he owns the bar.

Let’s just say, I love the dysfunctional part of them until he comes to his senses. When that happens, everything goes fast. Only there’s a few issues that arise before the end of the book. (I loved one scene very much and if you read this book, you should be able to figure it out.)


I think Alison Ryan has a knack for writing about hot guys and their feisty females. Her words blend seamlessly together. My favorite character has to be Huck. He’s hot, brooding and will fight anyone who messes with his staff or patrons of the bar.

The world Alison creates is believable. I could easily see this whole book unfolding in real life.

Happy release week. This book was just released on the 20th.

99 cents

114 pages

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Odin (Billionaire Titans 2) by Alison Ryan


Odin is the second book in the Billionaire Titans series by author Alison Ryan. This book picks up where Atlas left off. While this book focuses on Odin, it does heavily integrate Atlas and Pipers situation into this book.

Odin had picked up Atlas and Piper when they landed. Their flight was rerouted to Las Vegas instead of heading to where their father and brother were holed up. They were all still in danger from QB and were in hiding. Others on QBs shortlist were starting to perish but some were escaping which was making him angry.

Odin was shot three times after getting Atlas and Piper. He was rushed to the hospital where Dr. Clara O’Grady was able to stabilize him and save his life, despite him being in a coma. Atlas offers Clara a million dollars to become Odins personal doctor and to move in and care for him. She accepts and is at the ranch later that evening when he’s moved there.

She takes care of him like any doctor would. She keeps him a live but she spends a lot of her time with him. She talks to him, reads to him and even sings some. She’s quickly falling for him through her dreams she has and by being around him so much. She does some research and finds a device that might help him.

Enter Raven Conway. Raven is a long time friend from back when he was in an elite school. He was a hacker trying to impress a girl when Raven popped up and stopped him in his tracks. He was a good hacker but Raven was better. He mentioned Raven to his father and she’s been in debt to him since even though they don’t look at it that way. She steals the device and research to the device.

Clara uses the device and it pulls Odin out of his coma. He recovers very quickly, which is good. Atlas found QB. Actually Piper spied him in a box above a soccer stadium while Clara had the game on. Atlas started forming a plan which included inducing labor for Piper so he could meet his little girl first. And like that Achillea is born, named to honor the youngest Titan brother Achilles who was killed.

Things get very bad. Very, very bad before things start to look up. But in this kind of world, can anything truly look up? We’ll just have to wait and see when the next Billionaire Titan book comes out.

I like this book better than the first. We get backstory with both Clara and Odin. We learn not only how Odin used to be a hacker but how Raven became part of the family, so to speak. We learn about Claras husband who died while at work. We learn more about these two characters and so far, I’m liking all the characters. The bad guys might be bad but Alison Ryan’s writing makes it more believable.  I honestly can’t wait to get more books written by her.

$3.99 on Amazon

174 pages. (I honestly think this might be a misprint by Amazon because it took more swipes than that to read it.)

Odin Amazon Purchase Link

(I purchased this book when I happened to catch it free.)

Atlas (Billionaire Titans #1) by Alison Ryan

Atlas is the first book in the Billionaire Titans series by author Alison Ryan. I came across the second book, Odin, on a free list yesterday so I purchased this book for 99 cents to start the series. I am not disappointed that I did.

Atlas Titan is  ex-SEAL. His father, Emerson Titan, had a wicked obsession with mythology naming him Titan and his brother Odin. Emerson hasn’t been married since his last wife died. But he had a step-daughter from a previous marriage he always kept in contact with since she was the closest thing to a daughter he had. She’s in some serious trouble and Emerson is enlisting the help of Titan to help save her.

Only thing is, none of them know how deep Piper’s problems go. Pipers ex-boyfriend is a senator. He has deep connections. It isn’t until Atlas and Piper are at the hotel when he learns her ex’s name. He knows they’re in deep shit and it’s only going to get worse from there. He has a history with her ex and knows that the endgame is all about him and not her.

They end up moving around the world, thinking they were safe. Which is far from the truth. They end up drugged and kidnapped before being taken before Atlas’ old boss, QB. Atlas is issued an ultimatum to either kill his father or Piper will die, then his father, then him. He’s between a rock and a hard place.

The story gets more interesting from there. There’s crashing, new identities, wolf dogs, an island and attacks. This book has romance, hot steamy sex, danger, intrigue and more. I like the characters. I could easily see a situation like in this book happening in real life. Alison Ryan is a good author.

The book is 214 pages. The story is so good that it honestly felt longer than that! That tells me, that for me at least, it is a good book. I am always wanting books to be longer than they are. That is no different than this one but I’m happy with where it left off. I can’t wait to dig into the second book later tonight!


214 pages


Atlas buy link 

4/5 stars