Atlas (Billionaire Titans #1) by Alison Ryan

Atlas is the first book in the Billionaire Titans series by author Alison Ryan. I came across the second book, Odin, on a free list yesterday so I purchased this book for 99 cents to start the series. I am not disappointed that I did.

Atlas Titan is  ex-SEAL. His father, Emerson Titan, had a wicked obsession with mythology naming him Titan and his brother Odin. Emerson hasn’t been married since his last wife died. But he had a step-daughter from a previous marriage he always kept in contact with since she was the closest thing to a daughter he had. She’s in some serious trouble and Emerson is enlisting the help of Titan to help save her.

Only thing is, none of them know how deep Piper’s problems go. Pipers ex-boyfriend is a senator. He has deep connections. It isn’t until Atlas and Piper are at the hotel when he learns her ex’s name. He knows they’re in deep shit and it’s only going to get worse from there. He has a history with her ex and knows that the endgame is all about him and not her.

They end up moving around the world, thinking they were safe. Which is far from the truth. They end up drugged and kidnapped before being taken before Atlas’ old boss, QB. Atlas is issued an ultimatum to either kill his father or Piper will die, then his father, then him. He’s between a rock and a hard place.

The story gets more interesting from there. There’s crashing, new identities, wolf dogs, an island and attacks. This book has romance, hot steamy sex, danger, intrigue and more. I like the characters. I could easily see a situation like in this book happening in real life. Alison Ryan is a good author.

The book is 214 pages. The story is so good that it honestly felt longer than that! That tells me, that for me at least, it is a good book. I am always wanting books to be longer than they are. That is no different than this one but I’m happy with where it left off. I can’t wait to dig into the second book later tonight!


214 pages


Atlas buy link 

4/5 stars

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