*~* Blitz *~* Daybreak by Cheree Alsop

Cheree Alsop
(Girl from the Stars #1)
Publication date: October 7th 2015
Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Liora Day, half-human, half mess-with-her-and-you’ll-die Damaclan, had been thrown onto a rough path at a very early age. But when she is broken out of a cage by Devren, the young captain of the SS Kratos, she is shown that perhaps humanity does have a heart. The Kratos is set on a mission to rescue fallen surveyors from the Revolutionaries, and Liora is given the choice to follow her Damaclan instincts, or trust Devren’s dark eyes and captivating smile that promise an adventure unlike any she has ever experienced.

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Liora twisted the bent end inward until she felt the teeth slide free. She slipped the bar from the handcuff and let it fall off her wrist. In two more seconds, the other cuff was on the floor.

The lock of her cage proved to be more difficult. Luckily, Liora had the two pieces of the tweezers to work with. She bent the second one to match the angle of the first. Following the same steps the apprentice had done so many times, Liora pushed the bent end of the first piece into the lock opposite the pins. She turned it slowly upward until it was in tension.

Inserting the second piece, Liora raked it slowly along the pins. The small metal on metal sound set Liora’s nerves on end. If Malivian found out what she was doing, she would be tortured again. The voice in the back of her mind whispered that perhaps she wouldn’t survive a second round.

A subtle, metallic click sounded. Liora’s heart jumped. She pushed at the bars. Her breath caught in her throat when the door swung outward. Liora stepped onto the cold floor and stumbled lightheadedly. She caught herself on the next cage, pushed upright, and ran down the hall.

The alarm sounded when she hit the button for the hatch to open. As soon as the gap was wide enough, Liora jumped out. Her feet, then her knees, hit the deck of Gaulded Zero Twenty-One. She shoved up to her feet once more and ran past the other starships.

Even at the late hour, the Gaulded’s landing deck was filled with activity. It appeared the Kratos and Kirkos weren’t the only ships who had been attacked. Blow torches, plasma cutters, and blazers filled the contained air inside the Gaulded’s hold with the acrid scent of metal. The sound of mallets and hand saws sounded from every corner.

Crew members of the ships Liora passed turned to watch her go. She felt conspicuous and alone as she darted between space crafts and around repair gear. A giant pallet of artillery swung over her head. Liora ducked and made her way along the stripped hull of a Copper Crow painted to look like an iridescent fish. The name Space Poseidon glowed near the hatch.

Liora ran around the corner and slammed into Devren.

“I was about to come looking for you—” he began.

Tariq cut him off. “Dev, her face.”

Devren gently pushed her back so he could see her better. Liora dropped her gaze at his gentle probing.

“Malivian did this to you?” he asked.

The anger in his voice made Liora look up. Devren appeared ready to kill someone.

“Calm down,” Tariq told him. “Let’s get her to the ship. It’s the only place we’ll have leverage.”

Devren put a protective arm around Liora. Tariq walked behind them like a bodyguard. Liora felt as though she had entered some different reality. Somehow, even with the thought of Malivian coming after her, she felt safe between the two humans who had entered her life by accident.

Author Bio:

Cheree Alsop is an award-winning, best-selling author who has published over 30 books, including two series through Stonehouse Ink. She is the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and amazing twin sons who fill every day with joy and laughter. She is married to her best friend, Michael, the light of her life and her soulmate who shares her dreams and inspires her by reading the first drafts and giving much appreciated critiques. Cheree is a fulltime author and mother, which is more play than work! She enjoys reading, traveling to tropical beaches, spending time with her children, and going on family adventures while planning her next book. Cheree and Michael live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, plan great quests, and never stop dreaming. You can find Cheree’s other books at http://www.chereealsop.com

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Gabe (Alvarez Security #1) by Maryann Jordan


Amazon Description: Former Special Forces brothers-in-arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of Richland.
Gabe Malloy, dedicated to his brothers, spent his weekends with cheap booze and easy women. When some of his friends finally settled down, he wondered if he would ever find the woman of his dreams. He just never expected to encounter her in an alley.
Jennifer Lambert worked as a social worker for the city and would often take food to the elderly residents in her building. One night, in an alley behind a restaurant, she was startled by a tall, handsome man wanting to assist. Giving him the cold shoulder, she left…but dreams of him followed her long into the night.
Gabe knew the independent Jennifer was a woman worthy of knowing, but convincing the beauty that she needed him was the challenge. Raising her young brother plus the responsibilities of the elder center, had kept her from looking for love…but she took a chance on Gabe.
Now that he found her, can he keep her safe when someone threatens her and those she loves? Calling upon his brothers, Alvarez Security races to save her before it is too late.

We first meet Gabe and some of the others while they’re on a rescue mission. Fast forward to when they’re out of the Special Forces and are in a security agency together. Each of the men that work there are alpha males but get along well with each other since most of them had served together. While providing security at an event, Gabe goes outside to get away from the starlet that had been driving him nuts. In the alley, inside the dumpster no less, he finds what he thinks is a young female but turns out she’s all woman. It’s almost instant love for him but Jennifer has different plans. She thinks of him as a giant and he thinks of her as a pixie. Which, imagining their size difference, I can see it. Lol

Jennifer is a selfless person, taking care of her younger brother and working as a social worker helping the elderly. She lives in a building which acts as a home for some of the elderly. She does what she can to help out there, take care of her brother, and handle her other cases at the DSS. Gabe begins stalking her in a way and she finally gives in and goes out with him. He knows he wants forever but is willing to take it a day at a time for her benefit.

Jennifer ends up being assaulted when it should have simply been a scare/threat to give up the building the center was in for the elderly . This along with other important parts of the book I shall not divulge leads up to interesting twists I didn’t really see coming. There were good guys I thought were bad guys and bad guys I thought were good guys!

This book has action, adventure and romance. And plot twists. Several plot twists. This was, hands down, one of the better books I have read in a while. Once I started reading, i read it all in one session. No breaks. Straight through. I couldn’t get enough of this book.

I love Jennifer. She is my kind of woman. Smart, sassy, don’t take no crap from anyone kind of woman. Gabe is a no-nonsense alpha male who finds himself accommodating himself to Jennifer’s pace and her life, including her brother who he comes to love just as much as Jennifer herself.

Some of the scenarios in this book, I can see happening in real life and I’m sure they do. Extortion, kidnapping, murder, assault. And not just the bad things either. There are the champions for the people that can’t take on their cause themselves out there.

The authors writing pulls you in from the beginning. There are a few editing errors but nothing that interrupts the flow of the story. I can see how Maryann Jordan is an award winning author and how this book. is a silver medal winner for Readers Favorites.

Definitely a book I would rate 5 stars and gladly do so.

99 cents on Kindle

397 pages

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Purchased: 11-14-2016

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A Curse Upon the Saints by J. Rutger Madison

A Curse Upon the Saints


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Nurik is a commander in an army and had been fighting in a war that was religious based. His “king” wanted the mines in which Silverwic owned. Silverwic happens to be in the middle of the kingdom of Garmundland. The city isn’t all that protected and Nurik knows that his men can take out the wall and make it to the town.

All of a sudden, there are blasts from the center of the town that he knows his men didn’t cause. A hole is made in the wall that his men were going to take down. Townspeople start fleeing. Nurik runs closer for a better look. Inside the gates of the castle is pure pandemonium. Guards are fighting goat-men. The goat-men are waiting on Nurik and his battalion to enter the castle. When his troops are ready, one comes running up and says that someone is ready for a parlay.

Shaqar, one of the goat-men, requests to speak with Nurik. They end up making each other mad which isn’t a good idea. Shaqar wants to hold the town of Silverwic but also wants to continue on to the next town. Nurik is adamant that he has no orders beyond taking Silverwic, which Shaqar already did. Shaqar has spies everywhere and knows that Nurik is supposed to march on but Nurik does NOT want to be associated with Shaqar. If he could have sent someone else to the meeting, he would have.


This book is a great book. All the action, adventure and different “creatures” make it a worthwhile and amazing read. All this works well together. This books flows nicely. I haven’t heard of the author before this book but guaranteed I keep an eye out!


398 pages

$0.99 on Kindle

Chasers by H. W. Vivian


I found this book while browsing on Amazon and the cover captured my attention. After reading the description, I knew I just had to read this book. And a great choice it was.

Shelby, the main female protagonist, is a bully of sorts. But only to one person, May. May has the attention of the one guy that Shelby wishes would notice her, Gary. All three of them are connected in one major way. They are called “conditionals”. Each of them was born with a stone at the base of their spines. May and Gary were each born with emeralds while Shelby was born with a ruby. There is only one ruby born each generation and they have the biggest burden to bear.

Each “conditional” must go through an obstacle. They never know what it is or when it will hit. But they must go through it. You see, these “conditionals” can not walk on the Earth with their bare feet. A curse was set upon all descendants of a few family lines. As long as they hadn’t repaid their debts to the Spirit Man, then they would not be able to touch the Earth without being swallowed up and dying. Shelby, Gary and May had no idea what this debt was or why they were even targeted.

Towards the end of the book, Shelby’s father ends up telling her the tale of generations past and of how the children were born with stones in their spines. Shelby realizes what her obstacle is. She finds Gary and May and they start it together since that is what fate planned. They are eventually split up in the course of each of their obstacles. Who lives and who dies? What is the legend that surrounds how “conditionals” were created? And in what way is each of their debts repaid to the Spirit Man?


I enjoyed reading this book. I was entranced from the first page to the last. This is a unique story and I haven’t read anything similar to it before. There are many characters in this book and each of them plays a different role. My favorite would have to be Tyler who is only in bits and pieces of  the book for the males and the female would have to be May. Most, not all, of the characters in the book are likeable and you root for them through the entire book. I was saddened by a few of the deaths in the book but I see how it was necessary and added an extra element to the book.


302 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

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Targeted to Kill (Men of the Badge #1) by Riley McKissack

targeted to kill

Becca Jefferson is a grade school teacher. She has group meetings once a week for the girls at the school to stay late, eat pizza and have a good time. One of her students doesn’t get picked up by her parents and can’t be reached on the phone. So Becca does the right thing and drives the girl home.

She hurries back to her house as it’s later than it normally is and she’s worried about Barley, her dog. She takes him for a walk as soon as she gets home and ends up kidnapped. Before all this though, there is a prison break. Mick Hampton, an undercover FBI agent, and three other felons break out of prison. They leave the safety of the ambulance and get in a backup SUV. Before leaving town, Rowdy the leader, has one more thing he has to do. Guess what it is?

Yep, that’s right. Kidnap Becca. But the thing is Becca and Mick have history together. They used to be a couple before Tess, Becca’s twin, was killed in the line of fire. She was Mick’s partner in the field and he couldn’t deal with what he thought Becca was thinking when she saw him. So he left.

Mick realizes it’s Becca because Barley was brought with her. He just hopes she has enough sense not to blow his cover. This was a REALLY big case that they were working on. He had to find the ones at the top of the chain.



This was a great book. It was not short on action or adventure at all. Each page led you directly to the other without wanting to take a break or do anything else until you finished all of the pages. I would highly recommend this one.


Free right now on Kindle. Normally 99 cents

262 pages

A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1) by T.K Leigh

a beautiful mess

Meet Olivia. She’s in her late twenties. She works at a health/wellness club in a building in Boston. One night she goes out for drinks with her girlfriends and ends up breaking up with the guy she had been sleeping with. One thing to understand is that Olivia does NOT do relationships. They always end up with broken hearts and she doesn’t want any more of a broken heart than what she has already.

Everyone she’s ever loved has left her. Her mother, her father, her childhood best friend, her uncle, everyone. When she was six years old, her mother packed her up in a hurry. When her father arrived, they climbed in the vehicle and left with him. He was a CIA operative. On the highway, a vehicle behind them slams into them and they end up in a guardrail.

She’s pulled out of the vehicle by her childhood best friend and placed in another vehicle. And then he’s knocked out by the butt of a gun to the back of the head after he promises her he’ll always keep her safe. But she doesn’t remember any of her life before this and she doesn’t remember most of the incident.

But when she meets Alexander Burnham, some memories start coming back while she’s asleep. Alexander saves her from Simon, the one she broke up with the same night that she went to the bar with her girlfriends. Alexander doesn’t deal with relationships either. He’s always been in love with his childhood best friend who everyone says died. But he KNOWS in his heart that she’s not dead. He’s been looking for her for all these years.

Running into Olivia, he knows that she’s his best friend from all those years ago. But it doesn’t appear she remembers him or anything that happened. He doesn’t want to tell her what happened. He knows that something is going on and someone is after her. The question is why. He makes it his mission to try and get close to her and figure everything out so he can try and save her and save himself.


This is a great book. I’ve had it on my wishlist for a long time and this morning when I checked it, it was free. So I hurried to buy it and I sat down to read it. This was NOT a disappointing book in the least. I absolutely love it. This book has love, heart-ache, romance and erotica in it. It is an awesome story that one should read if they like romances.

Free on Kindle right now.

Blog This by Cami Checketts

blog this

Natasha is a mother to two beautiful kids. Jace is 9 and Lily is 2. Lily is special needs as she has Downs Syndrome. Tony, their father and Natasha’s ex, asked for a divorce and she let him have it.

Alex is a hitman. He works for a guy named Matthew Chrysler. Chrysler deals in video games. Not just normal video games but extremely violent ones. Natasha succeeded in shutting down his first company fifteen years ago. He’s back with a new company, but selling the same games.

Natasha starts a campaign against his new company, not knowing for sure if Chrysler is behind it or not. Alex visits her one winter day while she is outside playing with her kids. He aims lower than a kill shot so she’ll live. He is instantly enamored with her.

Natasha runs a blog with millions of views a month. People take over the blog to make Chrysler think she’s dead. It lasts for six months before she posts to the blog, telling everything. Alex is ordered back after her. Chrysler wants her DEAD this time.

Alex comes back and taunts them for a while. He keeps telling Natasha that he is helping her but she doesn’t buy it. He doesn’t do or say anything to make her think differently than what he keeps doing.



This is one of those books that has action from the first page to the last. I read this book in one sitting, it was that good! Natasha is one of those mothers that some wish to be but never accomplish. This book does not LACK for action at all. I would definitely read this book again and I highly recommend it to those who like these kinds of books.


$3.99 on Kindle

327 pages

Ninja Nanny: The Beginning by Natalie Newport



Natalie is a nanny. She works for a couple who have an infant. She goes to the store one day with him in a carrier on her back and meets her new best friend Sam while standing in line. A while later, the family is moving to Italy so she becomes unemployed.

The unemployment doesn’t last long as she’ll be starting a new job in a couple weeks. Sam and Natalie decide to go on a mini vacation before then as Natalie really needs one. They decide to drive from Washington state to San Francisco, California and make a few stops along the way.

Natalie is in love with a firefighter that attends her gym even though they’ve never gone out before. When she gets back, she wants him to go with her for the day and he agrees after he gets the day off of work. Many different things happen throughout this book. Some good and some not so good.


My Personal Opinion:

This was an excellent book. This book had my attention from front to back and every page in between. Natalie is a well-rounded character who takes on more than what most people can handle. She is a great heroine and someone that kids could look up to if she was a real person. Definitely recommend this book.


$3.99 on Kindle

232 pages

72 Hours Till Doomsday by Melanie Schweder

72 hours


This book follows three different people in three different places in the world. London, Englad follows Gregor. Istanbul, Turkey follows Altan. Oxnard, California follows Matias.

Each place in the world is plagued with rebels, trying to take over. The rebels are able to take over in some places around the world but not all. What is special about these three places?

Gregor works in a power plant. It is overrun with rebels and the teams of employees break into their groups and try to escape. Who all is able to escape the power plant and make it to safety?

Altan owns and runs an oil company. There are several different oil rigs around the world that his company owns. What happens when some of them are taken over by rebels? Most importantly, what happens close to where his family lives?

Matias is a poor man who works in the strawberry fields with his two daughters. His wife is sick and can’t work. His daughters quit school willingly to help make ends meet. Some of the strawberry fields are set on fire. What happens to the field that Matias and his family works in?


My Personal Opinion:

This was a good book for being so short. Honestly, I expected this to be a zombie novel by the cover. I usually get books when the cover attracts my attention. I don’t read descriptions of the books beforehand. I can say, I wasn’t expecting the endings to each person’s stories as they happened. I was expecting differently, thinking different scenarios for each one.


Available for $2.99 on Kindle

49 pages

(I received this free on promo)

Unstrung by Kendra C Highley



Lexa Pate is seventeen years old. She has no memories from before she was ten years old. She has no idea who her parents are or what happened to them. Or why she is alone. All she knows is Turpin, Jole and the lifestyle they introduced her too. Jole helped her get off of drugs called stims and to clean up.

Lexa is a thief, to put it simply. Turpin is hired for jobs and Lexa pulls them off. The first job we see her in in this book is taking a chip from a very powerful corporation. Maren runs the town. She owns the corporation that Lexa is taking the chip from. It turns out, that it was a trap after-all.

But why a trap? What were they hoping for by her breaking in? When Lexa decides to break into Maren’s lakefront house, she has no idea what she’s in for. She runs into someone that she knows. She leaves him behind though. He meets up with her later after Turpin kicks her out of the warehouse because they learned something new about her.

Things go from bad to worse. How bad do things get? Bad enough I didn’t see this outcome coming!


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this book. I was glued to the pages. It’s an awesome read. The characters are well written and could be everyday people in the world. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series when it is available!