Book Review: Honey on my Mind (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson #3) by Maria Murnane

Honey on Your Mind (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson Book 3) by [Murnane, Maria]

For Waverly Bryson, life is anything but boring! And never is that fact more evident than in Maria Murnane’s delightful third novel about the irrepressible heroine. This time around, Waverly faces a game-changing opportunity: an offer to turn her popular advice column into a regular guest spot on the new TV show Love, Wendy. It could be the break of a lifetime—but for a few not-so-minor details. For starters, Waverly’s acceptance of the job means moving clear across the country, giving up her rent-controlled apartment, and leaving behind her best friends McKenna and Andie. Oh, and there’s the fact that TV host extraordinaire Wendy Davenport is none-too-pleased by the prospect of Waverly usurping her broadcast throne. Then there’s Jake, Waverly’s boyfriend. He’s as crazy about her as ever. His mother, on the other hand? Not so much. But Waverly wouldn’t be Waverly if she didn’t tackle these challenges head on, with all the zeal, good humor, and, yes, occasional catastrophe that we’ve come to expect from “the American Bridget Jones.” Witty, light-hearted, and fun, Honey on Your Mind is Waverly Bryson at her best.

Oh man. There are so many “changes” in this book happening for Waverly and her friends and family. Waverly herself has many changes happening but they are GOOD changes. Jake, Andie, Makenna, Shane, Kristina and more are back in the third installment of the Waverly Bryson saga.

We start out with Waverly deciding to accept a job and make a huge move because of it. I think this is the catalyst that sets off a few of the reactions that happen in the book. Waverly’s moments are still here in this book and she has a couple.

I so totally wish that some of the Honey products were available and on the market now! I would love to have a few of them. Haha. Some of the things said in the book hit close to home about dating and whatnot for me. Definitely had to laugh at the “emails” Waverly received and read.

Overall, a great addition to the Waverly saga and I can only image what happens in the next book!

300+ pages

Available for $1.99 on Amazon or Free with KU

Review: Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) by J. Daniels

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer Book 1) by [Daniels, J.]

Amazon Description: When Mia Corelli returns to Alabama for a summer of fun with her childhood best friend, Tessa, there’s only one thing keeping her on edge. One person that she’d do anything to avoid.

Benjamin Kelly. World’s biggest dickhead.

Mia hates him with a fury and has no desire to ever see him again. When she decides to start her summer off with a bang and finally give away her v-card, she unknowingly hands it over to the one guy that excelled at making her life miserable, learning a valuable lesson in the process.

Always get the name of the guy you’re going home with.

Ben can’t get the girl he spent one night with out of his head. When she leaves him the next morning, he thinks he’ll never see her again. Until he sees her lounging by the pool with his sister.

Mia is determined to hate Ben, even though she can’t forget him.

Ben is determined to prove he’s not the same guy he used to be.

What happens when the one person you wish never existed becomes the one person you can’t imagine being without?

Where I Belong is the first book in the Alabama Summer series by author J. Daniels.

I picked this book up while it was free. I’ve heard good things about it and I can see why. I absolutely loved reading this book. I read it in the course of a few hours.

Mia is so adorable. I loved all the shit she gave Ben and her freak out that she had. I could totally see something like this happening to someone in real life, and I’m sure it has somewhere. This is one of those books that plays out like a movie in your head while you’re reading it.

This story is roughly 225+ pages. I love long books, because let’s face it, some book require more pages than others to get the story just right. I think this book is perfect where it is, which I don’t normally think that! I almost ALWAYS think books need another chapter or two but not this one!

You can currently purchase this book for free: here

Main Female Character: Mia

Main Male Character: Ben

Favorite Character: Tessa, definitely Tessa….and Ben’s son, Nolan

Most Hated Character: Nolan’s Mom